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That Yearly Wikipedia Donation

That Yearly Wikipedia Donation

It's that time of the year again! The time of the year when you can contribute just a little and feel like you're helping keep the wealth of all human knowledge alive, online, and available. it's a good feeling.

You really don't need to chip in much. It's a small portion of users that do, but I'm being cheap and donating like I believed at least a tenth of the user­base with the financial means to do so would chip in the same. Wikipedia would be expanding like shit. I mean they'd be everywhere - and I'm sure a better simile would convey that visualization an even better way.

That said I'm pretty sure the mere 1% of the visitors they claim donate is still a lot of visitors.

There is plenty of controversy regarding who edits what, and the discriminatory downsides of contributive Wikipedia culture, but there's still a shitton of useful information there, isn't there? It's still one of those places you wouldn't be able to (or at least not want to) live without. Right now. In a world where freedom of speech is continually and systematically shackled, and people oppressed for both their color and their commercial interest (or lack thereof). Nothing's really free anymore. Not even water's free anymore. Especially not at airports - except for Arlanda where they actually recently added water fountains where you can fill your bottles.

It feels like even with all these dark and dystopian commercial; controlling movements around us, the little things will still amount, and make the world a better place for all. Minuscule but so very appreciative additions - like those water fountains at Arlanda. Or my tiny donation above.

This time of year just gets me so inspired too. Spring! You timed it right, Wikimedia. If you can manage to not get carried away now (WTH though it's your money) this is the place to shed some coin.

Also don't forget to save the Internet! Have a good day now.

This really reminds me of this one post I planned on writing last year btw... same title and everything. Minus the Internet part. Finally got around to it.

The Vernal Holi (day)

It's the first day of spring today! AKA The Vernal Equinox.

A co-worker reminded me. It doesn't really look like it but it does feel different. It's getting brighter. The sun is up on the slow train from work - I'm reading a book about how to make a tree. The streets are free from winter gravel on the way home - hastily swept up by clumsy machines. Humans will do the second sweep. Robots aren't all this awesome. Yet.

Over in the Hindi hemisphere it's currently Holi(day)! The air's dusty with color, and celebrations sound all over town. Thanks for the well-wishes DIWAKAR! May the day by golly be holly. Hey.

I ordered a new microphone a couple of days ago, and it's arrived. It's waiting in a probably dark compartment in a recently closed shop.

It's a Shure SM58. A legend. A considerable upgrade from my previous no-name dynamic DM-2. A new pop filter should be in the same box, so I can finally discard the nylon sock on a wire, and a portable mic stand too so I can try the other condenser without holding it, which probably drastically reduced the effects of the vibration shield last time I tried it. But wait... I couldn't even get it working last time. Missing drivers? I shall try again.

If that doesn't work though I'm pretty confident that dynamic's the way to go. It can take a beating. It can take some noise. It's good for hiphopping. For heaving a voice. It's the evening of choice! Things be popping. Steady improvements. The barren wasteland's about to bloom: room about to turn into a studio: studio about to go boom.

Hope to pick up the Shure tomorrow anyway, and I'm heading off on my last quick trip (last before summer... maybe) this weekend. And after that: I'm overdue to make some tunes.

Spring does feel pretty soon.

808 Pages Of Posts!


(Those of sound mind will get this.)

Valkyrie (2008)

Valkyrie (2008)

This one tells a different tale of the second World War. The tale of Germans who fought Germans. A plot to assassinate Hitler... well, one of many. How it started, how it stalled, and how it ended, and Tom Cruise plays the main Colonel. Or at least the movie portrays him as the main one.

As always there's just something about WW2 movies! This one's no different. It may be more. It may be more realistic. It may be less. It may be more explosive. It may be more focused on the intrigue than the trenches - the finer parts of the country, like the Wolf's Lair, but what a brooding they build! And what an aura around the one and only. Say what evil you may say about him but he had a special kind of stature. He exuded fear, and respect, and loyalty... and kindness to those he held close. To those who did his bidding. To those who shared his dream.

I don't mean to sound supremacist here, but they conveyed that bit so well in the movie, and the fascination surrounding his persona is a large part in why these war movies still hold such appeal. Each meeting made you really sit at the edge of your seat, and it wasn't only because there was a plot to kill him involved with each one, either.

The irony that he commended his assassin... that's the one part I wonder about. Was it true? Was it just a little bit of mockery they decided to sneak into the movie, against the authenticity overall? Seems unfitting.

It was a great one otherwise. One that really takes the war from another angle. From the heart of Germany. From behind the drawing board. From a segregated nation that refused to stay idle even before they lost their war.

Maybe I should rate this higher...

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Parker (2013)

Parker (2013)

A thug gets betrayed by his partners, is left for dead, and seeks revenge. That's Parker. AKA Jason Statham.

He stumbles upon a real-estate agent, Leslie Rodgers, played by Jennifer Lopez. Things don't all go the way they're planned, they get messy, but it's about principle, because that's just the kind of man that Parker is.

Prepare for a somewhat different kind of heist movie! If you've read the books you'll know what this is all about. It's not perfect, but that's part of the charm, and it's messy in a good way. The order of chaos - what's that called again? Whatever it is though Parker's mastered it.

Also, best ending line ever: It's the mailman - nothing but bills!

RIP Donald E. Westlake! And may Parker live forever. I didn't like this movie this much the first time I watched it, but now, damn. He really got it right.

Refreshingly crude professionalism. Action. Got it.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

The Key (2008)

The Key (2008)

This one starts a B-movie but... yeah, it stays a B-movie too.

I was hoping for more. They've got something going with the blood and that so very vague premise of it all, but lack of scenery, bad recording quality, not the best actors (but not the worst either)... it all boils down to a somewhat exciting but-not-all-the-way-through horror movie about five friends who attempt to shoot a documentary in a haunted house... when things start to go horribly wrong.

There's also a key, and a lot of cleavage, but unfortunately the sound suffers similar consequence, as does the quality of the film.

I don't want to rate this too low since it had some strong points, it just isn't one I'd want to watch again.

 rated 2/5: decent

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