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Inktober #1 - First Over

First of October!
Cyberdevil bout to just smolder.
I'ma record something every day!
When I'm sober,
And I never drink, so we go yeah?
Sounds my ticket,
For me to get away!
And I write these with regular ink,
Another page in my sink-
ing ship, rickety dink tin I'm in.
But I'm the... captain!
And I gather my crew, so we can... rap then!
If only for me and you.
Whatever... happens!
I might go toodlelou,
I'm the shit, Winnie the Pooh,
I might go to the loo,
Sip some Caribou Lou,
While I do what I do,
Maybe write up a tune,
Maybe doodle or haiku while I do doo doo quite smooth,
Got to prove I'm better than most.
This is competitive prose.
Lit every letter to roast.
Thought I would never just boast,
But I feel I'm eloquent no?
So I'd like to welcome y'all to one hell of a show!
I'm your rebel and host! Forever def like I'm old!
D Jazzy Jeff set the mold, and it holds, it'll hold till
Hotel Hell's frozen over.

I wrote this with regular Ink, get the hint?
It begins. I'm all in. It's Inktober.

( One page a day till it strays away! Hey, here we go yeah. )

Smokin' Yellow Houses

Cyberdevil sitting in his place with a crooked face,
Cooking craze, we got burning buildings hither.
Was nervous for a minute but it withered.
I bet the blaze is still a smoldering shimmer - simmering sinister

An apartment block beside ours turnt on fire,
Fire trucks pulled up, with hydrants and sirens,
Parked out on the street so I didn't see much b-ness,
Got those smoke cloud and the whole house between us.

I'm just sitting here in suburbia,
And for a moment they turn me up, we're burning up!
Temperature's high as hell but you learn the rut.
Open the windows on the one side - close the blinds on the other

So my blinds were to the smoke, I was blind until I woke,
Heard something outside, opened the door and almost croaked!
Closed it pretty soon but I'd still filled the room with fumes,
The clouds are billowing too, drifting, on the move.

And I realize as people gather there on the parking,
It could happen to just any airy apartment,
Life is nice and peaceful but you never know what may start with
The spark. It may be nice now, but it might harden.

Looking at the police now, the fire peeps and the people,
The smoke's gone, but they're sitting they're still like seagulls,
Waiting for something, while I sit here where it's peaceful,
Bout to open some windows again and get some air in here and breath all

Seems so insignificant, all my reviews, all my todos,
I gotta groove, I gotta put out some music and get a move,
I gotta interact with the world and show you all I ain't no tool,
I'm cool, yepp, old me new view...

It's so easy to get stuck.
Sometimes you just need to jump up out of your rut,
And if you're just too slumped you need someone with that spunk,
To pump you up! Chump, dump the plump stump up! (What?)

I got it, sitting here on a wobbly chair getting melodic,
I'm sorry for you all in that yellow house but I'm about to mellow out,
I'm not for sale and you can't sell me doubt cause life is short and I'ma hella proud,
I'ma jump out and yell out now, that hellbound sound,

Stay safe and straight up y'all! Maybe not for you but for me it's that wake up call. There's too much great at stake to just bake and wall.

Never tire. And be careful with the fire. Ah-

Inktober #1 Scratch Man

Scratch Man

This is how it begins. Badly. But not baldly. I call him Scratch Man. Tried going all experimental with outlines but that didn't get much better! Maybe you get a bit rusty if you don't draw anything in ~11 months...


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