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Inktober #20 - Cabaret Sunday

Yeah, Sundays! The best days of the week, and the weekend... time for catching up, time for sleeping, time for a quick collab with S3C man.

I'm at home today, sitting down with a note to make, something dope and great.
No better place to go then the S3C archives, poke in an open window and take,
Some little beat like this Cabaret. Hope I said that right. It's a candid place.
Full of candy tracks, and I can be great, if I say it enough times I can replace.

The old dogmas: social doubt and distrust, I must, get me into a groove and live it up!
I've been eating too much this weekend my voice kinda sucks, so I showered, relaxed,
Just gotta retract my gut! Get on a track and bust until the fans erupt in a wild wild rumble and thunder,
And I'll be standing there all smooth like Stevie Wonder,

I'm at home today, pondering doings, listening to John Carmack when he gets into his,
Passionate ramble, me I do the rap bits, like rabbits out of my hat it's truly magic,
And listening to my idol speak about old DOOM and Oculus Rift in the optical room,
And still seem so positive and awesome I zoom to a better level than I thought I would do.

And damn, before that presidential candidate Andrew Yang,
I'm not American, but I'm in the Yang Gang now,
Understand, AI doesn't seem so bad. If all people of the world were this grand,
Maybe we could learn, give a hand, turn the world to a greater

Greater place. Like a Cabaret.
If I'm earnest I've Burlesque tastes.
Burn less cake and just get into a room where the shapes soothe you
And infuse a faith.

In human form. I never knew a norm.
We're all so different, we're all dilutely born,
And I love that how all about us, that gives us our powers,
Our prowess, Sunday never seems sour...

Inktober #19 - Saturday Rollin' (1:10)


Inktober #19 - Saturday Rollin'

I just posted a hexalist update,
I'm up late today but it's OK, what's up mate?
Caught up on Inktober, finally got closure,
On the postponed list thing so I feel like it's

Over, overall great, all dandy,
Like I can just slide around and eye eye candy,
Sly like I'm in another land stranded,
By choice. Vacation. Recreation is the voice of my generation.

And I don't think I need to slow down either?
I've been told I breath air like all y'all people,
But I feel like I'm in another bowl like seagulls,
I float around the cosmos and shit on the pop'lace.

That's my generation, also half-assed design,
So you can call me shitposter or paintomime,
Thinking crytpo, wondering which bank to mine,
Should I go Bitcoin, Libra, what's ill what's legal...

I just came around this place to say,
That the days pass so fast! They're chased away.
But I feel great today! No shades of gray.
So all praise Saturdays! Have a race! Get a place!

And I'll see you in the competition,
Ink opters spitting. Rotating it's the op position.
Did you get that one? I'll get that won. Word.
And I rock with rhythm. See you walk ward awkward. Hah...

I'm on a roll. But it's late. Think I'll win? Better go.

Inktober #18 - Cheesecakes (1:18)


Inktober #18 - Cheesecakes

Ì want to write a page tonight,
Trying to keep adjacent strides with all y'all Inktober legends.
I mean if they can scratch it, then I can rap this!
Shout out AdventVoice, Destructin, Sabtastic,
And so many others! So many potential posters plastered,
On my open home page dashboard.
And Chazdude, fire, but those be coming after,
Hoping folks have the patience to catch all.

Some may be rough drafts but some are such craft!
So creative! It's great, it's amazing!
I've no time for movies these days cause geez they
Putter out so many keepsakes and it's tasty!

RIP cheesecakes a few years back.
You really should've been a part of this pact.
Could've chartered a path with your art you were rad,
And I'm happy I was at least a little part in that collabo,
So many people on NG battle,
This life. We're cattle. Pushed around, but let's chatter,
Have a little community talk and banter,
So maybe there won't be so many chalk lines scattered!

Was pretty rattled back then.
You were always on the move, new grooves, new action.
I guess for you too it was true distraction,
From the real shit. But if could've become a passion!

All these greats being erased, subtracting
Greatness from all these ranks, all these fractions.
If we all just keep it together we'll realize
It's all one level and it might be just one real life.
Tread lightly. And kindly. Better use it wisely.
Hope you're in a better place Cheesecakes,
Wherever it is you might be. You seemed... quite free.

Inktober #17 - Everlast

Brand new sneakers and a fat gold chain, yeah...
I got these lyrics all up in my brain, yeah...
Listening to Joe Rogan's podcast up on the train, yeah...
And he had Everlast on! That boy can write songs! Never been a fan of country but I like where he's gone!

He's been places, seen things. So much inbetween him.
And that Eminem beef back in the day: it lacks meaning.
Like B. Real said it takes a strong man to say it:
Fuck it all, let it go, let us downplay it. For the fans.

This is a pioneer of real rap here.
Boosted the wild youth and gave 'em real careers.
Their whole mix-up reminds me a bit of the MGK battle Bautista
So glad he didn't slit his wrists up!

That he came back with a vengeance and didn't lose all faith,
He's been through some darkness, so dim is them hallways,
But whereas last time the veteran had the mind to let slide
Eminem won't, cause Eminem just don't comply

To others. He's a tough guy way up in his mind,
But I hope it'll go the same way as that Busta Rhymes time,
When both emcees settled their beef and calmed down on a track
One's a star but the other's not just a martyr man he's BACK!

He's got his own path of degradation that made him all stronger.
Joe Rogen's podcast has never been longer.
I haven't listened through it all but I'll resume the set again,
Tomorrow when I'm commuting on the breakfast train.

Hope he spits another live one, cause that shit was the game! Yah!

Brand new sneakers and a fat gold chain, yeah...
I got these lyrics all up in my brain, yeah...
Talking of the California fire and that wall of flame, yeah...
And the fall of fame, and the heart attack, how he darted back,
And he's got a grizzly voice man it sounds so charred it's black!

And I can take it so much farther than that!
How about the start of all rap?
To the Runs and the Ds, the way they rumbled with ease,
Back in the slum when emcees didn't just do their numbers they really had to gun and compete,

And get out with a message!
It's better than the next age!
Where all the followers and fans just hit like and press play!
And get into the groove but don't really listen to the music, it might not mean much to you but it makes me stupid,

I want to get on a record! Just write something and lose it!
And say all that I need to say but I just keep confusing
Things up with what I write yeah yupp it's like this every night!
But I got inspiration running now so come on have a bite!

He's got that forever pass, this man called Everlast!
He's got the gift and the smile and a message and majestic craft,
And yet he doesn't fail to step and laugh, let's get back,
Go check out his live bit and have a bash with all that, uh,

That brand new speakers and that platinum gold chain, yeah,..
First time I listened on the train that's what I thought he was sayin', yeah...
Listened again before recording and corrected my mistakes, yeah...
But go on y'all, listen to the great from the House of Pain days, yeah...

Don't know what else to say, yeah... so

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