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Inktober #20 - Cabaret Sunday

Yeah, Sundays! The best days of the week, and the weekend... time for catching up, time for sleeping, time for a quick collab with S3C man.

I'm at home today, sitting down with a note to make, something dope and great.
No better place to go then the S3C archives, poke in an open window and take,
Some little beat like this Cabaret. Hope I said that right. It's a candid place.
Full of candy tracks, and I can be great, if I say it enough times I can replace.

The old dogmas: social doubt and distrust, I must, get me into a groove and live it up!
I've been eating too much this weekend my voice kinda sucks, so I showered, relaxed,
Just gotta retract my gut! Get on a track and bust until the fans erupt in a wild wild rumble and thunder,
And I'll be standing there all smooth like Stevie Wonder,

I'm at home today, pondering doings, listening to John Carmack when he gets into his,
Passionate ramble, me I do the rap bits, like rabbits out of my hat it's truly magic,
And listening to my idol speak about old DOOM and Oculus Rift in the optical room,
And still seem so positive and awesome I zoom to a better level than I thought I would do.

And damn, before that presidential candidate Andrew Yang,
I'm not American, but I'm in the Yang Gang now,
Understand, AI doesn't seem so bad. If all people of the world were this grand,
Maybe we could learn, give a hand, turn the world to a greater

Greater place. Like a Cabaret.
If I'm earnest I've Burlesque tastes.
Burn less cake and just get into a room where the shapes soothe you
And infuse a faith.

In human form. I never knew a norm.
We're all so different, we're all dilutely born,
And I love that how all about us, that gives us our powers,
Our prowess, Sunday never seems sour...

Inktober #20 Halo Stick / Cool Pig

Halo Stick


Inktober #19 - Saturday Rollin' (1:10)


Inktober #19 - Saturday Rollin'

I just posted a hexalist update,
I'm up late today but it's OK, what's up mate?
Caught up on Inktober, finally got closure,
On the postponed list thing so I feel like it's

Over, overall great, all dandy,
Like I can just slide around and eye eye candy,
Sly like I'm in another land stranded,
By choice. Vacation. Recreation is the voice of my generation.

And I don't think I need to slow down either?
I've been told I breath air like all y'all people,
But I feel like I'm in another bowl like seagulls,
I float around the cosmos and shit on the pop'lace.

That's my generation, also half-assed design,
So you can call me shitposter or paintomime,
Thinking crytpo, wondering which bank to mine,
Should I go Bitcoin, Libra, what's ill what's legal...

I just came around this place to say,
That the days pass so fast! They're chased away.
But I feel great today! No shades of gray.
So all praise Saturdays! Have a race! Get a place!

And I'll see you in the competition,
Ink opters spitting. Rotating it's the op position.
Did you get that one? I'll get that won. Word.
And I rock with rhythm. See you walk ward awkward. Hah...

I'm on a roll. But it's late. Think I'll win? Better go.

Inktober #19 Brain


The building blocks of thought. Mind the power.

Inktober #18 - Cheesecakes (1:18)


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