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Mortal Engines (2018)

Mortal Engines (2018)

You thought a movie about living, moving cities would be cheesy? Hell no.

It might be an obvious Star Wars meets dystopian sci-fi future hybrid, with a little Great Wall of China mixed in with some Terminator and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon (or what's that movie about the city up the clouds?) as they enter the mist, but it's also one grand adventure, a love story without any intimacy, and an imaginative world unlike any other. It's fantasy at it's finest, with orchestral music blasting behind the final battle, and with Hugo Weaving playing the grand villain you just can't go wrong.

Props Hera Hilmar and Robert Sheehan on their lead roles, too. And that guy whose name sounds like a rapper. And Jihae, whomever she is.

It wasn't really what I expected it to be, but I had a blast with it. I'm impressed with the special effects, too, and the worlds they manage to build these days that traditional limitations might not have allowed. Even if they're not always perfect. Even if it could've been even more amazing had they managed it all with props. Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Bird Box (2018)

Bird Box (2018)

A thriller with Sandra Bullock, John Malkovich and MGK?! Was not expecting that! Trevante Rhodes might be worth mentioning too. And others.

MGK's acting talent may leave certain bits to be desired - he basically plays his regular crazy self, but like he's acting - but I do like how his self seems to be taken into consideration for the film, and I like the ambiguity of his particular fate in the film too. The main characters are definitely Sandra and Trevante though, who come together in the house of an unfriendly host (John), hiding from invisible creatures who hunt them, and make people who see them kill themselves.

So they live blind, raise two kids, make the best of their time, and the movie tells two stories in parallel. One of the past and one of the present, when in a frail little boat Sandra and her two kids dive into a wild river to flee their pursuers, and make their way to a safe haven that waits them.

It's well-filmed. It's bleak and dystopian. It's basically like any movie of the sort should be, even if the bleakness of it all just... feels pretty bleak, and when it's all over we're still left unaware of the fate the rest of the world suffered.

But maybe that's a bit of the point. Let the past be forgotten, so we can live on in our little box of birds, in a beautiful bliss and blind to our surroundings. Maybe no matter what the future holds there's a world for us after all.

Also about the four: I do appreciate Sandra, but she really isn't the best actor. There was another movie like this a while ago too, with Mother Earth being the villain more so than an invisible set of aliens (?). I liked the backstory better with that one. It had a message. But this was good too.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Return To Blood Fart Lake (2012)

Return To Blood Fart Lake (2012)

Well this was a corny movie. Literally. Corn, cornholes and corny comedy/horror intertwined.

The theatrics are strong (also not necessarily a good thing), though the filming is bleak, and the music occasional, and the intrigue... well, it's so bad it's almost not that bad. Is it OK to rate this this low?

I want to give it a two cause somehow I did keep watching it, but it just doesn't seem worth it. It beckons to your simpler side. It does. All the way through I kept hoping it'd get better, and it never did, but I can't help not be entertained by the heavy theatrics. It's almost more theater than movie sometimes, and the entertainment value definitely lies with the expressions and the poster girl, who I'm not certain as to the identity of.

The actors aren't yet known enough to have their photos shown on IMDB, but she's the one on the cover. Looks familiar too...

She is good, but overall this is a pretty shitty movie, albeit with a still entertaining theatrical B-movie vibe. The title shouldn't have you expecting too much. Watch if you will. If you're easy to entertain, and if this is the type of entertainment you wish to partake in. Why not. Maybe some day I shall partake in the original too.

 rated 1/5: shit shit shit

The Reunion (2011)

The Reunion (2011)

It's Four Brothers WWE style! Only it's just three brothers. And one of them doesn't die. And rather than bring them all together their mom has kept them apart, but in her dying wish she wants them to reconsolidate. And it's not a mom: it's a dad.

It's not really comparable, but it feels like a familiar idea. Three guys go on an adventure in Mexico, bounty-hunting, and do some girl-chasing and what-not on the same. It's an entertaining venture with a few bouts of action, not with the best actors but with good personalities, and a showdown to look forward to. It's almost a little Western-ish, too.

John Cena's the main action actor name here, and Amy Smart seems to be the name-from-outside-WWE (she plays a minor and not entirely convincing role - but it was fun to see her in the mix). But none of the dudes were bad. Boyd Holbrook in particular turned out a very likable dude. Reminds me of Kurt Cobain.

What are the 3 of us gonna do together for 2 years without killing each other?

There's a summative quote for you. ;) It's good fun, and well-filmed. Not bad at all.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Musicalish #287

Been on a Bingx binge. He's like a Justin Timberlake that raps. Check it.


iMazing HEIC Converter

A few months ago I spent a few days in the little mountainous yet homely winter wonderland Ă–stersund, with my brother and co, and my camera just happened to run out of battery during one of the most important phases of our stay: a Christmas fair. Fortunately my nephew had an iPhone with him, and the camera quality on that is not bad! He actually had two, so we could both take pictures.

Handy having an extra company phone sometimes, even if the reason for it in his case is that Apple don't have any phones with dual SIM. So if you need two numbers you need to phone.

Guess that's one way to sell some extra phones.

Another thing Apple aren't as good with is adapting to format standards, so instead of JPG or PNG or any of the regular image formats I'd usually expect, I ended up with HEIC.

Windows can't open these. At all.

I looked around a bit and found an explorer extension by the name of CopyTrans HEIC, that I installed just to be able to display them, but viewing the files was still a slow process, so in an attempt to sort through these files once and for all I dug a little deeper and found this. It looks like this:

iMazing HEIC Converter Step 1


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