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Dingalow's Cyber Demon

Dingalow's Cyber Demon

Just got this mastery made by good bro Dingalow! In less than a day no less. He's currently out of jobs and looking for ways to make a living, so feel free to commission him. Prices are flexible. Here's this piece.

Amidst Mediocre Downtime Woes

Went in on NG and the server couldn't be found.

First thought: Trump must've shut down the lines between the US and Sweden. I disregarded local connection issues as my own site seemed to work fine, but realized I hadn't reloaded the tab in a while. Opened Google, since that didn't work either...

Turns out it was local after all. So now, was it my computer, or the modem, or cable, or ISP? Restarted the modem. No deal. Tried troubleshooting. No diagnostics server. Tried opening up the Windows list of services to see if I can possibly enable it there, and it's taking ages to load, so instead of just wasting this time I'm writing this instead, which could potentially also be seen as wasting time, but wasting with a word count at least. And it really is taking forever. I went and did a quick push-up/sit-up session in the other room and it's still loading. I'm running some file transfers in parallel so if this isn't all solved by...

Oh hey. It loaded. Was going to say I might as well reboot the computer if it wasn't done when those were done.

But I think I'll have to reboot anyway because none of the services in the list had the same name as the one that was apparently disabled, so I assume this isn't how you activate it... I can reach it via the open processes window, but it's one of those processes that only activates when you need it, and otherwise automatically turns off, and thus there's currently no way for me to run it.

Conspiracy theories as to Microsoft making things more difficult for existing Windows 7 users by slowly breaking down the old OS comes to mind, but let's not take it there. I still want to use seven for some time to come, and it'd be best for all of us if Microsoft keep going with the support for some time too...

So I had dinner.

Still not working.

Tried a different computer. No dice.

Finally looked up ISP status via phone, turns out they have problems with basically everything today, their status page is crashing, another site showed 16,000 active problem reports the last day, someone mentioned changing DNS servers to Google in the comments...

Changed 'em. It worked. I'm back. That's all.

Missed an auction though. Oh well.

GOG Symmetry Giveaway

Hey, speaking of giveaways...

GOG Got The...

...Giveaway Symmetry

...go get it. The latest Humble Bundle's worth checking out too.

Random Giveaway: Worms Revolution (2012)

Bought a Humble Bundle yesterday and it turns out I already had one of 'em. For tonight this game is on site. On Steam this time. Go get it!


This Corona Thing...

Pathogen Resistance

Now this seems like the right way to think about this. :) Though I can't say we've stockpiled enough pasta at this point... btw that cold I had earlier? It might have been just a regular cold. Still taking steady C-vitamin doses though, and working from home all through the week. Stay free.

This Corona Thing... driving me up the walls.

For a couple days now I've been feeling a bit sluggish, and today I got the sniffle. The early stages of a cold, it feels like. I took a slow walk anyway. Fresh air. No sunshine. I've been taking C-vitamin doses throughout the day and eating healthy. Resting a bit. Reading a bit. Catching up on stuff by the computer but not too much.

I watched a quick video of people with Corona speak about how they were perceiving the disease, and that was great, two of the guys were older men but they didn't seem to have any problems at all. One of them worked a bit during noon and then rested during the afternoon. A teenage girl talked about how the cough was a bit annoying, but that the biggest problem was not being able to meet people, only being able to talk to them via phone. How she looked out the window and saw everyone pass by outside, knowing she couldn't be there herself... for two weeks. #FirstWorldProblems

So that didn't seem so bad. I braved up a bit and watched this video next, detailing the different stages of the virus. How it focuses mainly on your lungs, how they can fill with liquid as the blood cells rush to fight the infection, giving you breathing problems, that this is when the respirators come into play, and how some people recover within the span of a couple weeks yet those in more critical condition can be fighting for months before it goes over and yet only a fraction of cases are severe, so most importantly wash your hands and don't worry!

Now of course I can feel the phlegm slowly assemble deep in my throat. I imagine it's stuck there, and that there's something attacking my lungs that I can not reach or combat, and though I feel mostly fine on the outside - just a little tired - it's inside that the real battle's going on, and the results might come later. A cough. Trouble breathing. A blockage of phlegm that's impossible to clear out and ultimately results in a slow, panicky and agonizing death. Not to mention lasting scars and lung issues.

Man. The Internet. The bane of our confidence and good health sometimes. And yet other sources keep saying this is nothing worse than a regular cold - if that. The death tolls are nowhere near that of our last big plague, and even that was nothing compared to the Spanish Flu in the early 1900's, that killed fifty million.

Last year we had 550 deaths in Sweden during flu season. It's been higher. So far covid-19 has killed about twenty.

But still. This is supposedly just the starting phase. That number may rise. The risk is there. The uncertainty too. But whatcha gonna do? I'm attempting and hoping to heal up fast, from whatever this is, so I'll be retiring for the day now, and maybe tomorrow I'll be all good. Maybe not. Who knows. I'll keep ya'll posted.

Just for the record I'm writing this to free my mind rather than make any kind of viral sensation here. The 'How I survived Corona' titles have me slightly annoyed. Writing's but relief. If all but a paragraph or a leaf. For a moment I feel at ease, at peace, sincere like birds and bees in air, so there, so breath, so breath... good night.

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