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Inktober #21 -Cold Day In Hell

Cyberdevil... RAMUSH... it's ambush time yeah... just a little something I wrote today...

It's a cold day in hell...
But I'm going for real. Over the rails.
Wanna be on another level. Not just coating my nails,
I'll be cold in myself.

They say I'm on fire lately,
Might end up like coal just as well.
Or gold just as well? Or diamonds?
Put enough pressure on me, I'll keep climbing.

Like whatever that video was
With that guy who put lipstick on.
First his lips, then his whole face?
Lip stick man you can hear it in the name!

But to be an artist you need to drift away!
Don't stick with what's conventional, just what's great!
Yeah, just wait...

I want to be on another lane.
People say we got right-side traffic.
But they're all driving the wrong way.
And they say that I am batshit?

Crazy insane! Nah I'm the only one here,
Who sees so hazy I see clear!
Go to sleep and I live my dream!
Wake up and it's still a nightmare!


Get that kick and I'll live on!
Each dawn up with a grin and a big yawn!
No time to spend in my bedroom!
Deadroom. Better get into my living one!

Chutney dude is the realist clown!
That I've ever seen! Want to be like that!
I could've been on that verse but HOTSTUFF had
Other plans. What's up brother man?

I'm still waiting on that verse you called me,
And ninjamuffin99 is waiting on mine,
Barely have time to get up in the morning,
Office job got me working 5-9,

But life's awesome and I'll keep performing!
Every day like I do here online,
At least till Inktober's over, need closure,
But I don't want to ever fall behind.

On anything. My biggest fear. Is leaving nothing. When I'm gone.
So carry on. Make something better. Something to remember.
Something to change things. Forever, and ever. Something to show.
That I'm not a pawn. I'm not a demon. I'm a devil.

And It's a cold day in hell y'all.

Have a good one.

Inktober #20 - Bat Out Of

AKA Raise

Crazy days lately I chase the raise!
No I don't. But work's got a hold of me anyway.
Pray the faith keeps 'rona out of the way!
No I don't. But I like to have faith in humanity.

Hasty mornings waking up to the sun!
I wish I had a routine like do a work-out or run!
But it's either just get right to the computer or to the car!
Quick brush your teeth have a coffee and maybe a bar and...

Work's pretty great I should be hella thankful for it!
I work at a place where we never get no pranks it's normal!
Can walk around in what have you it's really not that formal!
Sit in your cubicle though never in despair or boooredom.

Crazy days lately I chase the wraith!
Days speed away now, every day is a blaze.
Wish I could slow to appreciate the pace...
You can't even see the road signs at this rate.

Eyy... but it's really not so bad though.
Everyday sit and write and rep mad flow.
Rap a bit, practice, prep for battle.
Sometimes totally blotch it! Get psychotic!

Get mad at myself that I can't handle.
Stress better than this! I'm not a vandal!
I'm trying to build things up not break 'em down,
It's round 2. Pound truth. Into some fools.

And get somewhere with all of my rythmics!
Get a bit more creative! Get a bit more artistic!
Entertaining with maybe crazy displays of a richness!
I used to only get in muscavado. I guess it must be motto.

To challenge yourself! Battle yourself! Better yourself!
For the dough? Never batter yourself, but no pat on the shell!
If you never accomplish nill, but get there build!
The fat all yourself. Till you're big like a bat out of hell.

Crazy days lately but have a great! One.

Inktober #19 - Battle Me

AKA The New Hate, That New Hate, New Hate, Static Player

Cyberdevil. larrynachos.

Here's something about how I'm feeling a lot...
Just waiting for the beat now to drop...
I do like to emcee here a lot!
Hmm. Yeah...

You want to battle me that'll be,
Accurately just a battering,
I come in clad like I'm Lucifer,
Savvy on doing the damaging,

Should know that I'm dutifully maleficent,
Visions are viciously rampant now,
Coming in to revamp the town with a tank,
So Grounds come thank me now!

I'm really no fan of the new player!
That moves as I move the page!
It follows when I try to savor!
The reviews so I view it in rage!

You can shrink it but you can't escape it!
Why don't you just get out of my face?!
I'm all for improvements but not for trends,
That don't follow common sense!

You want to battle me that'll be,
More like a beating or bludgeoning!
Not of me but of you if you chump on in,
And decide to get dunked again.

Sitting on my bed dressed all commando,
It's my best bedside manner,
Polishing on my MC Hammer,
Ready to hand you the hammering handle.

I go at it all rampant like I'm Rambo
Break battles like bottles like I'm just a vandal!
Knock people out with a jab with my sandal!
Sandal wood's hardcore! Dent in the armoire!

Sound the alarm and get out the farm y'all!
Trample my kale? Think you'll prevail?
I'm usually cool and calm but I'll harm all
who get in the way of my polkadot beets!

You mess with me? Prep for defeat!
Prep to hole up in a bunker for weeks!
My memory's hazy but anything rotten,
Cyberdevil has never ever forgotten!

And Cyberdevil won't ever forget!
Get in my way and you finna be wet!
I mean straight up killed, deaded, merked,
Lyrically of course deep in the dirt.

Dig your own hole now, or get a crowbar,
Get in a box, get your own lock,
It's too late for mercy too late to console now.
Shouldn't have messed up, shouldn't have hoed round,

If I was a wizard I'd make you a toad now!
If I was a blizzard I'd freeze you to snow cones!
If I was a god I'd treat you like ozone!
Hey maybe this verse is getting out of control now!

Just hope we get that option to...
Let that new player not follow you... around... everywhere!

Yeah. That's how I'm feeling lately.

Cyberdevil. larrynachos. On the beat.

Inktober #18 - Kame-Killah

Yeah! Cyberdevil! Oh-Sama! Wonderwhirls of the world! Wanderers of the word! Get out and sip on some sights and get nourished! Uh!

I'm not the RZA. I'm not Rittz, I'm not Wiz I'm not official!
But am I not the Kame Killah though, you see my initials?
If you haven't heard of me before you'd better know that
I'm special!


I still don't trust the state. Stay up so fucking late.
Got so much on my plate. Keeping getting more and more and more and all this stuff it weighs.
But it's all worth it with the golden nuggets I find I'm
over budget in mind.

Truth and experience! Use it to share your sense!
You say you're crazy but I just can't take you serious!
I live a constant fever dream I'm so delirious!
I derail all my leers if I speak up with my peers.

The world's no laughing matter! But have a laugh and shatter that
It won't be so bad after!
Don't stay on wrath mode too long but go to manic banter!
Like a necromancer! That's where the magic happens!

Are you trolling don't you know I'm a Black Panther?
Hey I'm a Bobcat! It's in my name.
I'm sorry I'm not on that. Not in the game.
This is why I stick to verses, I just cannot refrain...

From saying things I shouldn't say!
Speak up, or stay silent is my whole take!
On life, and the violence, that sweeps away!
All life, can't be smiled at if you don't make some nice.

Way to get riled up. Remember being a child much?
If no then you've forgotten how to live! Get back to those primal
Instincts. Feelings. When everything had meaning.
When nothing was worth a thing. Nothing so behemoth.

Money's a foreign concept. Life is a game, and we're all props on set.
I don't want that set far gone yet. I totally blotched this.
But we're all eggal. So make an omelette (shout out @Kolumbo). Just go out and have fun!
Ain't I the Kame Killah huh? J Dilla for real and uh, I am the one.

Oh-Sama. Cyberdevil. That's all.

Inktober #17 - I'll Follow

Gotta get an acapella between last and the next track,
Have no worry though you know I'll never step back,
All the collabin' always brings out the best in my rappin',
Still ecstatic the one with Quarl and I just happened,

No penguins though, might be my only woe,
But none who listen in will ever know how it really goes,
Woke up with a yawn today, go strong though,
Drop bombs! Or if not? At least little songs.

Both before and after, I've a sword to master,
Need to hone to battle, get the throne and brand some
Of you hopeless cattle, all the clones be stabbing,
People from all angles, we are known for that here

On our planet Earth. If it's a planet who knows?
And who landed first. Was it us or the foes?
Are there aliens here trying to stir distrust in our lair?
Trump may be one with that strangely changling hair but...

He said some good things in the debate.
Non-obligatory vaccines? Yeah keep us safe!
If there's ever been a plot behind this alarm arms run:
You know it's big pharm's one.

Bill Gates? Who knows, naive or a villain?
Spreading all sorts of disease for a killing?
Yet still giving to charities many million?
Maybe he's a cheat. Maybe he's a real one.

So much distrust and so much agenda.
Prop agenda with the propaganda.
And you all better know we can stop the cancer now.
But some don't want to! They gun for laws too!

Corporations these days are above the state.
Least in the USA. It's just the truth today.
If they were just real about it I would say well-played,
But they keep hiding behind their fake facades!

And keep stirring the population, keep confusing,
It's all a war but I don't know who's winning or losing,
You can't trust the news, but you need the news to tune in,
And both the main stream and alternative view is shaaady.

It's getting crazy lately.
Had a hope in the woke but the woke went asleep.
Now being woke is not being awake though so it may seem.
So twist our words till they're the great estranging.

And we've all become agents at the crazy station.
Saying no one is skewing our view.
The rest are stupid but we know the truth.
But who knows it who? Those with the closed-in view?

Open your mind! Though with this Flat Earth trend.
Being open-minded is akin with a lack of sense.
I have no shortage of conspiratorical friends.
But rational friends? They're at their ends.

But what's rational and what's conspiratorical?
CIA wrote the word and the tutorial.
Changed the world with the way that we all saw it all.
Anyone for the truth? Empty corridor.

The ones we're in dire need of we just bleed off.
If we don't believe in all they see.
And the balance of society, this Sea Saw.
Is now all too light on one knee.

We're divided in fractions and bastions.
Ready to battle each other with interactions.
Never discuss what's true with mutual trust,
And respect. Different views. Take the step.

And try out something new! Entertain.
The thought that you're crazy and everyone else is sane.
May not be so easy always, but you see what I'm sayin'?
Make it a motto. An anthem. A retrain.

To challenge yourself. To challenge your worldview.
It's the only way you can really go further! Nurture the future.
Be more of an observer and a learner, less of a commuter. Or computer!
Life's no fun till you do stir the brew and

Move Earth.

I'll follow. You first.

The Mysterious Filezilla.xml

Two new computers arrived at work yesterday, and I was assigned the appreciative task of moving over stuff from the old ones and getting them ready. They were prepped with Windows 10, and the old computers with Windows 7, so no total migration, just move over the important files and re-install the important programs.

Everything went swell (is that an abbreviation for so well, btw? Just dawned on me...) until I came to FileZilla.

I had to carry over some logins, and since they're now encrypted I couldn't just copy the credentials, plus it'd be easier to just copy over everything at the same time anyway. So I exported the locations to an .xml, dragged it to the external drive I use to move stuff between computers, and moved on to the new computer I was to move said information to...

File wasn't there. No FileZilla.xml

Strange. Maybe you can't copy files to the main directory on the drive? Maybe there's some kind of write-protection there...? I know I have before but... maybe that's it...

Went back. Copied the file into a subdirectory. Back to the new computer.

Nothing there. So maybe... I unplugged the drive too fast? It didn't fully complete the moving operation, and so although I thought it was done it really wasn't? Or could it be that the FileZilla.xml file has some kind of copy protection that doesn't actually allow it to be moved to other computers?

Third try. This time I dragged that config into a bundle of folders. If the final move didn't register, surely the earlier ones would. If there was some directory problem, surely one of them would work anyway. So once again I get back to the new computer and... no files. None of them.

At this point I gave up on that external drive.

Actually I gave up completely. I didn't import the settings at all, I figured I'd fetch the login info from my own computer, where I might have it lying around in plain text somewhere. But I didn't. Either I needed to create a new login and replace it on all computers, or somehow get that import to this new computer...

OneDrive. Aha. We use it as a budget NAS of sorts, with the same account connected to all computers. I dragged the config file into the main folder there aaaaand... nothing happened. It didn't upload. There's still no FileZilla.xml in the OneDrive folder. Does OneDrive maybe not support or allow .xml files? What is going ON?!

I did other stuff for a while, fixed up the second computer, but again time came for that FileZilla configuration, so what to do... I have a smaller thumbdrive lying around as well, so I tried that. Went back to the same computer as earlier, fetched the file, plugged it into the new computer...

And there it was! No problem. File import was a piece of cake.

That was that. But to this day I do still wonder... about what was going on with that mysterious .xml file.

This was yesterday btw. Have a good weekend.

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