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Inktober #16 - The Beast Underfed

AKA The Pit, The Takeover, Takeover

Cyberdevil. Quarl. Testing. New worlds.

In the event of... AI taking over...
Stay on your feet... stay steady and sober...
Don't let 'em control you... the crater won't go...
Even when the smoke blows over.... so called closure...
Isn't real for us... our reality's limited...
Our infinity unexporable... salvation implorable...
And with our morals all... of these human wars, our gory corridors...
Won't be tomorrow lost... another holocaust...
Waiting around the corner... another coroner, another Molotov...
Another useless scramble... to strangle whomever we chose to...
For whatever reason these feuds brew... if only we could see things...
From the same angle. With the same meanings. With the same view, too.

If only you knew.


Listen up! Climb out of your pit! Up!
Get a push or do sit ups! Whatever it takes to get the lid of!
Legs heavy as led but rid all! Your tiredness on a riddle!
What is life, what is strife, what's important, what's our guise?

I fiddle! With words like you do the groove!
Maybe the secrets mutual! If you're only human move!
Dance your dance, get loose and use! Your energy to move the moons!
And your demons in new maneuvers! Get through even if you're skewered!

By dark energy! Don't know if I'm repenting deeds from a past life that are spent on me,
And living anew is the remedy.
Or if now is the only now, and we shouldn't even pretend that we,
Are on the prowl for something better. Live forever. Never sleep.

Maybe this world is paradise. Like banging around at a concert.
Our hive mind is all we need. Always all could be awesome.
Somehow we all aim to grieve. Somehow we get aimless needs.
Somehow we burden ourselves with the burden of self. Let go... and be free...


In the event of... AI taking over...
Stay on your feet! Stay steady and sober...
Don't let 'em control you! Don't sell them your soul too...
Technology is the beast! We get as a pet... and then feed...


Let us kill that beast and feast! Yeah!

Inktober #15 - Halfways

Throw in the towel? No I don't like the vowel in that.
I'm powered on, but you know you can go out in a Flash
If lightning strikes! In this case... well I guess that'd be the 'rona!
But I'm halfway through the journey now, I'm almost on my home run!
You don't want, the Cyberdevil to go flaunt.
Been dabbling in design a bit I even wrote my own font.
My code's strong. My moral code. Programming's a no want,
I don't front, but front-end design is all I go on!
I'm over counting titles now. I'm counting numbers!
I'm coming for the title now. Still with the thunder!
I'm studying my idols now. They got the power!
I'm hungry and not on a diet now. Time to devour!
Shower you all loyal followers in the blood of my foes,
The door to hiphop is all but closed.
I'm wanderin' through wondrous halls all filled with ghosts,
Writing prose as I coast through the foyers of old...
I don't want lawyers I'm sold on the simple life.
Do it all my way! Solo is my IA! No AI on my drive
So no Cybertruck in my driveway!
Just in my Google search. Suitable human urge.
Plus it goes with my name, Cyber is in the game again!
I know it's been a lot of verses no refrains,
I am short on time so just want to spit as much as I can,
And my vocal chords are strained, I'm running out of ink,
But you can't see through my windows with all this tint!
I think I am on the brink of either greatness,
or going crazy. I'm growing maybe. Since the late eighties.
That was so amazing a time. Just like it feels to hit this

Halfway point, blazing a rhyme.

Inktober #14 - The Daily Dose

AKA Applecrumb Dreamstate, Applecrumb Deepstate, The Retreat, Constant Vehicular Motion, See Vitamin, Pillpop, The Redpill, Bubble Life, The Dose, What's Poppin', Dose Off, 3000 mg...

It's Father-of-Death again... on the beats. Me I'm just stepping in, this is my... retreat...

I'm entering a dreamstate. Say what? Lately I don't feel great.
Something goin' on inside me like the deep state.
I'm nodding on and off again, it keeps me awake.
Constant vehicular motion and I stay potent. Common wheelbase.

What's up with this machine? I used to be so muscular, combustible and lean!
Lately I'm feeling weak at the knees when I run a marathon.
Half is wrong man I want the whole won! Battle on!


I found a pill I'm poppin'! Guess it's the only option!
You want to keep on rocking? And not become a zombie?
Tired of applecrumb pie wearing Abercrombie ties,
Dust broke, but I must go with a disguise.

And so I'm bubblin' life! Put on a buddy smile!
Get in your bunny suit, hop into my VW bubble ride!
Just like the Barbie Girl song it's no-trouble life!
It's only a double life! But it's not double right?

Nah it's wrong... the American dream we're living on...
On the screams of the poor, throwing bombs at the floor.
Throw our bills in the sky, live for the thrill am I right?

There's a truth in the token. Of appreciation that keeps you going.
That nothing's fair in this world, and if you stare at the birds,
They will clear out and purge, leave you weary and malnourished.

The pill that I spoke of. C-vitamin. 3000 milligram dose of.
It gets you up to make the most of, the night.
I'm a just record this, then I'll doze off.


Inktober #13 - Red 13

Yeah! Red 13! Quick remix.

Next rhyme! Say what, Paragon X9?
Haven't ever written a rhyme for this monster
If you performed I'd bounce at your concert!
Such a legend on the grounds! So awesome!

Just want to say thanks and keep rocking!
So many favorites banked by this boss!
Back in the day I didn't know what any of this was!
Techno, heck no? What what whaaat?

But then I listened in, what a transitioning!
No admission needed and I flipped the reading,
So enrichening and you don't need a meaning
Just that energy! Couldn't believe it!

Searched for a thirteenth beat and I see it!
And the license terms they allow it?!
Got hyped, but I better get grounded!
Have a great day y'all and keep pounding.

Though no way I can keep this going for eight minutes!
Go play the real thing till it's all the way finished.

Red 13.

Inktober #12 - Beach Life

I've got a lot of problems... but I got options...
My voice ran out though... so I'm just talking...
I plan to chase it... I plan to catch it...
I plan to make something with these that keep amassing...
All these rhymes... Like it's magic...
Like it's a card collection and I have it...
Cause I'm a hoarder... I'm a collector...
I'd like to have the whole world and make it better!

I got a word, got a verse, got a letter.
Got so much on my mind you can never not expect.
Me to not regret not saying if I stop.
Spitting out this shit from my system's hot room.
I might be a bot, might be something from the future.
The creature from the lagoon, the man of grand and super.
Stoop down to my level and you'll know what you ain't used to.
So much it'll confuse you. My lace is on a loose shoe.

I was stupid to stop doodling dudes too.
I was stupid to jump out my Japanese class.
Half ass life, but you know you can't laugh if you don't
Batter that vice! Blast that ass when it's lazy.
Lately my lingual latency's getting faded.
Lately I lost hope: negatively jaded.
But there's no hole I can't dig a spade with.
Sitting like: man you're cool when the shade's thick.

You want to get out the world, go better places?
Don't be that dude. Don't be an escapist.
Go back to battle. Go back to the races.
Soon as you win you'll know... it's all amazing.
Whatever dreams you live for and end up chasing.
I'm sure you'll get them. They're all in reach.
Remember when you play the spade game, crawling through the desert slowly aging,
Life: is a beach.

Inktober #11 - Talent Run

How long can I go till I'm running out of talents?
Till I just laugh like a mad Jimmy Fallon,
I really don't know, but I'm liking what I manage,
Fly by the average, rhyme like a savage,

Couldn't be an eagle if I didn't have talons,
Couldn't be a Hawk if I didn't have balance,
Couldn't have a Desert Eagle without doing damage.
Gun laws vanish. some of us are manic,

Totally bananas! But I found my peace.
In the outback by our private beach.
Don't need much sand, just less of stone
To not punch my souls in on the shoals of home.

I dream back now to the summer that's gone.
Summer times on then suddenly they're off,
Around this time now my wheels fall off,
As the leaves fall off, it's the season's cost.

Fall's expensive! And don't talk about winter.
Sitting in own refrigerator indoors.
Spitting on NG if I have some time but I'm
Way too tired to feel most rhyme.

Need vitamin and especially now,
With the rona on the prowl, throwing us around,
Don't be such a Ground Hog though don't care so much.
Don't let yourself be controlled by fear and such.

But do put a mask on for common decency.
In the streets we're all are treated equally.
Both the strong and the weak live peacefully,
Side by side. Till the strong get surplus steam

they need get out of their steam machine!
Beat on the weak! That's the dream machine!
Though we don't have predators, we're not much better off,
We become our own foe so just let it mosh.

Instead of standing up to a common foe.
Some of us stand up to a common Joe.
Like in John Wick it's all Common know you know
Violence is the only road to go!

I sense something slowly changing though,
Recreational weed and aging don't
Need to be the same sad ass time.
Talent runs out. Half ass rhyme.


So here's the second part! I make a heck of unsmart art!
Voice dry like I've been drinking up tar, parched!
When I say talent I really mean skill. Who can kill it,
Skrillex-like though for real?

Keep going till their home's up for a mill,
Then buy another one for like twenty, gotta keep it real!
American paychecks are a thrill, so high up,
All comparison here is nill.

I barely can paint a still, I barely can even feel,
I'm nearly bearing a chill when I'm aware at the eerie will,
Around the lair I've built! Can't go outside here,
Corona's coming and it might slide near.

Trump said: Don't let it steer you. Don't let the fear though.
Might be the best thing he's said since near June.
But show decency too, now I'm repeating things.
This ain't a monarchy. Why are there even kings.

When the people in power have no power.
When we cower like cowards and get devoured.
When we're showered by topless propaganda
Thought about saying bottomless but topless sounds like a better standard.

Fanfare here for all those who dare,
Speak their own mind and live on for real.
People don't try these days, people are scared.
They don't even bare their feelings when people stare demeaning.

Political correctness the disease.
Go on and a live a bit and heckle; be a beast.
Get the wrecking ball going pedal to the metal on the streets!
Demonstrations these days are all just pent up feelings.

I'm daydreaming,
That I'm dressed up like a clown cartwheeling,
Through the common carnage but it don't phase me,
I roll by smiling while the harmful barnacles grace me,

Like a savior igniting faith in our tired race,
Stuck in the tire tracks of our brighter days.
Just rolling on as the petrol fumes,
Keep collecting till our debts go.

Boom. Biddy. Bye. Bye.
No original. Half ass try.
We're too divided. Half ass sky.
Politicians with their half ass lies.

I know I say politicians like... way too many times.


I'm stuck in a loop though! Gotta try a new road!
Going on till June folds, summer time the new hope!
Some are dumb and dues closed, dead out gone.
Dinosaurs of the nether. Come on we can do better.

Never sever the hope, let go the lever of the trapdoor,
Every talent coming in balances on this mad floor,
Any time they have something to say they stand tall,
And fall forth. Call off the cross. Don't fall short.

Don't nail your heroes. Set sail you weirdo.
Put a skull on that sail cause it hails the real.
Those who never give up or give in,
Jump into that boat, doesn't matter if you can't swim.

Sail the bumpy seas for one peace.
Either you'll make it or you'll settle in the deep.
Choking on foul water and no air.
But with no regret. Have I overstepped, to encourage such a cold and unkempt road to rep?

But for real, but I think I'm really running out of time.
Halt recording. Half past nine.

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