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Inktober #4.5 - Housecooking (1:46)


Inktober #4.5 - Housecooking


So look man... I got something cooking.
Cleaned the house cause parents are a booking.
With it the fridge. It's how we live.
They're coming home with all summer crops and we made it big!

I'm wondering how this shit will fit!
Got rid of all I could in the fridge, so fed up,
They call and ask if we've got yoghurt for breakfast,
And milk and cream. Guess shopping is up next huh?

It's been a dream. Householding solo.
You only get three months, best go YOLO
But I must admit I've got well-wishes, it'll be good
At least being able to skip the dishes.

Nights get shorter. At least here.
By the computer where I spend a fair share of my time.
It's not in my room by design,
Wouldn't sleep half the time if I had one primed!

And the fan's too noisy anyway.
Everyone hears it any time of day.
Can't break discipline and play videogames
Till three in the morning without people a warning.

I'm warming up to the thought of company too.
It's only so true, we're flock animals, all of us you
And me. Whole family together in truce.
Feel like we're futureproof! Feel like we can't lose!

I got shoes too, can go outside if I choose to.
Work at the office takes me out of stride,
For a while when our worlds collide,
When we all bide time under one roof I'm

Gonna miss some things but I think I'm fine.
Yeah, look man, I got something cooking.
I had a massive lunch but it's gonna be
Gooood I'm gonna eat.

Inktober #4 - Housekeeping (1:05)


Inktober #4 - Housekeeping

I cleaned the house today, it went alright I'd say.
Parents are back home to roll the night away.
To drastically change up my time of day.
Lights out at midnight, when I'd like to play.

So these rhymes might get shorter, but it's no hell thief.
Staying up late always it gets unhealthy.
Wake past morning light, miss that D-vitamin!
Lose the energy to stay efficient and fighting things!

Like demons. Always kicking and screaming.
Sleep good and suddenly they sound demeaning.
Not as convincing, more like they're wincing,
Whining and trying to pin things on you that are not true.

It's getting hot dude.
Vacuum on so long I need a lot juice.
Thought I'd go slim but I melt and get obtuse.
Hop to whatever is next in my jot dues...

And I will win this thing! I will not lose!
You can slow me down but I will not move backward!
No rapper you tackle will ever budge an inch!
We've got too heavy a burden we need to rinse!

Today's an acapella, but I see my friends!
Are sending me beats so I may try them!
It takes a little more time with music than short rhyme!
But it gets so much greater I'd better show that... I appreciate y'all!

Rhymes getting kinda cheesy lately, huh?
Don't fret. Whatever's next it won't get.

Inktober #3.5 - Third Word


The third world...
I'm going on on the third word.
This season turning to a dark one,
What have you birds heard?

Maybe you're earlier than I am. Early birds.
Up on the shoulder of Zion. Where the word is hurt.
Never a dirty word. All clean and just and I
Just must rhyme some stuff now cause I must!

Cause it's day three of this great stream.
I'm not as motivated as last year, however it may seem.
Thought of jumping ship till the last minute but it's passed now
So all that I can do is kick ass and thrash round.

And I gotta a lot of darkness that I need to vent out.
I'm not a chicken but you're in my pen now.
Don't want to waste punchlines in case I make an album!
But sometimes they just come to me so here, you can have one.

I really wasn't hyped for this, I'm tired!
I try to get up early every day but sleep a while longer.
I'm in shit shape too, wish I was stronger,
And I wish you knew what a vicious fool I can be.

Steer my mind like I try to break free.
From one side to the other, from logic to emotion.
About to self-implode but I body my implosion.
Empty in my soul, there's hardly no commotion.

What's up now sir with this dust I stir?
I don't know what it is but it is much absurd.
I'd like to have a laugh. and just joke about this crap
But I'm no comic. Learn jokes, check. I'm on it!

I'd be on drugs too if I had 'em. Chronic.
I'd be on exoskeletons too. Bionic.
I'd be on anything that gets through the day,
Sometimes... I even play videogames. Hey!

I have one right now I should be testing.
But life's a test of time, and I've been stressing.
Deadlines at work that have me overtime drawing benign lines,
Though I am in my prime!

But hey the third world. The third world.
I don't live there but I hear that. It's way better.
They don't got corona roaming around. Why the show must go down.
In the first world. It's in order but....

I'd rather be a hoarder wutt?
Gotta go collect... some files...

Inktober #3.5 - Third Word (2:16)


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