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Inktober #2 - The Second (2:03)


Inktober #2 - The Second

I bang my chest.

Cause I know that I have left: thirty long days!
If I don't make it save a long face.
You know I'll dabble with this scrabble till I've gone gray
But honestly I'm starting to feel strongly 'bout my long age.

All time that's passed me.
River time creeps around this town, sweeping us all in it's thick molasses-like
Stream that never seizes to amaze or to amass me.
All these pathways we move past and we can't flee!

Can't even take a side-route in!
This life is really all a line of: drown or swim!
It might start slow but push comes to shove and we depart and
There's not a chance you'll leave a stamp with only art!

You know life is hard!
Ain't no cruising down a boulevard and living dreams!
Nothing's as it seems and it's killing me! All our ideals and this sickening greed!
Why not be happy if we eat a bit and sleep and get a family?

Get stuck in superficialness.
Keep chasing the green with a viciousness that hurts and rifts the rest. At risk of wrecks.
I know you understand me but can you caper? Little player can you be a game changer?
Can you sever the path of our new creators?

Man we're playing Gods! We got universes lined up to become our jobs!
Line them up to colonize them like we forgot!
How it went with all the natives last time we contemplated,
Heading out to gather ground for glory, nothing's sacred...

But... you can't escape this stream of time so?
You feeble-minded folks that feed on old jokes and ideals, hanging on to nothing like old ghosts,
Time's not given to us to gather stars! It'll just impart new woes on us.
New generations of lonely and lost glory-boring clones of us.

With a past raised on the corpses of old foes! But who are we to choose what folks we hold close?
The only way to build an empire is on hope, on love and sharing! All our ups lie therein!
Don't waste your time clinging on to the white herring when it's so apparent, that you just want to eat it.
Bliss is found in yourself, you can't feed it with a hunting trophy.

You see this is why I write my prose. Suppose it relieves me.
Of the demons that surround me and greet me yet just want to cut my throat soon as I sleep in.
They don't steep us in the same steep heat pen, but my ink won't freeze, I've got no phantoms left.
Give me a second.

I bang my chest.

I'm Back


Reviews to come. Summer views to come. Inktober too. What I do get done. Who walks through this life after all? When you... can run.

Hope y'all had a good sunshine season.

Inktober #1.5 - Stranger Stranger (1:34)


Inktober #1.5 - Stranger Stranger

Stranger stranger. Stranger danger.
This year's pretty dangerous! So much anger.
I see the Black Lives Matter campaign but the wrong angle,
Creating divides by blazing the skies...

I'm mangled. Psychologically with this political folly.
This corona year is robbing me of my honest deeds.
I want to do good! Make good! Probably...
I want to make a family. What's going on with me?

Hormones are raging. I'm going crazy.
Picking daises in the pouring rain for a lady I never met,
But still feel is maybe close... maybe she's right beside me...
Maybe she's a ghost.

Maybe she's inside me, haha!
Our dimensions colliding, like people voting for Biden.
I do like the guy but honestly
Don't you think there's someone out there just a bit more promising?

Like Tulsey Gabard. Like Andrew Yang.
I'm mispronouncing and spelling don't give a damn.
Go to the vote booth fools and do you're thang.
Keep saying it's impossible for one to win.

When one's a maniac, and one can't talk right.
One's pretty good on Twitter, one's in the wrong life.
One had some kind of brain freeze or aneurysm.
The other wants to strangle him and hit him. God damn.

We're living life in a world with so many problems.
Brazil's cutting down their forests like they've got entire planets.
Can we please get leaders that aren't so savage?
That want to save our lives? Or at least manage?

And all the madness way over in Pakistan it's...
Turning into a pretty bad ham sandwich.
Meat's been rotted for years, do you understand this
Simile? Is that how you pronounce simile? Smile?

I can't man. There's so much crazy but I'll try.
Have a relatively good day stranger.
Mind the danger.

Inktober #1 - Stranger Times (1:56)


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