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Inktober #1 - Stranger Times

AKA Run Run Run Away Rona

I'm in a... strange place.
Though I'd keep going way past the last race but I didn't but that's okay!
Cause I'm... still here.
And I thought I'd do the same thing as last year - just sing and rap yeah.
Everyday just have faith
That I don't catch the rona! Gotta sit in like my phone now hold the line and get a tone up!
It's been a... strange age.
Get déjà vu... of the Spanish flu... wait that was before my parents had boned
And I didn't have a name. Wasn't known; had no know-how

No I don't remember!
But the past glows with outspoken ember!
Saying don't you ever!
Forget about the past and keep your vocals tender so you can show your splendor!
And grow and enter!
The game and make some dough so you can enroll some mentors
And never ever be a fold but center!
Let go; get better! I better show I'm regular!
Not jump out totally or I'd know I'd be
At least happier then when I'm working 24/7 not knowing sleep.
Corona times? Best you don't compete!

I'm in a... strange way.
The world seems the same, the end of days always coming so don't waste.
The time you have. Get out and party hard! Go on a safari march!
Me? I can hardly part with summer.
Season ends and it's a bummer, but I'll get into this shit and never quit and give y'all thunder,
So forget about all that! Move on and don't go back!
This fall finna be hard but March will come with dawns a cracking!
Never lacking rhymes I'm packing time for action!
I'm never slacking on my grind till I grow rashes!
Lubed up and fast, y'all down in the molasses!
Get revitalized! Get some coconut calabashes!

What passes as rap these days is embarrassing,
But we're managing, real raw talent amassing in masses in,
These streets, so we can topple all the mannequins,
You don't need a pose, you need prose, you need pad and pen.
And something to say, a story, something to play to,
To relate to, some kind of wisdom that has people saved!
The world is dark and depraved, hardly a better place,
Than in the harder days! We're growing alarmingly frail so hey
Don't stray. This pandemic finna blow away.

Become a piece of history the future wizardry won't even know huh?
Run run run away rona. I'm hopeful. Might be over as fast as... whenever I finally grow up.

Inktober #0.5 - Mic Check Too (0:46)


Inktober #0.5 - Mic Check Too

Mic, check, one two one two...
What did you fools in the ICU, do to get where you've gotten, in the 212?
I ask the mic, check, one two one two...

If it don't then I check, one two one two...
Where did you fools in the ICU, disappear to? You know ICQ?
It came before Skype or Zoom. One and two won too.

Mic, check, me out in the mirror!
As I stand and deliver! All this grand like a wizard!
You can't stand me for shits, but maybe for shits and giggles?
Kind of random but wiggle room's never narrow it's bigger!

So I say mic, check, one two one two...
What do I check? Why and where and who? And why I'm hairy dude?
Cause I got Viking genes! I'll fight you teens if you
Come at me like just a light machine

I can topple. Well alright, mic check set,
Get ready to rock y'all.

Inktober #0 - Mic Check (2:15)


Inktober #0 - Mic Check

Mic check, mic check. One two. Testing testing.
I haven't taken the time to warm up though, so don't expect things.
Wish I'd been resting but there's no arresting development.
So I've been stressing stressing, but here's a step one session.

I'm not in form either, you might say I'm a trainwreck.
But I don't ride trains these days, I'm staying safe yes.
Maybe not staying sane yet though, time's all haze and woe.
Working at a distance, sometimes my brain just close.

I am no lazy Joe, don't cope with adjacent folks.
I'm always chasing flow, always on the go never slow!
Wake up too early, mind hazy, keep stirring can't stay a sleep.
Think I need meditation ASAP.

C-vitamin and Zinc's my medication lately.
Quercetin at day's end, and Quercetin when it first begins.
Liposomal bottles in my pantry when panting's achy to aid me.
Wait that might just be my rapping lately, I'm not used.

To it. Do it. Get out and lose a bit.
Of fat. Screw it. I've not been human since.
The last music stopped bouncing off my earlobes.
It's been a bleak year this year but hey I'm here yo.

About my form, I got diet suggestions etched in.
Tried to halt up ingestion, but that's just F-ing
Not fun so next one up; improve digestion.
Lotus flowers might have powers, I'll be testing.

I still feel blessed in the bigger whole cause I'm still at home,
Still holed up with decent folk, not in a vinyard though,
But here in Bro, doing what I've gotta do to get through,
Still got my day job where I do like A-Bot and make loot.

I'm currently not a beut. I keep on doing loops.
Try exercising but get so tired I gotta shoot.
For something else than the stars. Hell's not too far.
Bionic alias got me potentially entering Mars.

My bars. Are in my face again. Not like I'm chasing them.
They just keep turning up in front of me, it makes no sense.
I can't escape them. I try to prison break but pens,
Fall into my hands, then I get pads, then I play again.

Hey my friend. Mic check. Thank ??? it's over.
Just thirty one more to go this whole fall/Inktober.
Any of y'all want to pick up the challenge and go?
Prove you're more of an artist than the average bloke?

Tomorrow. Is the day when it rolls. Then all of October.
Welcome to a hopefully sobering and well-shouldered show!
I'm not really hyped, but near the mic and I'm balancing
Life. Needs to be challenging. So... let's go.

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