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Inktober #10 - Try Harder

Live hard, play hard, die hard, try harder.
Want to live so long that I won't die a martyr.
Spit flames when I fly, I'm a firestarter.
No parachute though, I'm raining down on you folks!

I'm all I ever wanted to be, here to confuse y'all!
Hit up all the halls and emcee, down in the tube where people
All are offing all of their free, heading to their cubicles!
You can't fool me you should know, I'm a really do it alllll!!!

Live hard, play hard, die hard, try harder.
If you don't go you'll never get no farther!
Spit facts when I rap, I can pack up a charter.
Take you some other place, I'm a save that for some other days!

This one'll be short, but I'm happy I rapped!
The one I wrote before this was a heck of a crap, shoot!
I'm heading to my bicarbonate bath, and it's late.
So I'll record this right now then after that I'll let it play

In my headphones while the house, is all silent like a grave...

I thought I was finished but I guess I was not!
I'm going all out here, to the top of the top!
Always doubt about whether I'll have something to jot!
But today's just been a busy day, so it's not a lot.

I'll try harder.

Inktober #9 - Recording

Ah! It's Cyberdevil! It's Cyberdevil! It's Cyberdevil! It's Cyberdevil! It's Cyberdevil! It's Cyberdevil! It's Cyberdevil! It's Cyberdevil!

There's a storm coming. Reform something. Busting in my head like the door's stuck in.
Eating everyday like a sore glutton. Can't get enough of anything I need more stuffing.
I've gone gluten-free before so no more mutton. I know that's got just about nothing
To do with gluten, but I don't eat meat either see and wait now who let you in?
Into my mind I'm not done brooding, something's brewing, I've been stagnant but I'm moving,
Not to YouTube not off NG not from Bro just in my room when I'm... recording!

When I'm recording! When I'm recording! When I'm recording! When I'm recording! It's going according to plan! Cause I recorded a jam! The Cyberdevil is back! I like to rebel and rap! So come on here take my hand! And let us go to the land! Of all that's clever and whack! I mean the world is like that! When I'm recording!

I'm king... when I'm recording.

Inktober #8 - Fat Flow Elections

AKA Cash Flow Elections? Fat Joe Resurrection? Cashflow Objection? Nah, maybe for some other verses...

I got mad flow wanna go like Fat Joe!
The Don, The Cap, the one in ALL CAPS MODE!
Ready for battle. Tattered souls scatter.
I've been so fragile but I'm getting batter.

Bludgeoned with compliments: Thanks!
Just want to say we gotta start a war against the banks!
But they've got the guns and the tanks and the funds.
While we're out back in our slums.

Not even packing a hatchet or skunk.
Worms World Party man that was the one!
Wish all wars were that much fun,
Not to mention with honor! Stand on the battlefield when the bombs fall!

No bunker waiting when the nuke does drop!
And you drop too when the shoes go pop!
When the water rises we share the land.
Who lasts last though? That's my jam.

Stand together, and fall as man!
Don't hide in your hole, or haul as man!
Politicians these days are all ass, man!
Brains for shit and a tall ass tan!

On our last stand we all must ban.
Stupid leaders. Though smart enough to cheat us,
No heart enough to lead us, to play their part and feed us!
We just! Believe stuff!

Quit hiding!
I heard there was something on about
Trump and/or Biden. Whatever you're doin'
Hope you're decidin'.


The fate of humankind rests upon us.
No lie. No exaggeration. It's gone up.
The Doomsday Clock's not on minutes it's seconds,
It may all stand and fall with the next election.

We only have one world, so if we wreck one.
It's Game Over, not just another lesson.
Let us take the necessary steps,
To make of the world the best we can.

Less we regret.
Whatever's next.
Go tackle. RIP MAC
MVP Fat Joe!


Don't know why I'm bringing their names into this but...

Facts tho.

Inktober #7 - The Shitverse

I'm... staying up late.
Gotta stick to my grind like duct tape.
Gotta take my time yet up takes.
I could cut down pace but that...

Wouldn't be much fun now would it?
Bad ass rap is the rap I'm good at
And it wouldn't really be bad ass if it wasn't at least a
Little bit fast now would it?

Fast... could do that for tenacity.
Could do that to up lung capacity.
But I like to eat and liken treats
With hash and weed like I was a drugged out Manderby!

So I don't want to stop with this shit!
Eat and shit a Popsicle bitch!
See no need to drop off this niche!
The streets and me we hop on toilets!

Every day! Give the plants their ransom!
Get practical and pull your pants down!
Hands on! Let out logs like daaamn son
You must have been clogged like Canton!

Get on the canteen and go!
And teens eat like anteaters whole!
Clear your system and cleanse your soul!
On this topic nowhere to gooo.


But I'm still staying up late...
But I'm not constipated I run great!
I'm oiled up good like a Humvee!
And I do my does smooth in one take!

Think I found the best way to up rates!
Uh-mazed, so easy, with such haste!
How didn't I think of this it's the easiest bit
Ever when you rap about SHIT.

Inktober #6 - Listerine

Sitting in my celler, feeling all my self doubt
Still not making money though, maybe I should sell out?
Bound for new grounds sometimes more hellbound
Help now, can't be myself when I yell out

I'm gone every summer but that
No longer gives me time to write and rap
Love good nature, I'm good nature natured but I just
Want to headbang when I get back!

It's sad... lately vacations.
Are spent contemplating on aging.
Parents are older, peers ain't closer,
Life's right here yet I fear disposal.

All the time that I could make the most of
I spend taking care of myself,
And everyone else I care and hold close.
Dreams of mine... where did you go...

Life ain't fair, yeah I should know.
But I'm still here in the clear and I'm sold.
Not as a slave, just on addiction,
All of my media, aimless subscription...

Or maybe I should say distraction!
Don't fear grind but I do fear action!
Don't fear meetings but true interactions,
Got my heart beating through the maximum!

Where am I going... see something glistening... it's only...


I've been living up on nightmare street!
Don't fear sounds but I do fear beats!
Don't stare now when I've two left feet!
Can't stare down when I do compete!

Sight slightly gone all of you I see!
Just a haze, how did you find me?
Didn't take care of myself as a teen.
Didn't care, say what else could it mean?

This life... just keep on keep on.
Cliffs all over. How can you leap wrong.
Take the edge, and tame the edge.
Keep running on it, brainless legs.

When the jump comes, jump a jump!
Adrenaline pumped up! Heart go bump!
Rock and roll, so hard so punk,
You can't be sharp though if you roll blunt.

Never did drugs, never did smoke,
Never did shrooms, never did coke,
Never plan to but the usual folks,
Look so relaxed! How do you cope?

All the shortcuts I keep skipping,
Missing out on? Should I risk a vice on?
Just something minor, like wine and diners?
Chill Out TM. Try the finer things but...

Why be slaves when you can dine as kings, what? Where am I... going... what's that sparkle I see...


I'm all lost in the icy world!
I see world till my eyes are frozen!
I can't keep all the icing open!
Eyeing ISIS over the widest ocean!

So much violence, but far away...
The world we live in is hard today.
When the furthest conflicts are on a screen.
Right in your room, no room between.

Get bigger screens so we can see the horror!
Big and lean machines: heaps tomorrow!
Need a lease at least, elites don't borrow!
They lend out cash. And send out bats.

Corona roaming up and down the Burroughs!
Open wide now and have a swallow!
Or sit inside now and wallow wallow!
Walla Walla? All for the dollar.

But I don't want to wear a collar.
But I don't want to be dishonest.
I want to work, I don't want no problems,
Just a power that I can harness.

Of my own and don't call me Jadis...
Want to say when I'm made I made it,
Without stepping on a single soul,
Rockafellas. Spin the globe.


Started personal, got political.
Life sucks sometimes want to get rid of all.
But I don't want to be pitiful, I want to live and one day say
I-I did it all!

Don't want to leave with a bitter gall taste in my mouth.
I want to feel what the race is about.
I want to wheel through the crazy and doubt,
To the ray in the cloud, with a ray gun of clout spitting flames from my mouth!

Someday let it play till it counts.
Someday get an alien out of a pickle,
And maybe he can save us clowns.
Blowing up our greatest towns.

If I'm making a change with sound.
Maybe let this play a round.
Thanks Adrian for the way this went,
Though maybe that's not the way you pronounce?

Where am I going... see something glistening... in the distance like a vision it sings and brings me in like a... wait it's only...


Inktober #5 - Angst

I'm so introspective... soul's got a message...
I'll be on my deathbed... soldered up and not ready for the next age
All of y'all keep talking 'bout Brexit, Black Lives Matter, I'll worry 'bout the next thing like...
What I'll have for breakfast. Fuck the world I don't even want to step in!

Don't want to be reckless but my idols somehow all turned out suicidal,
Sometimes I worry that I can come to, that same conclusion that you're not gunproof,
And life ain't fun, nowhere to run to, no need to fight when you could just end it.
Everyone can't comprehend this, right now I'm one, I don't want to end stiff.

Lately I don't trust my next kin, but it's not about deception,
More like they don't understand me, they mame my turmoil and then uphand me,
What I deem important's not important, just an odd thought that I'm caught in,
But you can't treat people like their trouble's worth less some of us just don't let our troubles surface.

You don't see what I'm facing inside. Less I let it out in my rhyme.
I don't want to make a nuisance or mess up the mood when I do vent - take it outside.
All the tension bakes up inside, I'll explode and I'll take y'all with mine.
Grenade. I played. This life. Like war. I don't know. If I. Copy. Ten four.

Yet I do say this with a smile! Life's fucked up, can't fake a denial.
I do try to reshape and get by, get out, take a walk, get aid in my stride.
I don't know if you have it worse. Maybe you'd want to be me, maybe you'd feel free.
Maybe your own trouble's a trouble I don't really deem deep... but you do.

We're different, me and you. See the world in a different hue.
I see it yellow, you see it blue. I see it mellow, you see it cool.
I go to hell, you move to the pool. I doubt myself, you don't use an excuse.
You're everyone else. Too good to be true. Too happy with life. How do you get through.

Maaan it irks me irks me. Hurts me, but nurtures me with new lines.
New ammunition, man am I primed!
Lost my good years not a man in my prime but I'm realizing more and more you are what you eat.
And all these dark thoughts are making me weak!

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