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Inktober #28.5 - Svensk Rap

ADR3-N frågade om jag kunde rappa på Svenska? Va? Klart jag inte backar för vänskap!
Kanske förvanskar detta totalt, det är klart, jag är ju bättre på Svenska på prat,
Men nu kör vi, nu provar vi! Provar nått litet. Det är inte givet, har ej tid för tidsfördriven!
Men det hela med Inktober är ju utmaningsbiten så det är väl på tiden att jag blir lite inbiten?

På mitt modersmål! Men jag föddes faktiskt med Engelska. Var aldrig en riktigt Svensson som talade Svengelska,
Har aldrig riktigt känt mig hemma här i denna sfär, folk kollar på serier, vad är det med denna värld? Men...
Det är ju så klart ett globalt fenomen. Bara jag som hellre skapar och pratar med ett gem (Word).
och sitter inne och spelar in istället för på scenen, alla ser på Idol men jag är ju inte med där...

Vad är det för roligt med det? Vill inte bara vara publik. Jag vill vara mig själv. Jag vill vara unik.
Vill spendera min tid på tidsfördriv som ingen annan gör, inte glo på televisionen som våra mammor gör.
Kanske dör innan jag har kommit någon vart med detta... men då har jag åtminstone gjort nått som kan berätta.
Vem jag var, hur jag levde, hur skevt jag såg på världen. Äter med den här skeden. Är inte helt lärd än.

Varje dag är det något nytt att konsumera. Men tiden är ej oändlig, vill veta mera än jag kan.
Vuxenlivet är verkligen en balanseringsakt, men jag ser det knappt, tiden går så snabbt jag bara ser en katt
YouTube. Eller en säl, eller en goja. Ett får som hoppar trampolin, dom kan då stoja.
Tänk om man hade det så enkelt, bara gick ut och levde på naturen till sitt slut. Istället har man noja...

Så mycket man vill göra! Så mycket man vill hinna med. Man blir bitter med när man inte sitter med.
Hela världen är på sned men det är bara att åka kana... ha så kul, och det här?
Det blev ju inte helt och hållet... pannkaka.
Svensk rap. Cyberdevil's at it. That's it.

(good sounding improv literally - as in direct translation)

Inktober #28.5 - Svensk Rap (2:50)


Inktober #28 - New Found Groove

James Heart! Haven't heard from you in a bit now! What's up? How's life? Still making music huh, still with optimistic beats sometimes that I could lose it to, take a grove and do, something Truman-school with, assumin' you are cool with such coupes of music... alright!

Let's do this.

What new beats are grooving! Streets are moving!
Leap if you feel you're human!
Take a cruise on the sea and cool it! Feel the buoyance!
Or stay here and breath petunias!

Last year was a New Found World!
Already found it but the view's absurd!
So this year maybe we can do new views?
To new tunes? Feel new grooves? Heeey!

I got a smile on my face again!
James Heart setting up the pace again!
Inking up the page with eraser/pen!
Slash between them! That makes no sense (except if you read the lyrics)!

I write all and don't want days to end!
Or estrange my friends! Collab collab!
Inactive for a year then I make amends!
Put up stakes again! Go mad gonad!!!

Go Mad Max with the raps I rap!
Scenes of dystopia playing over phat beats!
Weave through these open scenes like an athelete!
Lack feats it's solo cause YOLO and then it's over!

Go all month cause I need the closure!
Go and run cause I need the posture!
Going once, going twice like auctions!
But never bid cause I don't ever ever want to stop this!

Could be going cause I need exposure!
Or need the money? Do I need mimosas?
Nah I'm going cause my magnum opus!
Is not just ONE it's to make the most of!

The time I have! Gotta grab it by the collar!
Grind on with a job like y'all to get dollars!
But really it's about so much bigger a deed!
I want to free my people! Hey peeps we're equal! Yeah!

Seems like inner peace I should be getting!
Every year do this and change the setting!
Beat plays and I stray like a nomad (in mind)!
Far from my homeland my whole head rolling!

Working hard but embracing dreams!
Chasing demons, imagination screams!
Reach within and clean off leaking grease!
See that inner picture again it puts me at ease!

Yes please want to go want to feel the beat!
It's where I feel at home, how far have I been gone?
Could go on for so long but I think I'm prone to going
Monotone. Yeah. Switch. Up!

Seek the picture that is playing in my head, face the dead,
See the ghosts of a past that I can't forget, least not yet,
Teeny steps till I move past all regret, eminent,
That I'm going to go places if I take a step!!!

Working hard workin' hard every day yeah!
Sometimes want to drift away!
Want to play videogames a while!
Use denial! Choose the blue vial!

Red pills they carry a bitter taste.
But sadly can't replace 'em. You can't erase sense.
If you want to grow wise have your days spent.
Doing good deeds. Manifestation!

Don't luck out yet! Dehabilitation!
Is in your mind, just let it all awaken!
You may feel old but you got a soul like a Glaceon!
Icy and cold, but no woe just revelations!

There's a clarity in all that ice!
Like the parity in our sky highs!
And I've got a mind that you can't contain,
Let those cloudscapes catch that rain.

Working hard working hard every day yeah!
Sometimes just want to drift away!
Noting that you're aging, don't get no vacation,
From the routine contemplation rations,

Life's problem-solving, but everything's amazing,
Can't escape Death so you better just embrace him,
I keep going in circles, it's a tale I'm chasing but
When I get it right I'll write it out alright? Ah!

And I'll tell it! This could go on forever but...
I cannot sever this rut... I need to step off my course...
So I'll cut and cut it short and... maybe tomorrow...
You can all drop your jaws...

Or maybe you did with this one already? One take. No pause.
Ey! Cyberdevil. James Heart. Hold the applause.
Still got three days till this all is over but...
I'm not sure I can show it up. May not be going nuts anymore...

This just might be the opus one.
Not the coldest one, that was Cold Day In Hell!
Not the most introspective, that was definitely Listerine!
Not the one with the best beat, that was THE BEAST in a shell!

And not the best battle rap that was on baddest beats Battle Me.
And not the one with the weirdest beat either, F-O-D snagging feats!
And S3C where you at?! This a tragedy! You're missing out on
That side-bar credit on random masterpiece(s).

And that recent tour with killreal in Egypt!
And ninjamuffin99 man his production's beyond reason!
Been with Oh-Sama chasing demons, and ParagonX9 between things.
What a roll it's been and will be still cause I ain't leaving!

That will be all. I'm just grooving hope we're all just
Having a ball! TY for this one James. And I still finna show ya.
The real. Supernova.


Thought I was done but what the hell,
I might just do another few lines for show and tell,
Play the reels, man it's been real,
Heartfelt like I'm stuck inside a cell uh.

Sharpening my hopes and dreams and all things between!
Sharon's no joke to Ozzy nor is prose to me!
I use that word too often I need a new thesaurus!
But I'l go off like a Rex Tyrannosaurus?

How rad, would that be!
There's a scene if you can catch me...
They got so tiny hands too. Mad feats! Managing with those...
Though their jaws must've been verbose, yo!

It's a cold day in life but I'm getting over the lows!
I've been holed up from advice but the words are on a roll!
I've been tolled out on the roads driving on my way to work,
But life's an open world you can't stop me with no hurt!!!

Like Truman. That's school one. Keep going. Keep moving.

You're only human but... you're a good one.

We had a good run. Have a good one.


Inktober #28 - New Found Groove (5:36)


Inktober #27.5 - For The Patients

Fuck no! Gotta get gung-ho, offroad.
Awesome? Life's so colossal. Problems.
Amount every day but keep walking!
Every way you go: problems problems.

Everywhere. So have no care.
Have no fear. Don't be so wary.
Scare demons right out of your lair
With your visions, shining bright like a fairy.

I'm tall but so very very very
Small in the overall picture of all!
But I get up every day and I brawl,
Through my challenges. No withdrawals!

Fuck no! Gotta get gung-ho, offroad.
Awesome? Life's so colossal. Problems!
Get thrown to me but I toss 'em away.
I'm no flower but I'll blossom today.

Everywhere. To every wherehouse you go,
You're told to do things you're told to do!
Who knows what you really want but you though,
At least not now. Maybe the older you.

But I choose flow. That's the low-key me now.
Street hound, no way, I'm more like Wegra.
But you can't keep away from these people.
We are awesome all of us and in law we trust...?

With moderation! This one for the patients/patience.

Inktober #27.5 - For The Patients (0:55)


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