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Inktober #27 - For The Ancients

AKA Sounds Like Music From Space, Sounds Like Music Of The Ancients, Sounds Like The Sands Of Time, Sounds Like The Sea

Uh. Killreal. Cyberdevil. Get real! Yeah...

I've been stepping over ancient Egypt.
In my dreams see the pyramids of Giza.
Rising up like dunes like leaders.
Could they be mine, ones to believe in?

Life's a puzzle but I don't have the pieces.
Carry one on my sleeve and can't leave it,
Walk around for a place that I see fit
For it to find peace. No regrets.

It's strange though, so outlandish!
Did an alien race leave us stranded?
Far from peers we've raised on this planet
A new home on the tomb of a past Eve

Who are we, why are we, where are we...
I don't have any time here to party...
Life's adventure, a safari,
But I seek stars not a soiree


If you don't know where you're going who are you to tell,
Who are you? Who are you from your human self?
Am I just an alien, in a human shell
Who are you? Who are you from your human...


Oceans! Vast packed with emotions.
Ambiance it opens gates.
New pathways. Feels like homeland.
Think like a baby, feel like a grown man.

Swim like a dove and
Go like a nomad from one place to
Find my clones and maybe
We can head back home and find our holy grail.

The hopeless place.
Hope lies. Space!
Hope lies in space.


If you don't know where you're going who are you to tell,
Who are you? Who are you from your human self?
Am I just an alien, in a human shell
Who are you? Who are you from your human...

Inktober #27 - For The Ancients (1:41)


Inktober #26.5 - This One For The Groans (1:25)


Inktober #26.5 - This One For The Groans

ninjamuffin99 man! Such a legend already, the way he climbed damn!
Gotta admit I'm a bit jelous of the fan amount count, but we do both share a love for the Grounds
So profound! So best keep it tight and swag-filled
Collab a little, maybe dabble down the drag hill
The track turned out a bit thin at the beginning but no anvil!
Falling on his neck I've mad respect for all the rest
There's so much detail in that mix god damn man!!!
How do you manage? How do you have time? Wondering if you'll hear this down the line
If you maybe check my site... do wish you all the best then and good night!
And if you don't? Well what the hell man!!! *groans*


Hah. Gotta keep it classy!
There's no way that ninjamuffin will surpass me!
Mot in rhymes. I do so much of these you just can't match my track streak!
And I'll never break down it's not like I'm an athlete!

I won't pull a vocal chord they will only grow stronger,
The more I use them the longer I'll keep goin'!
And your production feats will get ditto, so we'll grow,
Down the road let's see who's grown longer!

I don't know why I started on this topic. Can't stop it!
Hope you don't come out the shadows with a dropkick.
It's really not a dis track this, more so banter and hiphopping,
Speak my word and play the rhyme. The only option!

Legends don't get together often!
But we did it tonight! With at least a little delight!
And I think you're awesome! Just my thin voice in the beginning is a problem,
But the more I listen to it, the more I've got a strong grin...


ninjamuffin99 man! Such a legend. And here's another! Just a second.
I'm bout to post a boast. Quick recording for the day aaaand close.

Inktober #26 - This One For The Grounds (Original Acapella Version) (1:08)


Inktober #26 - This One For The Grounds (Original Acapella Version)

I want to say thanks to everyone who rocks on, with me through this lockdown!
Know there's no stopping, Tha Dogg Pound!
OR the Cyberdevil! No correlation.
But as us all are facing these strange new days I thought I'd find some com ground!

Com for common and for communication.
Creative Commons I'm using on the daily.
Same with email and ICQ, no heck wait,
All chat went to the grave back with Netscape!

But Newgrounds ain't failed us! Not yet anyway!
Even with Flash killing itself like radio waves!
We've got the NG Player, and something better...
What is up?! Ruffle will rustle feathers!

We never rust no, no matter the weather!
Ironic programming language choice, but joys, are in choice.
So boys, all rejoice! Say with your voice "How nice!" Make some noise!
Surprise! You're all employed!

We growing so big we bursting out of our void!
There's no hurting this merchant, who can avoid us?
No downside, unlike estrogen with soy stuff.
Phytoestrogen. I know, I guess... I'll try again.

All I know is sense and tradition.
No changin' my old ways, but better listen:
Go make the Grounds your discipline or religion,
Just make some stuff and say some stuff.

Ninjamuffin99's here too and shiiiiiit
we great as FUCK.

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