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Inktober #4 - Housekeeping

I cleaned the house today, it went alright I'd say.
Parents are back home to roll the night away.
To drastically change up my time of day.
Lights out at midnight, when I'd like to play.

So these rhymes might get shorter, but it's no hell thief.
Staying up late always it gets unhealthy.
Wake past morning light, miss that D-vitamin!
Lose the energy to stay efficient and fighting things!

Like demons. Always kicking and screaming.
Sleep good and suddenly they sound demeaning.
Not as convincing, more like they're wincing,
Whining and trying to pin things on you that are not true.

It's getting hot dude.
Vacuum on so long I need a lot juice.
Thought I'd go slim but I melt and get obtuse.
Hop to whatever is next in my jot dues...

And I will win this thing! I will not lose!
You can slow me down but I will not move backward!
No rapper you tackle will ever budge an inch!
We've got too heavy a burden we need to rinse!

Today's an acapella, but I see my friends!
Are sending me beats so I may try them!
It takes a little more time with music than short rhyme!
But it gets so much greater I'd better show that... I appreciate y'all!

Rhymes getting kinda cheesy lately, huh?
Don't fret. Whatever's next it won't get.

Inktober #3 - Lil Softie

Uh, yeah, what...

This is crazy. If I can rap over this I may amaze me.
I wasn't planning to go mainstream but...
To be blunt I had my face lit up
When Father-of-Death faced me.

And said that he appreciates me!
And my raps aren't super-cheesy? Moderately?
A fairly normal layer of cheese, hey won't you eat?
This mozzarella's pretty tasty.

Rich pastries. Chocolate fondue and whipped cream.
I'm on another sick streak, almost up at sixty!
Without the zero. Go meet me halfways.
You'll be my hero.

Cruising around in my SAAB 9-5 Aero!
Sliding around on my seat wearing out the apparal.
The upholstery sticks to me nosily,
Cause I'm glued to my seat and my sombrero.

Gotta be cool, never do want to be a tool,
I've been doing rebellious acts since 2002
Climbed right into this hotel room through the window
They shouldn't leave those open if they're not indoors!

Ain't that fact? And this is why I'll never make the mainstream rap.

Oh wait take that back!

Uh, yeah, what...


If you ever need to rekindle that long lost hope in humanity!

Inktober #2 - The Second

I bang my chest.

Cause I know that I have left: thirty long days!
If I don't make it save a long face.
You know I'll dabble with this scrabble till I've gone gray
But honestly I'm starting to feel strongly 'bout my long age.

All time that's passed me.
River time creeps around this town, sweeping us all in it's thick molasses-like
Stream that never seizes to amaze or to amass me.
All these pathways we move past and we can't flee!

Can't even take a side-route in!
This life is really all a line of: drown or swim!
It might start slow but push comes to shove and we depart and
There's not a chance you'll leave a stamp with only art!

You know life is hard!
Ain't no cruising down a boulevard and living dreams!
Nothing's as it seems and it's killing me! All our ideals and this sickening greed!
Why not be happy if we eat a bit and sleep and get a family?

Get stuck in superficialness.
Keep chasing the green with a viciousness that hurts and rifts the rest. At risk of wrecks.
I know you understand me but can you caper? Little player can you be a game changer?
Can you sever the path of our new creators?

Man we're playing Gods! We got universes lined up to become our jobs!
Line them up to colonize them like we forgot!
How it went with all the natives last time we contemplated,
Heading out to gather ground for glory, nothing's sacred...

But... you can't escape this stream of time so?
You feeble-minded folks that feed on old jokes and ideals, hanging on to nothing like old ghosts,
Time's not given to us to gather stars! It'll just impart new woes on us.
New generations of lonely and lost glory-boring clones of us.

With a past raised on the corpses of old foes! But who are we to choose what folks we hold close?
The only way to build an empire is on hope, on love and sharing! All our ups lie therein!
Don't waste your time clinging on to the white herring when it's so apparent, that you just want to eat it.
Bliss is found in yourself, you can't feed it with a hunting trophy.

You see this is why I write my prose. Suppose it relieves me.
Of the demons that surround me and greet me yet just want to cut my throat soon as I sleep in.
They don't steep us in the same steep heat pen, but my ink won't freeze, I've got no phantoms left.
Give me a second.

I bang my chest.

I'm Back


Reviews to come. Summer views to come. Inktober too. What I do get done. Who walks through this life after all? When you... can run.

Hope y'all had a good sunshine season.

Inktober #1 - Stranger Times

AKA Run Run Run Away Rona

I'm in a... strange place.
Though I'd keep going way past the last race but I didn't but that's okay!
Cause I'm... still here.
And I thought I'd do the same thing as last year - just sing and rap yeah.
Everyday just have faith
That I don't catch the rona! Gotta sit in like my phone now hold the line and get a tone up!
It's been a... strange age.
Get déjà vu... of the Spanish flu... wait that was before my parents had boned
And I didn't have a name. Wasn't known; had no know-how

No I don't remember!
But the past glows with outspoken ember!
Saying don't you ever!
Forget about the past and keep your vocals tender so you can show your splendor!
And grow and enter!
The game and make some dough so you can enroll some mentors
And never ever be a fold but center!
Let go; get better! I better show I'm regular!
Not jump out totally or I'd know I'd be
At least happier then when I'm working 24/7 not knowing sleep.
Corona times? Best you don't compete!

I'm in a... strange way.
The world seems the same, the end of days always coming so don't waste.
The time you have. Get out and party hard! Go on a safari march!
Me? I can hardly part with summer.
Season ends and it's a bummer, but I'll get into this shit and never quit and give y'all thunder,
So forget about all that! Move on and don't go back!
This fall finna be hard but March will come with dawns a cracking!
Never lacking rhymes I'm packing time for action!
I'm never slacking on my grind till I grow rashes!
Lubed up and fast, y'all down in the molasses!
Get revitalized! Get some coconut calabashes!

What passes as rap these days is embarrassing,
But we're managing, real raw talent amassing in masses in,
These streets, so we can topple all the mannequins,
You don't need a pose, you need prose, you need pad and pen.
And something to say, a story, something to play to,
To relate to, some kind of wisdom that has people saved!
The world is dark and depraved, hardly a better place,
Than in the harder days! We're growing alarmingly frail so hey
Don't stray. This pandemic finna blow away.

Become a piece of history the future wizardry won't even know huh?
Run run run away rona. I'm hopeful. Might be over as fast as... whenever I finally grow up.

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