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Inktober #26 - This One For The Grounds (1:16)


Inktober #26 - This One For The Grounds

I want to say thanks to everyone who rocks on,
With me through this lockdown!
Know there's no stopping,
Tha Dogg Pound!!!

OR the Cyberdevil! No correlation.
I'm on a new path, moving through new vibrations,
We're all facing strange days now ain't we,
Crazy age hey but I thought I'd find some com ground!

Com for common and for communication.
Creative Commons I'm using on the daily.
Same with email and ICQ, no heck wait,
All that went to the grave back with Netscape!

But Newgrounds ain't failed us! Not yet anyway!
Even with Flash killing itself like radiowaves!
We've got the NG Player, and something better...
What is up?! Ruffle WILL rustle feathers!

We never rust no, no matter the weather!
Ironic programming language choice, but joys are in choice.
So ladies and boys rejoice! Say with your voice "How nice!" Make some noise!
*Surprise!* You're all employed!

We growing so big we bursting out of our void!
There's no hurting this merchant, who can avoid us?
No downside, unlike estrogen with soy stuff.
Phytoestrogen. I know, I guess I'll try again.

All I know is sense and tradition.
No changin' my old ways, but better listen:
Go make the Grounds your discipline or religion,
Just MAKE some stuff and SAY some stuff.

Ninjamuffin99's here too and shiiiiiit
we great as FUCK.

Society Has Become So Fake...

Society has become so fake, that the Truth actually bothers people.

Resonates with a lot of my Inktober verses lately.

I'm still going strong with those! Have a listen on NG. Haven't yet had time to post them here. Also currently play-testing a game, and hopefully handing in some lyrics/voicing for two individual things I stumbled into. If you wonder what's keeping me so busy lately that I haven't watched a single movie so far this month, and probably won't the rest of it either...

Good times though. Inktober's a good kind of challenge.

Will catch up with everything else November.

What Happens If You Copy An Audio File While You're Playing It?

Nothing? Can it affect quality of the copy? Can issues occur?

Does it depend on the player - if it caches the file while you're playing - and as such you actually don't copy the same file that's playing? Or is there a difference in audio files compared to other files, in that certain portions of the file can be copied at the same time as certain other portions are played, and so the transfer fetches the portions not currently in play until the transfer is complete, seemingly entirely unaffected by playback?

Is it a software or a hardware thing? Did copying audio files in use work with DOS. or even Windows XP?

And does it depend on the format? Can you copy some but not others? MP3 seems to work, haven't tried WAV, FLAC, APE, M4A....

Internet didn't have the answer for this, so I'm just leaving the open question here.

If you have the answer, do tell.

Inktober #25.5 - The Human Whim (1:19)


Inktober #25.5 - The Human Whim

Gotta write a little verse, wrote the big one but not done!
So pick up what I got, do some sit-up's then I run!
Got so into this routine that my fingers run on routine!
Talk to me while I write! The multitasking human!
You say that inspiration's difficult, don't know what you mean!
What kind of world have you seen? What kind of mind are you in?
If just you start you'll do things, get your mind to move in!
If you don't have a mind already then get a mind and move in!

I'm a losing human fool but I'm never losing my cool.
Got some juice instead of beer, I don't get loose with this brew.
My lips are tighter than glue, but I'm a fighter who knew,
For like a decade I've been fighting for the life of me to
Get out of my room, get out of my routine, get out of the strange holds I keep choosing!
To get in tune. And I write some letters too to people who seem like
They might be nice to talk to! The every day I wake to! Is never just another day,
In plain text always awkward in new ways.

But I'll brave that awkwardness now I say!
Step into a new world and do hurl brooding away!
For the final time, I have been trying to refine my mind,
Reformat my whole drive inside and feel alive and shine.
But it's not easy when the sun is gone and I ain't slim.
Metabolism slow and am I taking in D-vitamin?
The winter's coming soon I guess I'll have to try new things...
Get out and move on. To new dawns. The human whim.

Is strong. So choose to grin. All spontaneous-like.

Just do it.

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