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Friday The 13th O_O

Wonder if something finna happen today...

GOG Teleglitch Giveaway

...oh hey GOG's giving away Teleglitch for free! 48 hours now. Get it.

Musicalish #295

Got hope for music again! One old one here too, but have a listen to all! Lyricism, and vision, and wisdom to lift up your walls...


You Are Not Woke...

You are not woke, you are just sensitive and quick/easy to provoke.

The New Gmail Logo 2020

The New Gmail Logo 2020

Remember last time they changed this? The new one... it's going to take some getting used to.

Away Fear (2:54)


Away Fear

Cyyyberdevil! Jabun!

Gritty. Cyberdevil sitting by the lit screen.
Living free like a dream till I hit my
Limit. Mind like machine don't finish
Gotta eat my vitamins and my spinach.
Hit the gym at three when I fade.
Wade through a pit of dreams till my play.
Get up and live the day till it's over.
Sober. Sit and breaaaath in my...

Strangeness. Got a passion for that some-
times when I nap my mind rewinds back
To a place when I was cozy and small
And this life didn't coax me at all.
Wasn't my style wasn't my law!
Like Muay Thai it kicks in your jaw,
Shows you who's boss and all that you thought
Was real comes crumbling down on your lawn

So feel! What's tough as nails and what's real!
Reel in your self-constraint
Breath! A little air in your lung
Can clear you up some, realize you're not dumb,
Let it sink in a bit like an eye in your thumb.
Oh woes! Life's quite gross!
Life's quite cynical, mean and maniacal and
I don't want to die at all so I write prose!

Wasn't really planning on this darkness,
But make a dark beat and you can spark it.
When it wakes up and starts to spread you can hear the lights pop
In your apartment.
The wind howls outside, churning around.
Your home is silent, encurled in sound.
And when you sit there alone on your bed,
It zones up on you, the homing dread.

I don't know what I've left right now...
The threads of life have all crept up round...
Me and woven me in in my room,
I spin, I feel I begin to cocoon.
I'm swooning around in a dune of bristles,
Carving in a note that I'm hiding,
On floorboards engrave my initials,
Just in case I don't get out trying!

Then it all darkens down and I
Sleep for a bit, let it harkel out and I...
Spit the darkness and feel it fade.
Emerge in a bustling street in Marseilles,
With a whiff of the sea and a taste of baguette,
Feeling all is great even in the shade!
Can't hate yourself or the face you face,
Evasive traits are the greatest waste but! But I'm...

A brand new me, with a brand new sight!
On the grand line and I've got a brand new light!
Around me not just a brand new mic!
With a brand new bottle of branding and a brand new fiiight!

THAT I'VE LEEEFT!!! To climb...

But let's take that another time.
That cocoon's another rhyme.
Go cuckoo and go get out.
Be happy! That's the rap see.

Have no doubt.

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