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Nomind #22 - Crooked (1:22)


Nomind #21 - The Day Late Hexa (0:51)


Nomind #21 - The Day Late Hexa

The day late Hexa!
I should've posted it today,
But I didn't,
Now it's up for the next one!

But what did you expect huh?
I mean I work a full time job,
On part time,
And I'm not no Alexa!

May call be Cybernetic!
I say Bionic a lot
But I'm not in the trenches
Waiting for no bombs now to drop!

What I'm saying is I should mention
I've got Terminator attention!
But I don't live in a warzone!
And I don't wear suspension!

Only when I ride...
Come alive in the dead of night.
He he he he. Creep laugh.
Dead end flight.

If I used that as a pick up line
You'd think I was a little tiring,
Midget king. In a bad way.
Little tyrant.

I'm with my dawgs though.
We're humping fire hydrants.
Do what the fuck we want to.
To feel alive and vibrant.

Just know I've never done that.
Don't know what the fuck I'm saying,
Time is ticking away but I've got
Stuff to do before the day ends so

Later! I'm bout to post a list and you can
Make Earth Greater.

Talk Sense To A Fool...

Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.

Fortunately only sensible people around these parts.

If You Don't Read The Newspaper...

If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do, you're misinformed.

Though technically I'm quoting @S3C now...

Nomind #20 - Nightly Build 20 (0:46)


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