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First Fat Tuesday 2020

A Semla With Spoon

First and only! It's that day again. When we feast. Not with hot sauce but still like beasts. After long dawns in needs of sleep. Carry on yawns until we meet. Pillow biscuits and crispy sheets. And here's another angle in case you seek an alternative whirl view. Like twin mountains. An equal peek.

Didn't get to the cafe this year either, work day this year too, but fortunately we had some almond paste and a gluten-free bun in the freezer, and plenty of cream, so all is as good as all seems.

Happy Fat Tuesday y'all.

First 2020 Sundae

So the first month of 2020 is over, and then some, and so far I've been binge-watching old SNL sketches, BMX and skateboard videos (actually I guess that's more MTB?), and kept going with Joe Rogan podcasts and Pokemon like a maniac. I'm on Moon now. Not Black. Next gen. Not bad.

A few good things:

- I finally went through all these posts I haven't gone through since June last year.*

- I'm picking up some good routines.

- I've already taken a couple trips up North, rented a car for a weekend, experienced some real winter, have trips booked till June, had my nephew over for a full week, checked out the last Star Wars movie in both regular and VFR 3D and most recently Bad Boys 3 (For Life officially) with good buddy Andreas up North. That was awesome.

Going to a preview of The Gentlemen tomorrow too - two days before the premiere. That's going to be.

I'm also reading some good manga. Hope to get back to those reviews too.

On the down side I wrote this post a few Sundays ago now and am *still going through those posts, but figured I'd get something done and post something anyway. There's a queue of stuff not to just revise but put up now, and the longer I put it off the harder it is to put up with. Bad habits. Bad priorities. Bad mindset. Bad start to the great 2020!

I made a serious attempt today, a few pages, but we're also speaking with the municipality about a smart water meter they recently installed (we don't want the microwaves), I've been writing to support about a restaurant deal that didn't go down the way it was supposed to (not a single fish or vegetarian alternative on the main course menu - beware New Taste Solna), researching dates for a potential trip to Sala, taking frequent walks to combat a recent wave of gastritis after all too much unhealthy eating/stress, updating, backing up and not to forget: partaking in my most recent addiction: Hot Ones.

It's the show with the hottest questions, and even hotter wings.

Asking celebrities interesting questions over an ever-increasing array of hot-sauce drenched chicken wings (or vegan nuggets if they prefer that). What a great idea.

It might have inspired me to start getting into hot sauces again too, and that might've contributed to that aforementioned state of health I'm now taking frequent walks to combat. And probiotics. And bicarbonate. And mung beans.

And with regular work on week days for some reason time just isn't enough. I figure when I'm through with all ten seasons of the above maybe it'll come back though... maybe I'll get back on track yo... just need to keep spitting fasts and swallowing cash flow cause if you're rich you've got the cookie monster like. Mad dough.

Alright alright. Feels to good to write a while. I've got music videos and reviews for months now, just need to get started on sifting through the queue. Make it a habit. Other stuff just keeps rolling through.

Speak to you when I do.


Aaaaargh. This weekend maybe.


I'm ashamed I lost track of the comment count whenever I lost it, and these ceremonial comment numeral commemorating posts were lost to the times! They're back now though. They're here. Have no fear. We may be way past 2020 now (just like the numerals of this year), but post amounts won't die down, nor Congratulations be scarce. Go on show these all to your peers! Tell them to come over here! And celebrate with us and stuff, with a choire of coronary cheers!

Cause this is something. If there was a beat it'd be bumpin'.

Happy 999.


Seven ate nine? Up next...

It's tradition y'know! Just gotta post this.


Yupp yupp! We got it! Lucky never seven(s)! Way overdue.

Here's to the next 111...

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