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We're All Just Hibernating...

We're all just hibernating with the snipers waiting.

- Tech N9ne, though I'm paraphrasing.

Just A Regular Quarantine Morning

What a crazy start to the week...
Mom's got some kind of stomach bug,
She just skipped dinner and went to sleep,
After throwing up and stuff, feeling weak.
Hoping the rest of us don't catch such disease
And that she's OK tomorrow, like dad's sneeze,
He got a cold yesterday. Today? He's at his peak.
Work's stressing me lately but I got beats,
Just waiting on a verse now! As life turns round!
From better to worse now! The purge round!
The end of the line and times and... burn sounds!

What am I meaning to do? I got cleaning to do,
I got shopping to do, I'm the leanest of few,
Who live in this household where most folks are old,
So the folks stay indoors/Corona takes it's tolls
If you go out. And if you're in: social life.
Working from home though so we're all social right?
Just don't really have time to get all socialized,
And my buddy Bear's got the old Corona virus...

Really. It's the strangest it's ever been...
As we near week... whatever there is no quarantine (here)...
But they do ask us not to travel and be home if even a lil' sick
I've been ill my whole life!!! Can you feel this?

But I've got some forming. New tracks. Let lose. Rap.

Sitting in as it begins this...
Quarantine morning.

Just A Regular Quarantine Morning (1:07)


The Humble Covid Bundle

The Humble Covid Bundle

Hope you got this one. Was good. Posting a bit late (no I didn't). It's over.

Chutney Comic #2

Chutney Comic #2

Chutney Glaze ladies and gentlemen. Go check him out. Source here.

The Corona Cause

  • Did 5G cause the coronavirus? No.
  • Does 5G cause disease similar to the coronavirus? Yes.
  • Did COVID-19 originate in bats? No.
  • Is COVID-19 a recombinant RNA virus, created in a laboratory, intentionally or unintentionally, as part of a research program whose purpose was to protect the population? Did it escape accidentally from a virology laboratory in Wuhan, China? Probably.

According to Arthur Firstenberg, that is.

Compared to the controversial David Icke interview I'd say this seems a bit more easy to believe though, with well-researched opinions and pointers. Face masks are apparently useless too, ventilators can be directly life-threatening when used to treat patients with covid-19, and 5G is still a threat. Feel free to read the full thing here.

If the worldwide quarantine situation has anything to do with 5G though? Maybe a future send-out might provide some further discoveries.

That 5G Space Appeal newsletter. It's pretty interesting.

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