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Nomind #30 - Nomind (2:57)


First Advent Add Vent

The Star Now Shines...

Time to light stuff up and chase the graycloud way outta here...

Gotta plug some stuff before I forget. First off this guy is currently doing commissions for free over at NG, and they're really not bad! Leave a comment here if you want a doodle for free now (and who doesn't?).

I promised I'd plug Lost In Hell again, a pretty gnarly 2D horror game (also free) that I've posted about earlier. Go check it out! It's the perfect season - not to mention the perfect seasonal pandemic - for something like this...

Last but not least I recently beta-tested and contributed a few witty one-liners to this grand Hotline Miami/Pacman homage, courtesy of neon game developer extraordinaire MoeAnguish. Go support him too if you can.

Want to join the Flash revolution? Get this logo and add it to your work. And Ruffle for your site. The Internet Archive recently started using it for the Wayback Machine, which is pretty huge, and hopefully it'll be running on CDB soon. Maybe I can expand upon my now somewhat outdated personal Flash archives while I'm at it...

I'll add vent later. No time. Hope you had a good Advent. Go shine.

Nomind #29 - Type Writer Twentynine (0:59)


Nomind #29 - Type Writer Twentynine

Twenty nine and I guess it's time!
To write a rhyme can't misstep this time.
I'm counting down, not many left now I'm,
On the final step now, I've gotta set my mind!

Should I keep going with embers even in December?
The coal still smoldering. Boulder still a rolling.
I feel pretty controlled and grim. But kinda shouldering.
A bit too many tasks so might be wise with a colder stove-ening.

Yeah... when this is done I'm in the clear.
I do deserve a rest. Out line the rest of the year.
No time to catch a breath though, I'll catch up with what is next yo,
Gotta still control my steps @Fro, don't rush but take it dead cold.

Smoldering notepad could use a bit of pre-cooling.
Unhealthy in here till year ends with this fuming.
And at risk of burning lyrics if I keep up and don't chill it.
I got the gift of game but a shame to just kill it. Gotta give some LIFE!

What up now nature? Just one final day and I will see you later; savor later.

Life's... alright.

Nomind #28 - That Way

Ain't life great! Man I'm on twenty eight.
Feel like I went in late but I've not spent my pace.
I get better and better the more the time draws close!
The final dose! When I will be like: I done played
With this prose when I could be all serious!
Like everything in life, straight up nefarious,
Shed all my fears and just, walk up the stairs and cuss,
Like I don't give a fuck, someday I'll live it up.

Live like I'm a true blood monarch.
I do what I promise but I promise too many dues!
When you choose tanuki to ride on instead of horse
Of course the course will be course should've been Yuki!
Do you seek? What I'm saying? I speak true freak?
Sometimes my tongue slips - sloop - it's too juicy.
If I was famous you could juke a few juicy scoops
Into this milkshake - the booze is loose.

But then I: Put the lid on again before it's open.
Fully open. Pandora's Box for real ain't joking!
If I let loose for real you won't ever choose to be here,
As true as my shoes are apparel.
You'd be like: Who is that freak of nature?
Well It's Cyberdevil y'all, sizzling in Jamaica!
Just had to escape into the forests where it is safe, uh,
Really shouldn't joke, yeah I know lives been at stake, ya...

You see what happens when I go all in?
At least I'm going though! Tired of stopping n stalling,
Slick Rick he still be ballin' so I guess it'd be okay,
If I do go ham and sprawl into the booty land like a
Hooligan in May? Who be this newbie who be cray
He be Cyberdevil he be heebie-jeebies, original, OG,
Like Jeezy, can't put him in a retreat. He be...

That way.

Nomind #28 - That Way (1:26)


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