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Happy Pixel Day

One Pixel Artwork

Bit low on time, so I just threw together this one small pixel artwork.

Happy Pixel Day y'all.

Fabio Wibmer

Sometimes I just really really want to learn how to BMX.

And dribble. Rollerblade. Also.



Get it? Sea the pun? Never mind.

The Difference Between A Dream And A Goal...

The difference between a dream and a goal is a timeline and accountability.

One Piece 914

It's getting serious now! I'm still severely agitated with the drawn out style animation though. It's awesome, yet at the same time it's even worse than Dragon Ball Z ever was, it feels like...

Hope they give it a reboot in the future and tell the story as it's meant to be told. No filler. Not in arcs; nor in expressions. It'd probably be just half as many episodes, but all worth a thousand watches. No shortcuts.

Exercise Routines 2020

It's been like eight years since my last exercise-related post here, so it's about time for a new one right?

I took a bike ride a couple days ago. Rode 10 km against the wind, on sanded roads, up hills and down hills, and almost made it all the way home, when in the final curve my right calf cramped up and I had to get off, limp a few steps and walk it off.

Upon entering the house I then laid flat on the carpet in the hallway for a while, drank four glasses of water, took a shower, and felt light-headed and strange for the rest of the day and part of the night and didn't fall asleep until like four in the morning.

I'd been feeling something like the premonition of a cramp in my left leg right before the right one hit too. Weird.

So, moral of the story: I need more exercise.

I'm getting in shape though. I took a 10 km bike ride on Friday too, and as part of this challenge I'm jumping in on five push-ups every morning starting this week, I'm drinking an extra glass of water every morning since last, and I just started a daily cold shower routine every morning as of three days back.

It sucks. But Wim Hof does it for two minutes every day, and probably with way colder water, and he's an inspiring dude, so I'm doing it too.

Maybe that'll appear as one of this year's somewhat-skeptically-accomplishable 52 cumulative weekly self-betterment challenges soon...

Apart from the above I have no particular plans for or routines this year. Just gotta grind on. Take the bike an extra station on my commuting distance to work when I can, never stand still in an escalator, lift weights in the mornings if I have some time and keep things going at all times no matter what. No matter how timeless my days are. No matter how tired I am. Like a car wreck I shall be tireless. No stupid game marathons that keep me awake all night. No extra bag of chips after I've already eaten a bag of chips. Or a bag of chips after that second bag (which again I won't have again). No sugary drinks and all that shizzle... unless I'm in good enough shape to enjoy them without them negatively affecting my well-being in being, well... not well.

It's time to get this shit on the road. Also dumping some links to earlier exercise-related posts here for posterity.

It's not like I haven't been doing anything all this time all these years btw, I just haven't been posting about it. Sometimes posting is motivating.

I'm trying that now too.

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