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CDB Stats 2013 -> 2019

CDB Stats 2013 -> 2019

Fetched from the Wayback. Click above for a bigger more visible version.

Taking a little look at how some numbers have evolved over the years... apparently the stats page first appeared back in the early 2010's, but it didn't have a lot of info in the beginning.

There are definitely other ways to dig through the archives and find these numbers, but for some reason I was looking at these stats through the Wayback, so here you go. Also just passed 1,500,000 words. That's somethin'.

Also notice how the numbers have commas now? That was actually not easy to add in - going to post about the process behind that soon.

1,500,000 Words...

...have been posted on this blog up to this date!!

When you stop to think about this that's pretty insane ain't it? We hit a million roughly five years ago, just a bit more than a decade since the blog started. Seems it's going at a pretty steady pace after all! Some years more some less; we all digest. Fewer blogs, but equal words and value.

Here's to the next five years and five hundred K! All crammed with meaning and inspirational masseuse.

Deflecting Meteors...

'Meteor' since they burn up in contact with our blazing artillery, right?


Whoop Whoop

Whoop Whoop Woo


This was a bit more challenging than I remembered it though @S3C.

Richie Jackson

Sometimes I just really really want to learn how to skateboard.

Also this. Also. Not this though. Also.

The True Definition Of Color...

The true definition of color is war...or something.

Happy 2020!

Happy 2020!

First post of last year here.

I wrote a lot back then! I wrote a massive resolutions post too, albeit very vague and unspecific. I watched the fireworks spark and fizzle away occasionally. I sat in a dark room and pressured up some hopes and positivity for the year to come while the sky flashed outside, as if a storm raged in the distance.

I'll be a bit more transparent this year: I'm uncertain. I'd like to make greatness this year, but I won't promise a thing. Fear of commitment, freedom of none. But I promise I'll sing. I'll repair my inhibition scares and fare to be King. And you can see me in the limelight when I bare it all in. I'm going somewhere... my peers and my kin.

I'm not even going to start trying to catch up with the blog before New Year celebrations commence this year (bit late for that now anyway), but if there's any hope in me accomplishing any of the goals I'm setting up for myself then there will be some of that soon. :) I'm hopeful! I didn't get stuck digging through old posts or resolutions today, or revising these ones unnecessarily. I skimmed, I trimmed; I'm ready.

Happy 2020.

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