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Nomind #23 - Just A Bite

Yo yo! Brain fog never let me get lost!
I wouldn't be good if I messed up at my job!
And my job right now is to write every night!
Get on the mic and spit a bite! Hype hype! Such is life!

I'm all for tomorrow, for waking up early.
But I can't seem to even get up past thirty.
I feel old, but I guess I feel like I deserve it!
So much time by the screen. Hygienic and never dirty.

That's gotta count for something right? Right?!
That's gotta be a pass if the cloud gates come to pass!
I'll pound keys like I'm mad till I shed a pound cake of fat!
How's that? You should see me when I rap when...

I haven't eaten. I catch a beat then.
Don't run out of my breath. But my parents keep feeding.
I'm not complaining I'm just saying dude, that I'm kind of weighing,
On this endless and aimless food. Till time ends happy dining...

Nomind #23 - Just A Bite (0:48)


No Time No

Time, yes.

Only then can you be timeless.

Metal Construction

No comment.


Nomind #22 - Crooked (1:22)


Nomind #22 - Crooked

Look at me.
I'm standing here knee-deep in books and weed.
Dandelion-like, if you might have mistook IP.
Listened to Crooked I and I gotta say Crook's a beast.
Shook me like Suge shook the music industry when crooks beefed.
But now I*m cooking feasts, like with Inktober feats.
There's just no end to what you can do if you let it reap.
Havoc. Like the endless curses of Captain Haddock.
There's a book on them now if you had lost that hogwash.
My sauce is: awesome. Listen to awesome often.
Listened to Slaughterhouse, then COB, I've had no problems!
Getting inspired by whatever that I let quieten,
And mastery like this makes me want to blast a mic enlightened!
Go manic bananas so savage that I'll pass the light!
Of what's possible as a human new man in the afterlife!
Aphrodisiac-like like jeans that are too tight.
Do you fight, in life? Or do you lazy down and screw it?
Go white-out. All your progress with a slight doubt.
Not me though! I need to find my purpose just like Nemo!
Casinos? Don't like to gamble on what no honesty knows!
I'm on nest but honest I'm getting out in a bit and look,
I say Crooked I in habit but these adages King Crook.
You got 'em. Always on a streak. Straight up monarchy.
Prodigy. Lyricist like no other what's going on with me?
I wamt to self-impose boast too. CDB's Nomind.
Nominally going all out like Normandy.

OK that was a bad end bad like sand and Dune.
Digital twenty two with tattered shoes.
Boom boom boom boom. Mad Max ham man.
Battling through.

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