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2021 And Done With Snoop Dogg & Kevin Hart (2021)

2021 And Done With Snoop Dogg & Kevin Hart (2021)

Been stumbling upon some of Kevin and Snoop's occasional event-based recap clips on YouTube thoroughough the year, but didn't really know they had a full-on show until this!

It's a comedic commentary on the events of the year that's past, starring the famous comedian and rapper OG one and only, and though the first fifteen minutes or so had me thinking the short clips might actually be more rewarding than a whole hour-long collective: it reeled me in.

Eventually I'm laughing. At Kevin Hart of course but sometimes all the more at Snoop's impeccable comedic timing and genius. He's not always funny but when he does make a joke you laugh, that's just how it is!

They interview a few other guests of which I recognized a few - Mark Cuban the social billionaire, the rad revolutionary and part of iconic hip duo RTJ Killer Mike, and the Star Trek legend Patrick Stewart.

All interview bits were fun, though I feel like Picard(Patrick)'s one cut off too quick. Something about blackness of space that felt like a mark on race?
I hope not, but the way they didn't comment at all on the nefarious and abysmal depth of the universe had me thinking maybe that was it.

Can't reference a commonly referred-to racial color as something bad.

A lot of the content herein does seem angled towards the black community too, and then occasionally they add in a white person for variety/equality/all.

I don't feel wronged by that, just a bit like an awkward stranger, not really part of the intended audience.

Though they handle everything respectfully there's definitely an angle on helping the black community, advocating for their rights, talking of relevant controversies and events thereof, and why shouldn't there be. It's an interesting glimpse into a culture I'm just not a part of, by circumstance or happenstance, but do enjoy the art of!

Good show. The final half had me laughing my ass off. Maybe it takes a while to get into, or maybe they take a while to warm up, but when either you or they get to that place it is great.

Entertaining yearly recap. Learned a bit too.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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