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Zombie Ass (2011)

Zombie Ass (2011)

Original Japanese Title: Zonbi Asu.

Perversities, crazy props, and a mountain trip s(p)oiled by parasitic ass-inhabiting organisms and a mad father/daughter duo with incurable disease.

Somewhere along the way it does go from at least somewhat serious and intense to more so silly and just-enjoy-the-ride-like, and I slowly go from being grossed out to maybe being cured of a dormant phobia for parasites. Not that I'd eat any voluntarily but... they're just hive-minded alien organisms with shit for brains huh.

Special effects towards the end might've been a bit crappier than they were in the beginning, but from the very first ass opening - maybe even earlier - I was hooked to this. With admirable all-outedess and creative everything, from the fighting choreography (Knife Girl For The World) to the mind-bending soundtrack and self-exploding heads.

If you watch this you'd better not be expecting anything serious, but it does leave you... somewhat inspired.

End of the dead indeed. Let us live. Right on.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Mary Millington's True Blue Confessions (1980)

Mary Millington's True Blue Confessions (1980)

The interviews might not feel the most relaxed, the soundtrack's sometimes a bit strange (but still awesome - it's the eighties), and the story doesn't feel entirely complete but... it's about Mary Millington! A pornstar I'm not sure I'd ever heard of before, who lived on the bridge between sexual liberation and degeneration, and committed suicide 1979, only 33 years old. Ten years before I was even born. Just two over my age today.

Judging by included voice recordings she might not have been the smartest individual, but she seemed to be a warm one, and what a bod! What a shame they didn't know what proper make-up was back in the day (clarification: either have none at all or do it better), and that British accents (at least at the time) seem to necessitate a certain downward lip curl for certain dialog which looks a bit strange.

I don't mean to be judgmental though. She seemed a fascinating person, and this was a decent homage, though done in a way I think would've been very very different today. A bit more liberating/respectful now, I'd hope.

It was an interesting glimpse though, and interesting to see some of the sex scene in England too - or Europe at all for that matter - when today for some reason most of it seems to be centered on the US.

Mary seemed like a wonderful person; a pleasant presence looking back. Wish she'd led a longer life, and hope she fares well in whatever world she might be in now.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Emanuelle In America (1977)

Emanuelle In America (1977)

The plot's a bit flimsy, but I guess that's really not an issue with softcore porn is it?

That is basically what this is.

It's also the story of Emanuelle, a dark-skinned exotic girl with a liberal sexual hunger, who hangs around with eccentrics. Guys, and girls, and couples, and has intimate moments with all, all whilst digging up truths about them and putting them in the papers.

She has a boyfriend who lives a similar life. They're refreshingly free, and it ends in a flimsy but conclusive way on a tribal beach... wonder what that part was really all about. The next movie, as it commences within the current movie, maybe...? Or maybe it's totally irrelevant after all.

It just dawned on me that it's the seventies too, so maybe this isn't porn after all. Maybe it's just as abstract and exploratory as it sometimes seems to be. The sexual liberation act - freedom of a woman - all easy to follow on film.

It's not bad either. Laura Gemser's easy on the eyes and independent - not the best actress though she may be, and it's good to be reminded there was a time when we were all humans. Hungrier, not totally waxed, and not so distanced from the fundamental forms of sexual fun that it seems the world has turned into totally dominating deprivation the last few decades.

All in all: good movie. Rich locales. Plenty of intrigue. Good cast.

I miss the times when even movies like this could be creative, and uphold some kind of budget and class. It's not just all about that ass.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

Wacom One


Whoop Wac

Oooooom. One.

It's working! :) My old Bamboo just randomly broke down recently so: trying this one now.

Bioåret 2019

That'd be: The Cinema Year 2019.

Didn't I post this earlier? Can't find it. Here we go if no and again if so...

Ditt Bioår i siffror


Leffe's Letter

I don't know the range of my hearing. And they don't know the power of my voice.

If you're tired of the same old same old when it comes to comics, maybe you'd like to give this curiously contemplative, creative fifteen page testament to the depressed dog Leffe a shot. :)

Fellow Swede and visual artist behind aforementioned venture Holy Konni left an appreciative tweet on my review of it here, so it only feels right I share this in return! The page pictured above's one of my favorites.

It's quite nice. A quick read. Available on Webtoons or Tapas.

Maybe you'll relate. But maybe life's great.

But still: potential wisdom glistens.

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