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Fast And Fierce: Death Race (2020)

Fast And Fierce: Death Race (2020)

Clear Fast & Furious look-alike movie starring DMX as the big bad boss?

You can tell it's a B-movie from the cover but... yeah, it's a B-movie. The red thread's all torn up. The car chases more CGI (crappy at that) than not, the dialog too heavy, the threats too frequent and the leverage all badly used.

The villains quickly lose their edge too - though Jack's brother seems more and more like an idiot the less he respects them, and key items (like the camera in the car) are so badly used it's sad.

It had potential! The intro looked good. The first DMX speech was fierce. It could've taken so many better roads than it did.

And the ending leaves you wondering... sequel?

I'll watch it if it comes, but both hopes and expectations thereof are low. The actors redeem this a bit, and the landscape filming's not bad, I just wish they'd had the budget for it where it really counted. With the cars.

And maybe worked a bit better on the script.

 rated 2/5: decent

Free Guy

Truman Show + Groundhog Day + Ready Player One + GTA? Pretty much!

I can't wait to see it. Should've been out last December but: May 21 now.

That's the plan.

Free Man.

Virtual Weapon (1997)

Virtual Weapon (1997)

Hollywood Cop inspirations? I recognize that Axel F theme... and it seems the main character's German too.

Not that that has anything to do with Hollywood Cop. Does it?

It's a fun movie either way. A black and white cop duo action comedy with a girl involved, and a girl, and computers, and a villain set on blowing up the world with liquid ignited by ultrasonic sounds.

It's a bit obvious sometimes, the action choreography's clumsy - comical more than intense, and Skim's smile weirds me out sometimes, but it is fun, and it takes an interesting turn three fourths of the way, when one of the dudes appears as a hologram and takes out the enemy via modem.

Won't spoil more there but: best know what kind of movie you're in for.

It's totally not authentic in regard to any neither old nor new form of technological advancement but... I had fun with this. I think I've said that a few times now? I'm rating it a bit higher than it probably deserves just because it's such a different breed of movie. The dialog too. It's not realistic at all in some ways but... at the same time that's just why it is. It doesn't feel as stylized for the big screen as it usually does. It's simple. And the virtual weapon thing stood the test of time in a strange way, where really it didn't, yet that's just why it's still so fun.

The special effects are crap but the holograms work!

This is just too silly to be killed off and laid to rest deep in the catacombs of nineties cinema archives... y'all better give this one a glance sometime. Whereas WarGames and the like felt authentic in a way-out-of-time kind of way this one's more like a homage. To technology. The virtual world. All the goods and none of the addictions. Or additions. Simple brilliance.

But never mind this description. Just check it out. The cover here looks a bit like how it feels, hopefully. Like a long-lost gem.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Hulk VS Wolverine! (2009)

Hulk VS Wolverine! (2009)

Remember back when animated movies were actually drawn, and not all 3D? And when Hulk's roar really scorched your entire body?

Here's one from that era. Not that it ever ended, but it has that old Marvel trademark darkness to it too. You can feel it in your bones. In sliced up arms, torn off limbs and torture. Deadpool's there as well though so you know there's a brighter side to that darkness. Or at least a wittier one.

And it's not all darkness. It's not all apocalyptic and hopeless, but the battle rages, the mountains are massive, and there's really not much sunlight permeating this world of heathens that Weapon X here nurtures.

You never get to glimpse much of the backstory, it all disappears in fire and smoke as the battle rages, but maybe the mystery holds a certain appeal too. Even if you could consider it plain bad scripting. Superficial plot. Pros and cons. Or maybe more simply put: a movie for a younger audience where tempo is of greater importance than tact.

As it is you jump right into the fight, and you end with it too, and that's really all that matters. This is one of those movies made for battle. Hear them roar. Feel the impact. Have a blast. Leave pumped up on adrenaline but also just a little bit sad for the world. For what kind of place breaths life into this kind of monster...

Regarding that younger audience thing? Maybe not after all.

This was before.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Campus Confidential (2013)

Campus Confidential (2013)

In Taiwan, in a peaceful city somewhere, there's a pretty girl - prettiest girl in her school actually - who hates geeks.

One night she falls into a dried up lake, a geek falls in after her, and it turns out there's a legend behind the lake that says two who meet when it's dried up are destined to be together!

And so this brilliant love story commences.

It's fun, it's crazy, it serves up the occasional surprise and clever guise on the road to love, involves classes and student elections and fights and what-not, and ends up being one of those happy romantic movies that even a guy like me can like.

I mean even a guy can like. Even a geek. Even a freak. It'll make your heart beat, your laughs seep through your hide and a wide smile light your eyes sometimes. Capeesh?

I gotta watch more like this.

It has some sad moments, but overall it's such a feelgood film, and you can't say the premise isn't creative either.

The fire may look a bit fake, and ditto the lake, but everything else is just straight up great. And the way all those circumstances came about after all... wasn't it fate, after all? Not just the fall by the lake but all.

Have a cake and bawl.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome

D-Day Normandy 1944 (2014)

D-Day Normandy 1944 (2014)

The winners write history.

It's true.

Here's a take on the war from the ally side, that being the US side in particular, factual but also patriotic and angled, no matter how neutral it may (seem to?) try to be.

It felt a bit like the kind of movie that might play in a museum too.

Not to say that's a bad thing.

The transitions, CGI visuals, and combination of narrative and historical glimpses - in both words and images - is definitely interesting to witness. But it doesn't really capture the day does it?

Not like the movies do. Not like the blockbusters.

Not like the B ones either.

 rated 3/5: not bad

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