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This Is An Anniversary Joke

I'm serious.

Repo Men (2010)

Repo Men (2010)

A job is not just a job, it's who you are. And if you want to change who you are, well first, you have to change what you do.

Like what if for example you're a repo man for artificial organs, who in a somewhat dystopian future kills people for spare parts if they can't pay?

It's not as bad a lifestyle as you may think though. Not always. Though if it starts seeming too good to be true that's because it probably is. This is one of those movies. Blade Runner-like. Elysium-like. Edge of Tomorrow-like. No happy endings for the hero, but maybe for the world. Like that. Though in this case maybe not for the world either...

But there's really no bad part about this. Not the actors, nor the scenery, nor the action, nor the moments when everything flips around and a job's 'just a job' no longer. Wonder what happened to the RZA though? I'd like to think at least he made it out. He seems like the one loose end, but a good one. Suitable somehow that he'd be it.

But I'm embarrassed I didn't notice sooner. When things started getting unrealistic. When they ran down the corridor and didn't get shot? When they entered the external production room? The Repo Man hallway? The beach, all of a sudden? It gets more and more unrealistic looking back, but then again it is a movie. A sci-fi one. It was unreal to begin with.

So maybe it's no shame not to have noticed after all, but at the end the concussion count comes back like an epiphany. The narration... did it stop after the final one? I should've noticed that.

I'm glad I didn't. I'm glad HE didn't. I'm glad there's at least a little ambiguity left when it comes to the girl too... but in the end maybe that's still naive of me.

Why do all great movies seem to end in the least great ways? In a way. This was definitely one of those.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

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