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Inktober #1 - Run (3:42)


Inktober #1 - Run

You know what? I think this one might be just PERFECT for the intro...
What am I getting into huh? Another year of Inktober? Doing dailies? Crazy beans like I'm a Pinto? Uh!
I'm twisting it up a bit! I'm doing things differently now! Don't know if it'll all be instrumental but... I'm a mental me now!
Beat by larrynachos, Cyberdevil to emcee now...


I'm gonna run! I'm gonna leap and fall again!
Until I'm in the hall of fame! I will ball like I've no shame!
As appalling as a rainy day when still you get no rain!
Just these gray clouds! That scrape by! From morning! Till late night!

No warning! I'm a running man but I'm reforming!
I try to do some jogging and some walking and some scorning!
At people who peeve my pets! But I have none! Go all in!
My dogs at! The dogs pound! This world's OURS! Don't call that!

( Run run da ba da ba da ba dum... RUN! 4x )

One of these years! One of these might have me spend all.
That I have to spend it feels it may get detrimental.
I go on for a month and try another and then burn out.
Don't do shit for a year. This year, is it my turn now?

Superb now! Been on the summer farm and done some digging.
Been cleaning out my closet so that I can get to living.
I feel dead for a big part of the year do I need children?
Still got hobbies, but now they only rob me of making wisdom.

I'm stuck in a rut my mind's fucked up but I have got some lungs.
I hate to jog, berate my job, want to break what I've become.
I take no odds I live in a mitten of comfort and of calm.
But I won't take nobody's alms! I will kill of all my problems and I'll...

( chorus )

You feeling clever? Want to run down with the devil?
You can never be down on my level! Wherever you are it is better!
My head is at another place and it's going to waste, it's rotting it's all black!
I wouldn't call that! Getting ahead, Just callbacks!

Feels great though! To vent again I'm getting sentimental.
It's just the first, the pressure's worse, but maybe I can end all.
On as good a note as last year. Remember all those past yeah's.
How long can I keep going, where's the omen, when's the last fare.

I'll flare like an effervescent luminescent stupid essence.
Slime mold's eukaryotic. Sugar feeds its spooky body.
Cool when it moves, me I do slightly too psychotic.
RAMPAGE! Cause I'm no damn slave you Illuminati.

( chorus )

Ruuuuuuuuun! Ruuuuuuuuuun! Ruuuuuuuuuuun! Ruuuuuuuuuuun!

Run often. Don't soften. Don't strafe no. Precaution.
In closing. Seek motion. No saucing. Be awesome.
Run often. Don't soften. Don't strafe no. Precaution.
In closing. Seek motion. No saucing. Be awesome.

The potion...!

( I had a pretty good run, didn't I? I had a pretty good run didn't I? I had a pretty good run... didn't I? )


ink21 #1 doodle (catears)


What's that? Huh? Hmm? I catear ya.

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