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Inktober #23.5 - At Buddy Bears (0:27)


Inktober #23 - Glumpunk (0:57)


Inktober #23 - Glumpunk

AKA The Headmass, The Headweight, Headyweight...

I got a headache but it's passing I'm amassing
More energy to rap then I can write out on a napkin
When life starts toughening up and seems too much for you to laugh at
Maybe you've just gotta get a laugh track, huh?

See the world with new eyes, don't take for granted
All the things you're doing have done and are now planning
This span of time waits for no one! Soon you'll be old
Like a cripple with a young soul bursting to let go

To flee the wrinkled prison it's encapsulated in
To be out in the free with all that matters to it again
To get back to Gaia, to life and to the cycle
All that's grand and vital, but age... despite all...

Has goodness too. I accept that I cannot do.
Everything. I accept there is bettering.
To be done. I accept life don't wait for no one.
You get out! Or you'll just be a grunt.

A glum punk hellbent on not helping anyone out.
Is that you want? Take a break, let it all out.

And it better be loud. Yeah...

ink21 #22 doodle (flameynyon)


Triss color. This power.

Inktober #22.5 - Bioquarl (0:27)


Inktober #22.5 - Bioquarl

Quarl... yo what a master with the noise.
With the beat. With the horticulture feat too boys.
You want to be happy with your life? Then don't get toys.
Go meet the right one and get down, and get coy.

And be true to your visions. Chase the truest of dreams.
Just don't screw with the system too much just move in between.
And be generous/giving. And keep the goo in your spleen!
Stand up straight and go the right way. You're living it queen.

Quarl... props and esteem warp.

You got it.

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