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From One Void To The Next

Good stuff @S3C.

Beware Of An Old Man...

Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young.

Old Viking proverb.

pCloud's Black Friday Shizzle

If you need a good cloud-based backup provider check these guys out.

I signed up for a lifetime account on a Black Friday rebate myself so this seems like an opportune moment to share my referral link if ever there was one. :) Go buy something. If you want.

They're pretty good.

Don't Be Bitter...

Don't be bitter, be better.

Philosophy Test

Philosophy Test Results

Want to give it a try? Seems I'm a bit more spiritual than I thought I was...

An Isle A Minit In Pixel

An Isle A Minit In Pixel

Shout out almighty @IdiotOnTheInternet for this! Based upon this. Source.

Actually found the thread again via the filename via Google. Post history was abrim with newer posts. On-site search didn't work well either. Apparantely it's a useful habit to not rename files if you happen to not post about them right away and might possibly forget from where said file originally originated entirely... as I apparently had in this case!

How could I possibly forget @IdiotOnTheInternet!!!

In this particular case I think I shall not rename said file at all. As a testament to sourcing usability and fortune. Much obliged G. For this time. Only this time.

It's a very-belated-on-the-blog An Isle A Minit In Pixel y'all.

Small but meticulous hombre homage.

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