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Little Bird Surfing On Shark Fin

Little Bird Surfing On Shark Fin

I requested this apparently. :) Much obliged @cupheadswife!

The Man Who Asks A Question...

The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life.

This Is Your Brain On Stale Air

Yes, go do that! Change the world!

(In response to documented video mantra above.)

I think I'll open a window for starters.

Random GOG Giveaway: Crime Cities (2000)

Crime Cities (2000)

Want a free copy of this little gem? Go get it.

Two Months Of Madness

Want to join the Parvestia Games Discord? It's an Indie game club run by buddy @ChibiWilli. I'm not active but promised I'd promote. Looks good.

Also check out the Lost In Hell Discord. Alucard included one of my songs in a cutscene within his game recently, and it's good! Free to play too. I've posted about it here before.

And I've been honorable UOTD at NG! Only took ~18 years. Well, 17y10m.

Some of my loops got used for this and this too. Props @GRUB-LORD!

October/Inktober this year was crazy (as in stressful) but good, and ended with this nice surprise. Four years in the making! Thanks again @S3C.

Took a final weekend trip up North amidst that October music madness - one week before the snow came, received some appreciative Inktober recognition on NG, and wrote up this blurb for the blog that I never posted:
Urichov's been on a crazy roll but hey I'm back to take control! Inktober project finally getting some recognition! Sifted through six hundred notifications, had an engine error on my car, dreamt I was pissing blood (though I realized in the dream it was probably because I'd eaten a lot of beets it was a bit terrifying) in a strange mansion, an artificial island of sorts, luxurious hallways with strange modern architecture on the outside... lotta shit going on lately holy shit.

After that was all over November flew by. No further vacations, but I kept recording a verse each day, just have to sift through those files and upload them too. New mixtape project on route too!

Though it's been busy I can't say my discipline has been all perfect. Latest YT addictions/distractions: Hot Ones - and pretty much every other show First We Feast have been putting out the latest year or so, Dom Tomato - freerunning frontflip genius who vlogs about his latest endevours at least weekly, and occasionally Tom Scott and that other science guy. <- click that

Occasionally also a little Daniel LaBelle - expressive physical comedy in short form, old Norm Macdonald clips and genius Ryan Reynolds ads for random products and/or movies he's promoting.

I posted additional reviews on Banlieue 13, Banlieue 13: Ultimatum and Eros + Massacre recently, and merged a few others that I've had duplicates for. Was watching another more sub-par movie earlier and just had to get back to this too. 'Prisoners' hospital chase scene. If you haven't seen that movie you'd better just watch the full thing though. You need more than the one scene. It's gripping when they get there.

I've also fixed timestamps, halflings; all that Inktober shizzle here on the blog, and oh, I had a mid-vacation interview with Maltos! Readable here.

Listened to Limp Bizkit's album a while back btw. Still sucks.

That's the name of the album.

Felt like some 'A - Nothing' inspiration on the first track. Lyrics a little uninspired. Tone a little held back. Musically though I loved it. Wes Borland's better than ever. Catchy riffs. A lot of grunge with some of the tracks - Barnacle sounded almost like something Nirvana could've done.

I liked the Snacky Poo message too.

Feels like they were having fun recording it all, which probably made it all the more fun to listen to, but at the same time... I don't know. Feels a little uninspiring. Not sure what the motive is. Why are they making this. Where's the flare.

Unrelated: Did you know the Blastoise first edition card from 1999 goes for 50,000 USD?! And One Piece just passed a thousand episodes! Huzzah!
Just struck me that the villainous king Wapol in One Piece was maybe inspired by the historic Walpole? There was a battle lost too... picked up that know-how via a Jocko Willink podcast.

Not the Blastoise bit though. That was from a game show. Via my mom.

Did you also know fat cells never truly disappear once you have them? According to a recent Wild Ride podcast the cells just shrivel up when you lose weight, they don't go away entirely, so if you've been overweight before it's easy to get that weight back again. All the more important to think about when you're a kid, as it'll follow you the rest of your life...

And I have been overweight - ever since the unlimited supplies of chocolate pudding during fourth grade lunches. And am. And it's a constant struggle. So that's that huh. I don't have killer plumpness though. Best do something about the fat I have before it gets all the more difficult to...

In other news I've been buying and selling second-hand movie tickets in a fickle attempt to make some extra $$$ on the side - sold the final ones this week and I think I'll shelve that idea for a while, the work's not worth the income margin.

My nephew's also coming over for a few nights this afternoon, and we're finalizing dinner reservation plans at work for the yearly Christmas thing - might just be catering at the office this year to avoid unnecessary pandemic-related risks - but there was no dinner at all last year so this is a big step up.

The yearly Little Christmas thing we celebrate with relatives seems to be back on track too, I booked in a car wash on a Black Friday deal (haven't washed the car since I bought it last year - I think it needs it) and I meant to write up a little note about how just before I closed down the summer place this year someone ate four pieces of soap I'd left outside to dry. Birds eat soap?! Must've been quality soap, natural ingredients...

Have had all these bits and pieces for blogs piling up and I figure I'd best just get them out here and move on! To more coherent writing. To times new and delighting. Adventures cool and exciting. To denture brooding and biting. To venture as human in lighting when the winter is cruel yet inviting, and the snow lies like icing under skies/horizon...

Finally got a new computer too!!! But that's something for a nother post. We're moving through. These months been mad lad. Shoop da who.

Don't Force Anything

Alan Watts Wu Wei... it's pretty cool eh? Rhyme-related witticisms aside though: really pretty enlightening.

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