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On TV You Play A Character...

On TV you play a character, in movies you act a character.

Crazy Timestamp FB

Seen by Marie on January 1, 1970 at 1:00 AM

Trying to act like they've been around since the seventies huh.

Typical FB.

Why I Don't Usually Order Stuff Online

A Woman Autographed CD: 25 USD. Shipping: 26.23 USD.

There's just something about how they ship these things...

Homage To Horrible Subs

Find someone who'd look at you like this... *picture of a cute girl with a warm smile, head in hands, staring at you*

Quick homage to the greatest; most horrible fansub group there ever was!

Depicted above just one of the many random things they posted along the way. Back in the day. When their humble online abode and place was the greatest ever of the Internet age.

Flash Player Disabled

Flash Player Disabled

Should've posted this a year ago or so though...

From One Void To The Next

Good stuff @S3C.

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