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Beware Of An Old Man...

Beware of an old man in a profession where men usually die young.

Old Viking proverb.

pCloud's Black Friday Shizzle

If you need a good cloud-based backup provider check these guys out.

I signed up for a lifetime account on a Black Friday rebate myself so this seems like an opportune moment to share my referral link if ever there was one. :) Go buy something. If you want.

They're pretty good.

Don't Be Bitter...

Don't be bitter, be better.

Philosophy Test

Philosophy Test Results

Want to give it a try? Seems I'm a bit more spiritual than I thought I was...

An Isle A Minit In Pixel

An Isle A Minit In Pixel

Shout out almighty @IdiotOnTheInternet for this! Based upon this. Source.

Actually found the thread again via the filename via Google. Post history was abrim with newer posts. On-site search didn't work well either. Apparantely it's a useful habit to not rename files if you happen to not post about them right away and might possibly forget from where said file originally originated entirely... as I apparently had in this case!

How could I possibly forget @IdiotOnTheInternet!!!

In this particular case I think I shall not rename said file at all. As a testament to sourcing usability and fortune. Much obliged G. For this time. Only this time.

It's a very-belated-on-the-blog An Isle A Minit In Pixel y'all.

Small but meticulous hombre homage.

Life Is NOT A Journey

Alan Watts. Genius.

I've always felt this way, but not dared step away from the machine completely. Because nobody else does, do they? Except those rare exceptions; exceptional individuals you aspire to become as, but dare not take the step to. The gap feels too far. You can't simply step over. You need to swim across the void. You need to reach the other side, though maybe you can't even see it. Maybe you don't know if it's even there...

Who dares venture into that darkness? When some people are born so rich they can build their bridges. They can charter expeditions. They can see to it there is another side before they take the chance. Or maybe they were born on the right side already.

But some people do take the leap anyway. The ones who have nothing to lose. The ones who change the world.

The victors.

They do.

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