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Rainbow Road

Just gotta write a bit real quick about my ride from work yesterday.

It wasn't anything special at first, just another day on the freeway.

It started with a pitter-patter of raindrops, and a slight annoyance at how my windshield wipers don't seem to be working perfectly - maybe there's some kind of coating left from the surplus winter salt. But suddenly the clouds were gone, the rain was gone, the sun was bright, and the pavement so blinding you could barely see the contours of the cars in front of you, all immersed in a cascade of water.

We rode on as if in a shallow river, our tires throwing up trails of droplets that caught the light as well, as if we were collectively driving through the haze of a wondrous waterfall, the waterway below it swerving one way or the other, all of us chasing the haze in unison.

I tried to look towards my blind spot while I changed lanes, but couldn't see a thing through the tinted back windows. We drove through two short tunnels, and they were both pitch black until a moment after you entered them, the light so blinding outside your eyes barely managed to adjust.

I looked in my side mirror to see a bright double rainbow rising behind us against dark blue clouds, and so we chased on through the blinding light, and haze, in a breakneck highway rumble... then that too faded, I turned off the big road and rolled in home.

Was a pretty unusual ride after all.

A Random Write-Up For A Well Done Day

Felt like writing at a random time. Like I initially intended to do with this place. Somehow it becomes a thing I schedule in and catch up with occasionally instead.

I used to write weekly summaries on Sundays - which still feels like a nice way to end the week - so I get back to those occasionally too.

But today is no Sunday!

I was sitting in the bath when the urge washed over me to just type away, so here I am, Sunday or no. Not slow no mo.

It's been a good day. My free day this week - I work 3-4 days usually now, and I've spent this one playing a couple rounds of disc golf with a cousin, taking a couple walks with my mom, finishing an Excel file for work real quick even though it's my day off - among other things - and now finally I'm taking a fizzy bicarbonate bath before I watch the second half of Black Panther (started yesterday - it's good but not as good as I remember it being the first time around) and then I'll get some sleep.

It's been a pretty cumbersome work week so far otherwise, but I was thinking about how it feels like you really HAVE to push yourself to feel good too.

I may be a bit more stressed right now but I'm tired in a good way. I feel motivated. It all feels worthwhile. I may not be working with something I'm overly passionate about, and the grand office move is ill-timed with my first planned weekend up North, but at least it's all moving. I'm not stagnating. I attended a webinar on magnesium and calcium and their effects on (and importance for) the body and stuff yesterday. Learned a bit there too. And maybe it'll all work out! Maybe we manage the larger part of the office move next week and are settled in and ready the week after, with time to spare for my trip at the end of it.

It's a short thing.

Considering potential office dues I didn't dare take too many days for it, but it'd be nice if I at least manage to help set up a fence for the new garden, maybe fix the greenhouse a bit, and maybe wake my other car out of hibernation and ready it for the gearbox change that it'll hopefully be undergoing this summer.

I don't have too grand illusions. Most importantly I'll just be helping my dad with the driving. It's a twelve hour drive - excluding breaks - and he's getting a little wary of longer distances. If all goes well we'll drive up on Thursday, sleep over somewhere around the halfway point, get settled in at the summerplace on Friday, and I'll have a weekend left.

Then back South by plane for a month of work before vacation kicks in for real, at which point the crops are hopefully planted and growing and my parents have things under control to the point we can manage the occasional spare time amidst seemingly eternal gardening routines and renovations...

I've been thinking a lot about that stuff too.

They grow older, and all the more of these dues fall on me. I use up all my vacation time on gardening, it feels like sometimes.

I don't really though. We do other things. The morning swims and late night sauna sessions are elements of summer I wouldn't ever want to be without, and I do hang out with friends and older siblings on a rare visit occasionally, I just wonder how it'd be to have an actual 'vacation' vacation sometimes. Where you don't do anything.

I do get a break from computers, but apart from that these summer days are really way busier than the winter ones.

It's good to push yourself, but it's good to relax too.

Am I growing old? Just feels like maybe after a decade or so of increasing household responsibilities and dues it'd be nice to let it all go for once... but would I like that? I don't like NOT doing anything either. I don't think I'd want to trade my summer routine for anything. The thing I know I do want to trade is my winter one. Change is needed. As for what and how? Hmm.

I felt like I did manage to relax today though. Good golf. Great weather. A really relaxing bath. I'm on a diet lately too. Feels like I'm shedding something. Must be affecting my mood in a good way too.

Do push yourself but take a break when you need to. Hopefully the coming weeks won't feel too lethal. That good things I will see through! And I'll see you in a sequel post - whenever I've feels to write or deeds due.

Good day.

Friday Night Funkin' WIP

Been thinking I should post more of this WIP type of stuff. Here's a little something I'm working on right now with the talented @Mabelma, meant to have it done by Pico Day but we're past that deadline now...

Nobody Can Stop

Nobody can stop the free market! It's the mark of a... true artist. No martial law just martial art is!

Cyberdevil One Piece Logo

Cyberdevil One Piece Logo

@soulard just sent me this one inspired by the one and only! :D Of my favorite and longest-running pirate show out there... and maybe all-time favorite show overall? Not sure now but this is definitely my favorite logo.

So far. Much obliged! Wonder how this would do on the site now...

Coast Saver Boast Waver

Kusträddarna 2021

Meant to put up a longer weekend post yesterday but the day faded and I got lost in Zack Snyder's Justice League instead (review should be appearing here some time before summer - along with an overdue queue of around a hundred others) and forgot all about the auction items I was about to put up too just before a particular rebate code I'd been hoping to use expired.

Oh well.

The main motive of said planned post is above though, in the digital poster that Kusträddarna sent out this year, in conjunction to the Håll Sverige Rent movement, which I'm typing all in Swedish so y'all who actually have some knowledge thereof feel special about being able to partake in the implications of this before the main international audience... but basically it's a garbage harvesting scheme. A partially state-financed regimen where they send out free bags (various shapes and sizes), free gloves, and a written card for inspiration in a push to get people out to whatever shores they're nearest to and make a brave attempt to rid them of all these plastics that perpetual polluting persons are continually planting there.

Why does anyone just throw stuff away? Don't they care about these microplastics leaching into the ground and getting into their bloodstream via our water supply? Don't they care about the animals that choke on or get strangled by these artificial substances and die, knowing no better? Do they intentionally take the role of the great villain, in this world where we could be managing to build something good if there weren't so many hellbent on just breaking it all down, and making things shittier and harder for the rest of us in their venomous apathy and/or potential bitterness over how life didn't turn out worthwhile for them - so why should any of us have a future?!

Did that baby penguin ever do anything to you, huh? That you would provide it with a slow and agonizing death?

I'm just throwing out some theories as to why it is how it is here... and beckoning to whatever conscience peeps may have. If you happen to be throwing this kind of stuff around: Why?

I do get why you might, but I don't think you get the consequences.

Take responsibility. You'll feel better. We'll be better. The world will be a brighter place tomorrow. That our leaders are total idiots and asshats not befit to beckon us into this new age of prospering and goodness is no excuse. Let us be their role models.

So anyway, we headed out for a little trash-gathering adventure Saturday noon, managed to fill two full garbage bags on our trials, passed by a construction dumpster on the way home that seemed ideal for harboring said waste, and came home - content with our bidding - just as dark clouds drew overhead and the rain started pattering outside.

The timing was so perfect, and the sun was fierce before it, and the wind non-existent. Couldn't have asked for better weather.

Then come Sunday, I felt kind of under the weather and not fit to do much at all, and so the weekend passed by with some dues left undone and now I'm back at work and stressing again but... we did something. Had a lot of phone calls too. Unusual cool.

Happy Monday y'all.

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