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Friday Night Funkin' Kickstarterrr

Two days in and already ten times past the goal! And at the time of actually posting this two weeks later... 30x. O_O

This is craaaaaaazy. They keep surprising. Surpassing any and all expectations I might have of this game. And just the other day it crashed NG. Feels like maybe I oughta actually give it a play soon...

Check out the Kickstarter here.

And if you like me have a hard time truly wrapping your head around how massive attention this game is really getting, check this.

For a while they were almost more popular than YT.

Knockout At Chutney Island Beach

Knockout At Chutney Island Beach

You see that guy in the background there, to the right? Right?

I may not be the main focus but I am flattered! It's a monumental scene to be in. Cheers @Syrupmasterz! Source here.

Happy Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day!

It's Pico Day at NG y'all! Well it was. Recently. Saturday. The first.

Usually I'd hang around online and celebrate.

This year I took a train trip to Arboga instead.

Voted via my phone. Started voting via computer as usual and almost missed the train; had to catch up with the rest during transit.

Well not really. Probably had ten minutes to go. Stressed though.

Didn't turn out as big a Pico Day celebration as it usually is for me but I had a good time away anyway. First real vacation in a long time. Relaxed like it was a full weekend, walked around mostly suitably desolate streets (twas the day after Walpurgis Night) by the canal, soaked in the sun, smote some ice cream, had a pizza (five pizzerias and one sushi restaurant defied the holiday - pretty much everything else was closed) and sipped some sights.

Lots of old architecture. Felt high on life. Came home and stayed up all night and drew the above but didn't post onsite.

Then I woke up on Sunday feeling unusually drained and apathetic, but that's another matter for another post and banter.

I've caught up a bit on these celebrations since though! Alternative version of the artwork above (which is btw also a partial work in progress for another collaboration that unfortunately didn't make the Pico Day deadline) here, and check out this little thing! Backstory here. Cheers and thanks and much obliged @Garnet-Frost for that homage.

Hope y'all had a good weekend.

Pico Day & Mabelma Apology

I'm sorry, Mabelma!
Could've maybe gotten our Pico Day thing goin'...
If only I... was a little more potent.
I've been dealing with some personal curfews and all
But honestly I just have not... been flowing.
I say I've been going through the motions. Though I'm just -
Procrastinating! Well now it's out in the open...
Floating on a sea of wants I can't seem to move beyond,
With work and all, sucking my energy, through a straw.
So I caw from an open raft. Like I'm a showman.
I'm slow man. I want to FIX my work ethic.
Claw through my deathgrips. Feels pathetic.
I'm a one mind kind of guy and I find when life's hectic.
I stop eating other things. Anorexic like a king.
Some strong arts though! From this monarch.
Slumbering long and cold! Only the strong will know!
If you can force me to get on the road, how long I'll go
And I'll glow like an alien arc.

In conclusion: Pardon my diffusion.
Apologies on not only not always responding when I'm due in.
But not doing what I SHOULD be doing.
Life's confusing. Though I wonder if really...
All I really want to do is this music.
With which I'm grooving.

Maybe next time... after whenever we've swept deadlines,
to life it'd be nice to brew a dually cool
Somethin' we can both get into like... we two are one.
Still hope you have a good one... and that this do get done. Mabelma.

Pico Day & Mabelma Apology (1:18)


Sometimes We Suffer Because...

Sometimes we suffer because we are stuck in a chapter we are meant to grow out of.

In reference to Bam Margera's recent and possibly ongoing breakdown above, though it hit close to home too...

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