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Inktober #29.5 - Too Much Lunch (0:53)


Inktober #29.5 - Too Much Lunch

I'm trying to record a promo today but I have a hunchfull! I am pumped up too but I got this lump
Where my belly is. I'm bloated like a friggin' overstuffed trunk.

So I must clunk out a half and some before it.
So I must do a little rapping as according.
So I must maybe get some action but I am flooring
All the dues this whole October wake with glow like every morning.

The days do be long sometimes though I won't lie...
Maybe doing both doodles and extra verses wasn't wise...
It's what keeps me up at night huh? Keeps on the light.
In my room. I'll keep going though until I get some pie.

That's dinner today. Kale and Feta pie oh my!
Best not eat too much then either though cause that time...
I just might get back and do some of that rhyme if I
Haven't digested this before the time is nigh.

Oh why, did I eat all of that pancake pizza, why...

New recipe btw. My own! It's pretty good.

Inktober #29 - Reduce (1:48)


Inktober #29 - Reduce

Reduce! It's a series.
Been going for seven years and the end? Not even near it.
You can choose to get into it with your friends or become a part
Of the crew and actually not just get tuned into but get too in to the art!

A cast with character. That's the foundation.
That's the glue that holds up this whole mutual creation.
In a miniature landscape, foes and threats we face in
Our journey to flee the damaging lands of our creating.

Science. There's science too in the art of war.
There's science in our growing, and of our being so small.
There's violence, but also ambiance within these halls!
The wild world that grows around us... when silence stalls.

It's a living world, though full of fungi and ants and madness.
Massive chitin-clad creatures that do massive damage!
If you have arachnophobia then best be wary,
Somewhere in here in the sequels it... may get hairy!

We've got Mejson, we've got MariogD and the *Bott!
It's stylized that way and he might say 'tsaa' a lot. (inside joke)
We've got Bill, we've got Candy, we've got the miracle man!
A team of savages all managing these bad lands!

Zip the caretaker, Mazurek the great creator,
Jimmy, Rowny, Delsin, Jason and a devil you might see later!
Steve and fallen comrades and God-DL lost among hombres,
A team of valiant vicious warriors all going on rage,

In this crazy land where you never know what is looming!
It'll show you what it truly means to be a human!
Progress may be slow, but the detail uncompromising.
Give the show a go you know? I'll let you know what I think.

It's atmospheric, it's ambient and exciting.
The plot steady gets better as does the ambient lighting.
And the foes they will get bigger! The show it will deliver!
Join us all you friends and show the foes you are a killer!

And finally, get your hands up high and yell with pride:
Flash will never die! As long as we're alive!


ink21 #28 doodle (twentyate)


How can I mask this? I can't. Like matchsticks.

Twenty ate .

Inktober #28.5 - Can You Say PenisPolice (1:05)


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