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Studio 666

I've done run out of time this week! Seems I'll be missing the planned dosage of weekend reviews, but here's at least a trailer for one I'm very much looking forward to! Stumbled upon at random.

Who knew Foo Fighters were making a movie! Who knew David Grohl would come this far! Who knew the legacy of Nirvana would live on not only in itself and grunge forever, but too in this one awesome dude/band who just seems abrim both with benevolence and creativity!

And who seem to have an awesome sense of humor. Has me thinking of Tucker and Dale vs Evil a bit. If it's anywhere near as good as that...

Anyway can't wait to see this. Be def (as in awesome); see y'all
next weekend.

Don’t Allow My Confidence...

Don’t allow my confidence to offend your insecurity.

Not The First Day Of The New Year

I was planning on posting a quick impromptu blog at the end of the first day of this new year, just saying it started alright, but that day flew.

The days since then I haven't really been in my right headspace I think.
I've been falling behind on dues again. Haven't been doing what I should be doing most.

I started getting out into the world again last week - took a long walk in the sun and snow one day and felt truly invigorated, head clear with fresh air, and yesterday I hung out with Buddy Bear for a couple movies, sweet potatoes and a search for local Northern Lights, but for the most part I've been stuck in social limbo, and household dues when the folks were still sick and sweaty and with no sense of smell...

Almost had a moment of panic for... a moment.

Felt like it was all falling apart.

But it wasn't really.

Deja vu to the early days of the pandemic when we were all precautiously holed up at home too, and I was working from home, and everybody was worried about everything and going a little crazy, stocking up on oat flour and coffee, but at least it was spring and sun and everybody got their daily dose of fresh air and mindfulness then. Not so much now.

Seems the whole world's sick at the time of writing, be that in the particular pandemic strain of flu or in some of the many other currently in circulation.

But maybe they're really all one and the same. Undiscovered; potentially mutated strains.

It's a good thing I can actually get out on these walks again though. I need to take more. I need to get to bed earlier. I need to get back on track with everything; manage time and mind a bit better than I currently do.

In site-related news all Flash submissions (most at least - I might still be missing a few uncategorized ones) now run with Ruffle, automatically, no settings required! Added some more old unposted audio flashes while I was at it. I updated the anime sidebar counts a while back too - as you need to do each new year, reduced the number of yearly archive links in the main sidebar along with the latest addition, and updated the archives page instead - I'll get that looking a bit better later, plus added a bundle of new acronyms, went through a line of old posts, combined a few movie review duplicates aaand that's about it for now. Site-wise. Alright guys.

Was voted most helpful user on NG in the end-of-the-year NG BBS Awards for the third year in a row last year btw, results here. Award Flash here. Always nice. :)

I promised to post here a bit more often this year so I'm posting, though have not much else to say at the moment. Have started going through my queue of overdue reviews too. Plan to put up a bundle of those every weekend until I'm caught up... which might take the rest of the year. Excluding summer.

Gotta run through some overdue dues this week but I'll see you shortly... and btw if anyone knows if there's an easy fix to the AC display in a SAAB 9-3 from 1999 staying on even after you turn off the ignition and potentially draining the car battery entirely lemme know! I'm a little preoccupied about that at the moment.

Hope to make a few calls and figure things out this week.

Toodles. Cheers. It's not the first but... it's a day of the New Year.

Breakdown (2020)

Breakdown (2020)

If the world was ending you'd come over right?

What a nice way to start it, and the pandemic intro with a scene of a street in some Asian country full of people with face masks was solid too. Professional intro. After that though... it quickly turns into a possibly I Am Legend inspired thing without the budget or cast for it. Just one person the first half of the movie, and just one room. Not much going on.

They borrowed the mannequin thing too, though the part where it actually comes alive was unexpected. Very smooth transition there.

One good jump scare too, a couple encounters and an untimely end...

It gets moody! It's not the most elaborate movie but I did stay till the end, so maybe it was better than I give it credit for. They managed with little too. I started out expected more, and started getting disappointed, but left feeling both a little depressed and positively surprised. Gets better and better, though in not a particularly positive way...

 rated 3/5: not bad

Never Back Down 4 - Revolt (2021)

Never Back Down 4 - Revolt (2021)

They got in a real fighter this time! Michael Bisping. And some female MMA fighters. Though the rest of the movie... the franchise just ain't what it used to be. Maybe they managed this with covid restrictions though. Cast feels a bit sparse.

It's about a girl and her fighter brother who's a bit of a pitiful such, and she gets suckered into fighting for him, to settle - as is cliché in these movies - some debt, but things unfortunately don't go how they should go, and then he steps in and helps her but doesn't really save the day anyway cause she's got it all covered.

It's not a bad fight movie - and the bathtub battle in particular was brutal - but for the most part it just doesn't pack the punch the previous segments seemed to... hope to see Bisping in more movies though, villain or no, feels like you can just tell straight away that he's authentic. The girls too, why not. Just maybe not like this.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

Leviathan: The Story Of Hellraiser & Hellbound (2015)

Leviathan: The Story Of Hellraiser & Hellbound (2015)

Ever watched the original Hellraiser? Ever wonder how they did it, or who did it, or why, or any other relevant w in regards masterful movie production of the exploration eighties?

Well then you might want to watch this!

It's a solid documentary, though without much extra footage outside of new interviews with the cast, and clips from the movie. Not much material from behind the scenes back in the day. Would've liked more of that.

You do get some glimpses of a female Cenobite though, and oh boy is that a whole other world... I'm glad they didn't take the overly sexual route with the Hellraiser franchise as a whole, as it might've been just been buried in troves of B-movie sexploitation films then, but then again imagine if they had managed her well. Would've been a very different thing. I'm intrigued.

I have newfound respect for this series after seeing this too, for both the props and for the actors, and it's fascinating how the actor behind Pinhead almost seems to have actual pin imprints on his head... as if he became the role. Very different personality but not entirely unlike...

It's an interesting glimpse/set of interviews/showcase of pictures and other bits from the original films. The only one in the cast who doesn't seem to get as much credit or praise is the girl (Imogen Boorman... was it?). It was her first role too, they said. Maybe I'm looking at the wrong name now, as it doesn't seem to have been Imogen's. Wonder what happened to her...

The rest of 'em are old now but: living the legacy.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

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