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Random GOG Giveaway: Venetica - Gold Edition (2009)

Venetica Gold (2009)

It's another classic! Get it here if you want it. One free.

Monsters (1:42)


Trips & Monsters

I'm trippin' y'all!

Came back from a full two weeks+ of mixed distance and farm work up North this Sunday, and I'm flying back for a weekend this Thursday. Early morning. 6:20 AM. Probably need to get up around 4. Ugh. The bane of buying by budget.

I'm just back for a few days of work now but I can't leave again without at least plugging this trailer, for a game for which I made this track!

It'll be up on more proper streaming services soon. And other places, like this place. It'll be everywhere.

There's no obvious correlation between music and game apart from the title and theme that binds them together, eternally, like the shackles of oblivion to which we all are (tied, that is), but if you like one chances are you'll like the other! I personally do like what I've seen of the game so far, and of course all the more as part of it, small musical sidemission or no.

You can find it on Steam here. Coming soon. July 1. Keep an eye out.

Shall catch up with additional upload locations and promos next week.

Toodles. Booyah. Roar. Random serenades and spades and encores. Full course, full force, all outdoors. See y'all when we sprawl on all our floors. Cause the heatwaves make knees scathe and call for shorts. Summer's coming soon, so you'd better play a tune.

This really what the blog is for.

Monsters (Lost in Hell OST)

Lost in Hell... so many stories... we've got to tell...
What is right... what is real... what frights...
Lurk in this realm... of chaos, and carnage...


Here comes Woodworth! Every day doing the good work!
You'd never guessed what's next, the way he donned and dressed,
Went from a solid detective, into a volatile wreck,
Though he's the top of the trek, the dotted dot of the best,

But there is darkness creeping up by his side,
Worlds collide, a stark Jekyll and Hyde,
The park's no longer green, no larks there sing serene,
The course and grimy scene like a shark cuts through your spleen...

In the underground labs, the funneling tunnels,
With bundles of rabid butter-like body huggers,
That huddle up and rummage, run though like a savage,
What can you do but shoot 'em through like they're cabbage,

Cuts your heart, the hellish and the hardened,
Our time may be over unless we can outarm then,
Eat brain and bullet, billowing brutal horde,
Woodworth the murderer cuts through like a sword...

They're MONSTERS! And there they dwell...
The cold catacombs, lost in hell...
Fear and dread, scarcely calm...
Fiercely fed, hear the alarm...

Beware here if you enter this eerie vale,
But no matter, the world's
Fucked already! AH!

Ring the bell, lost in hell...
Here they dwell, here they dwell...

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