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OnePlus 3 Battery Tests

I bought a new phone recently. Or an old phone, depending on how you see it, but with better specs than my current one.

The thing I was most excited about was the camera. Even with newer models it's hard to find a good one for a decent price, so I opted for a refurbed classic, and OnePlus 3 fit the bill! It's a solid build in all areas, and seems to be modifiable to allow for updates past the intended date, which I aim to start experimenting with soon...

One caveat though. The battery.

I didn't read up beforehand, and it turns out it's bad.

But my initial impression was even worse.

I powered it on when I'd received it, and started receiving updates and what-not, transferring data, doing what you usually tend to do with a new phone. But before that I charged it, cause the battery was empty entirely.

It charged quickly at least - better than my older/newer phone - and when I was done with it I left it on flight mode, intending to get back to the upgrade/transfer/update process later, and when I did... it wouldn't turn on! It wouldn't charge either. It wouldn't do anything.

I started thinking about getting a refund, but looked online a bit for ways to maybe somehow force a charge anyway, or what could be wrong - I'd already transferred data to it that I wouldn't want to still have on it if I'd send it back, and stumbled upon some troubleshooting advice that mentioned just holding the power button for something like... a minute? Less?

It was longer than I'd tried already - I wonder if I've ever needed to do this with the current phone - and when I did... it booted! And shut down. And charged properly when I plugged it in then. Android protip.

I'm not sure what had happened to it during that brief moment of time in flight mode, but I suppose the system bugged out somehow, and the battery drained, and it entered energy-saving mode, and for some reason it stayed there, and only became responsive again after a forceful reboot.

Needless to say I was a bit skeptic about if this phone would hold up now, so I did some battery tests.

First I charged the phone again, up to 93% charge.

This took about two hours, about twice as much as it should take with a new phone, according to manufacturer specs. Though maybe there are other things that factor in, like temperature/voltage/what-not.

I'm not sure I was given an original charger either.

After that time for the tests! My observations:

- Lost 2% charge just starting up the phone. Down to 91%.
- In flight mode, with no open apps, no Bluetooth or Wi-Fi etc it was at 88% charge after a full day!
- Second day: Tested opening some apps but still leaving it in flight mode - just down to 78%! So ~10%/24 hours so far, with the phone mostly on standby.
- Third day: Not sure! Didn't have time to measure. It's still on.
- Fourth day: 69%! Still hasn't seen much active use but all things considered this is going very well...
- Fifth day: Didn't have time to check again, not sure.
- Sixth day: At least I think it was sixth day. Seventh, possibly?

I upped the test requirements now and watched some video material, took some photos, browsed the Internet etc etc.

Initially it lost roughly 1% charge/minute, which seemed alarming, but it evened out around 55% and depleted slower after that... and then I charged it up again.

After the first day or so a notice regarding 'inactivity optimization' popped up too - seems it has built-in functionality in regard to keeping things at bay while you sleep. This is activated automatically but can be turned off.

Overall I do get the impression the battery is worse than my current one, and a little unstable/inaccurately measured, or has a higher depletion rate when fully charged, but it doesn't seem that bad. Seems possible they swapped the battery during the reburbishment.

I don't plan on using this phone for longer durations of time at any one time, just for communication, photos and occasionally a little Google Maps navigation - that seems like the biggest threat to battery time. But if you have a charger nearby or with you, and if you have a USB connection in any car you might need to use it as a GPS for...

I think this'll go well after all. Battery test results. OK.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

Random GOG Giveaway: Broken Sword: Director's Cut (2008)

Broken Sword: Director's Cut

Interested in a free copy of this game? In case you've been missing the GOG giveaways so far this month I snagged a copy for ya. :) Get it here.

And keep an eye on the Christmas Sale for additional giveaways, they're currently giving away this one too. Third so far... I think? Fourth?

You lose track. They're gifting some good ones anyhow.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas From Stockholm Y'all!

It's the eve, so it's official time for celebration over here. :)

And I'm ready! Rebellious and steady. Opting out on sugar and tweaking heavy on performance-boosting nutrients to dupe the sick(ness).

I do have a sniffle, but we're gathered and living a little. And giving a little. For gratitude and loving. For caring not shoving. With cookies and/or cakes of many makes and Jansson's Temptation in the oven.

Got some last-minute winter too! A very fine but still appreciated layer of white lines the ground today. The picture above's from earlier - Skansen, Stockholm, Christmas market a week or so ago. But here's an alternative view from Bro, taken on a short walk this morning.

I'm signing off for the day y'all! Have a good one.

Danny MacAskill's Imaginate

Was expecting this'd be cheesy by the intro but... wow.

I don't ever want to grow up after all.

A Cold Christmas AGAIN

Not sure if it's a cold or a covid - feels like it could be the latter - feels like it felt last year - but whichever it is I caught something!

Just in time for the festivities.

A couple days earlier compared to last year at least, so maybe I can recoup a bit before the grand day.

We had dinner at work this year too, last week, though at a high-end Vegan restaurant (Herman's) rather than at the office this time, and we had our 'Little Christmas' with a few relatives last weekend, as per tradition.

One relative didn't want to shake hands, she'd had Covid recently, though was sure she wasn't contagious any longer. The hostess that ran around with a facemask last year - and apparently had something then - ran around with hand sanitizer this year instead, and she seemed healthy.

Everyone seemed healthy there. They seemed healthy at work too.

I do however commute these days since I unfortunately have no car, and on those trains there is always someone coughing. In the distance albeit, but aerosols stay in the air all day, so what does that really matter.

I'm assuming I caught this during the last commute.

Was tired too. Didn't get the shut-eye I usually do since I'm reading a book, and it's too good to leave be. The Testament, by John Grisham. It's about an heir, lawyers, an alcoholic, a family of leeches and eleven billion.

It had me hooked from the first page, and I'm reminded that all other things I've been reading recently aren't really good reading material at all, even if the previous author I stumbled onto was supposedly considered 'The Master' by Tom Clancy.

Was Tom Clancy bribed? Were they family? Has he gone senile?

But whatever. I'm holed up again. I'm down and out. No matter why.

I'm actually up at 10 after just five hours of sleep, having tossed and turned and feeling feverish until somewhere around 5 AM, and am now feeling relatively good and surprisingly cognizant considering the lack of sleep... just got that irritating trademark throat phlegm. Neon yellow. My nose is running. I sneeze. It's all going on at once right now. I sound sick.

Recorded some VA lines a couple days ago but haven't revised them yet, hopefully I have all the material I need there cause I apparently won't be able to record for a while now, and they're already overdue...

Since I'm currently reflecting on how typical it is I come down with maybe the same thing as last year around the same time as last year I might as well reflect on other similarities.

The weather. We had winter then. Until a few days ago it was cold and wonderful and great in all ways this year too but for skyrocketing electricity prices - which I wrote up a blog about that I've yet to post (update) - and then it all melted and rained away, and it's currently gray and grimy, though the sun's peeking through...

There's still time. For Christmas Eve. Maybe we'll get a squeaky layer of brilliant white powder again then. Hope so.

I haven't been eating tons of chocolate this year, and no Gelato, but I do have two chocolate-containing Advent calendars on my wall, and I have a stash of stuff ready to be packed up and given away for the Big Day that sometimes tempts me too much, and I end up eating a little gift or two.
It's not like it's healthy for other recipients either!

That's probably similarly immune-system weakening.
It's Christmas though, you usually do these things around this time of year, and I don't usually get sick around this time of year...

What else? No antigen test this year - they aren't free now - so who knows how severe a virus this is, but the pandemic one ought be watered down and a bit more like a common cold now anyway. As long as you keep your D-vitamin levels high.

We have. I will. Higher doses today.

Would be nice if this shizzle passes quick, and I'm in decent shape when it's time to pack and open presents, which I remember being a bit taxing last year.

Especially the packing.

Would be nice if I don't spread this to the rest of the family this year too, but if it's the same thing that seems like a wishful stretch.

At least I don't feel totally wretched! At least this is an opportune moment to slow down and rest. And to think optimistic, so maybe I'll best, this pitiful virus that slipped up my steps.

But it's fascinating how, from feeling a victim and stressed, in the last days, although past great, I feel a little caressed down. Like I'm on a quest now, to just twiddle and recoup, to heal up and regroup, my demons flew the coup, maybe the sun gives lighter views too, I flee my brooding gloom.

When you're sick then there's potential, to get to a better you.

The Dharma La

I'm up early today!

Well at least earlier... like a visionary more than an early bird. Like one who sits and is rarely stirred. Like one who exists but it's real absurd. Like the world is viscous but still on my nerves. I mean more so vicious like a little blue bird, like what's going on with Twitter that has us all unnerved. And then Elon made a poll about stepping down. What'll be left?! I ingest a frown. After his tour of the town with a wrecking gown... yet it saddens there are so few objections now...

I really thought he wouldn't impeach some free speech. I didn't think he'd go about banning and shutting down every and each, account that wasn't on good grounds, I thought it'd be more like a feast. All exiles welcome back on! Attack on the wretched peeps who feel only their view is the right one and others deserve just sleep!

I think we should open for all debate. I think only when we speak on problems all is great - or at least we know what all just ain't. At least Elon's speaking about problems, but he has weakened his previous state: he came in wrecking all, a wrecking ball of seething hate... like. And I too see this ain't right. He could've done things differently...

Listen though, I'm up in the eve with no bitter woe. I'm looking not to grieve or thieve or sit till old. I'm up with the sun today to run and get done with dues! Shovel some shade with a spade, or shoot the shit till it moves.

Dubious 'bout the world state, it'd better improve till my birthday, or till dad hits February and eighty, and I better make it mainstream. Main stream of creative ideas that are raging inside beyond contemplation, on the job and the fam and vacations, what is real though, what really is sacred?

Do you sacrifice till you make it? Do you look back on a life that is vacant? Do you stash all the mics and berate this, and go satchel in hand to the races? Or keep crackin' at acting so mature that dreams are too risky a nature? Fickle are the hopes that you hold, that embolden you, that you know in your soul are true, when the world is so controlled and proofed from any nature-alterer but the creator? So how can make it all grander. Richer, perennial, greater.

I need a bigger cranium to come to terms with my maker. But for today, for a while at least, I'll find a way to escape nerves. Sit down and get stuff done. Feel a rush when I race, faster than you can erase err.

I'll see you later.

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