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Gymkhana 2022

Hadn't heard of this event at all before, but I know I'll be tuning in next year! May the fumes of fossil fuels never die! And neither Travis Pastrana.

He goes cray cray. What a day yay. And I had heard of Nitro Circus...

Don't Let Potential...

Don't let potential be written on your tombstone.

Cause Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Cause Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Courtesy Max Knoblauch over at that newsletter I occasionally consider opting out of since I feel like I have better things to spend my time on but then again it's nice to keep up with the world a bit and this is one easy way to do so all things considered! And ain't that ^ the truth these days.

Stay Awesome China!

Not new but interesting! If you're into China. And who isn't. It's the world.

The Quick But Musty √Ąppelmust Dream

Woke up from a musty √Ąppelmust dream today.

We were just getting ready to taste-test a year old brew that had been stashed away in our outhouse for some time, when beep goes the alarm.

There goes the dream.

Before it ended I was scooping away foam and apple residue from the glass, and though some of this stuff looked a bit oddly yellow - almost mustard-like, the remaining content looked good.

It fizzed with promise shortly after it had been poured up, and the remaining liquid - though most of it disappeared as foam and remains - was suitably clear and tasty-looking. We were JUST about to have a sip of it! Come on!

It had been stored in a plastic bottle with maybe not the best lid though, as it didn't give off any kind of psshh sound when opened. Together with a bunch of other odd and old stuff in the shed. We were digging through; cleaning stuff out.

Just a little earlier we'd been out on the lake, fishing I think, and there was some issue with the water... it was drying up. A portion of the lake had been turned into land, and you could basically walk across it, the bottom like dunes of wet sand, the water was almost gone entirely.

We were there for the fish though, which had something to do with the land conversion, and I don't think we saw the problem as seriously as it maybe really was.

The weather was nice and nature was plentiful, and there might've been something there in regard to cloudberries too...

I forget. The morning lecture's started and I have a cup of tea beside me for wake-up purposes. Educational matter emitted via loudspeaker is pushing away the remainder of said musty appelmust dream. And maybe that's best. Maybe I can get back where I left off tonight...

Time to learn about zinc. That's it.

I think.

The Cybernetic Beyond

The Cybernetic Beyond

Courtesy of my main source of worldly (albeit mostly US) news these days.

Title's my own though. Must say it feels hella relevant at the time of writing - early human candidate Neuralink testing's currently on track too...

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