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Crater (2023)

Crater (2023)

Disney movie. Colony on the moon. In a crater. Relevance high, scenery great, plotline lighthearted but gripping, though the main characters are a bundle of kids....

Irresponsible kids no less, that end up stranded on the moon, wasting oxygen, destroying things, having a jolly time at the expense of others (making me feel like a grumpy old man here)... and yet you do bond with them regardless, and when the end comes I wasn't expecting the feels it'd lead up to.

The end is kind of like the end of Passengers, or Interstellar - a lifetime gone - a lifetime waiting.

I wonder if the prospect of a life going by would've hit me so hard when I was younger but holy shit man. You grow older you know.

Especially if you spend your days caught on woe.

On paths you didn't take that you could have. On hopes you didn't pass on, on ends that seem to be coming quicker by the minute, choices you could've taken but didn't, lives you could've lived but aren't, still stuck in your own little bubble; colony on the moon.

That ending hit me hard...

It's the right movie for the moment. Might remind me to live a little, too. Not take anything for granted. Not wait another moment.

I do love the prospect of a road trip too.

The story's told so well, though initially it feels a bit cheesy and kiddish. The little kid problems just that. Irrelevant. Wasteful.

It doesn't feel that way when it's over.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome

Golden Escape (2022)

Golden Escape (2022)

AKA Wong Gam Dai To Yuk.

There they go with the fake CGI explosions again! And the propaganda ending... and yet this WAS a good movie. Feelgood.

It pays homage to some American classics. Truman Show, Prison Break... the translated title's reminiscent of that other prison break classic too isn't it. ;)

Feels like there might be a message a brewing behind it all too, and who can undermine the value of just plain good friendship?

The prison bromance that Si Ge and Xie Ge develop seems a bit too naïve sometimes, but it feels good too.

They paint up the prison scene as both utmost hell and the place you dream it'd be - a place where you don't just have foes and fights and bloody knifes but next level loyalty and comradery.

I wonder if prison in China actually does look anything like this. A whole complex squashed into what looks like an apartment block.

It can't - can it?

The technical aspects of this movie is where it really shines though.

The minutiose details with which they plan their escape, and the innovative ways they engineer their way towards freedom... and the friendship, of course.

It really ain't perfect but it feels good, I enjoy the characters, and they almost got a perfect ending too... almost.

Well maybe this is about as good as it gets after all. Why not. Good watch.

Without those special effects and all I imagine it'd be a solid four...

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

The Last Sentinel (2007)

The Last Sentinel (2007)

It's Don Wilson y'all! And... LL Cool J? No, someone else? Not to forget also the warrior-ready Katee Sackhoff, wannabe warrior female without in-movie name.

The dialog's not the most legit, but the battles are explosive, the AI's futuristic, the sceneries worn and post-apocalyptic.

It's good.

Though it also feels like an eighties movie. Feels like it came out years after it's intended time.

There are drones, samurai, tech, AI - it's a little cheesy but savage too.

It may not be the most impeccably acted - nor fought - Don Wilson seems not overly proficient at either. More so at holding a gruff and grumpy look. But it definitely was entertaining; definitely was sci-fi; the post-apocalypticness definitely comes through too...

Katee ain't bad either, name or no.

 rated 3/5: not bad

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