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Angela, The Black Angel (1989)

Angela, The Black Angel (1989)

AKA Arabella L'angelo Nero.

Stumbled upon another movie from the year I was born! Like Warlock and Sukkubus recently - of course I had to give it a watch.

It's an Italian one this time. A sensual, softcore thriller, that starts with a journalist who follows what seems to be a voyeuristic girl, who gets raped by a police, who tries to blackmail her, who she kills... and so her handicapped husband's writer's block is lifted.

The plot's not the most streamlined, but it is thrilling. The characters feel real. The scissors look like they could do some real damage, too. Blood's like paint but the soft skin ain't... morbid and mesmerizing, with a quick tap water trick along the way.

It's not the highest quality all in all, but it's not a B-movie is it? More so Italian. Could've been sixties or seventies elsewhere. Reminds me a little of Eyes Wide Shut too... good watch.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

Pleasure Or Pain (2013)

Pleasure Or Pain (2013)

Visually exquisite this is.

Sensual. Dark. A bit like Basic Instinct, even with the car...

Feels like it lacks something finite but overall: What a star. Malena Morgan. Beautiful scar.

The pain though: It's all psychological.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Back At It Like A Crack Addict!

I am back!

Bags unpacked. From the wilderness. From my will to rest. Sense of efficiency proliferating. Making things. Going about my dues like they'll end if I do...

Though how do you define 'back'.

I'll be gone again in a few days. I'm only temporarily in my home- instead of my homestead. I'm like a ghost dwelling within these walls - effortlessly passing through - on a journey to some other destination of which this house is but a part of.

We made the long trip back by car today, and yesterday, with a car packed with potatoes and relevant vegetables of varied edible sorts, as usual.

The freezer's full now - had to turn six liters of black currents to jam since there was no more room for 'em, had some frozen fish for dinner, and will hopefully be eating up a looot of loose-leaf salad these next few days. It may not take kindly to time. It's the most volatile and perishable of all edible greens we've brought with us.

I'll be back to work tomorrow, and catching up on digital correspondence and duties of varied sorts for the next few days, and after that... I'm heading off again! From a house that's warm (the one up North certainly isn't in October - I do appreciate the warmth now) but also full of distraction. Like, currently, my mom trying to speak to me through the wall as I'm attempting to focus on and finish this post so I can then get my daily verse done for the day, maybe find a suitable beat for tomorrow, and start going through a bundle of unrelated dues I've dotted down on a digital notepad for this here brief sojourn, and maybe I can get to bed in decent time, cause rinse and repeat; rise and shine...

What I'm saying is the warmth's nice, but it gets stressful here. As soon as you near the city. No matter how much needs doing on the farm it never feels as intense. Distractions are welcome. You take breaks. You end the day in the sauna. Tensions wash off and disipate. The work may be monotone but it's mostly rewarding - not so much when it's digital.

And yes I am doing Inktober this year too! I haven't prepared at all. I haven't warmed up my vocals. I hope my voice holds up. Been wondering if maybe I have a vocal chord polyp or something, since I sometimes get an uncontrollable cough when I strain my vocals to a point... where they shouldn't really be that strained. Or do I just need to warm up better?

It's a cold season.

Was hoping I'd get more time to prepare, but part of the fun with this challenge is also that you don't, and spontaneity and necessity fuels creativity it seems. Or vice versa. I write some of the best things I write when I don't have much time to think them through, which I'm hoping happens this year too. Hope I can keep the fuel till the final duel.

October finna be a busy month.

I'm here a few days, then I'm heading up North again, to spend a few days in the wild with a buddy, then a few more days at the family farm, then two nights at a hotel - from which I'll attend a one-day course on how to shield against microwave radiation (that I recently won in a contest (courtesy of RTK)), then fly back and work a day, take a train to Ă–stersund to visit my nephew/family for a few days the day after, take an early morning train back with him a day after my brother's coming down to catch a semi-finale game at Stockholm Open with my dad (previously promised 80 year B-Day gift), attend a Crayfish party with some crayfish compatriots that same weekend, then work, then off to Latvia a couple days and then... maybe I can focus a bit more on this Inktober stuff!

A larger webdesign project's coming up in November too, potentially, if I get that job. *fingers crossed*

Catch up more in a bit! Time's flying. I'm back. Unpacking. Tired. Tracking. Straining my neck. Training on tech. Trekking till I wreck myself or find a wreck I recon minding... or stray and forget. Feign a bliss. Wish for change. Sit and trip off! Then sit. And be still the same.

Maybe watch a movie! Maybe play a game! Same shit. But it will not quit. The hood life? The good fight. We're good guys.

For now this is it.

Inktober #1 - Back (1:03)


Inktober #1 - Back

But no time to relax
I'm trying to hold back
No time to unpack
Work tomorrow -
And the timing's all whack!
I've carried my flags!
I'm buried in bags!
In berries and salad
I'm very Galahad!
Knight fall though -
My mind is on crack!

But I'll be UP before you know it!
This fall plans are ongoing,
Always and all in motion,
No stalling or walled enclosings!
Busy times by choosing.
Crops are no longer growing,
Still time to do some fishin' though -
Picking plowing and sowing!

Always looking to reason,
Plotting for next season,
Finding ways to be UP!
Where I feel and sleep easy!
I'm at peace believe me!
Off grid without teevee!
Civilization's a SCAB:
Why do we pick it and get it BACK?!

But I do like NG see!
And you peeps and music!
Inktober's rolling as usual
I'm hoping this here will prove it
I'm back but going stupid
Tired and loosely screwy
But I'll see you in a few
Gotta do some dues
And watch a movie

Woo-wee... I'm kinda warming up.


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