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Once Upon A Crime (2023)

Once Upon A Crime (2023)

Here's a new take on a classic fairytale, and a Japanese one at that! Y'all already know it's gonna be crazy. Though more in mannerisms than madness, maybe.

It starts with Red Riding Hood waltzing through the forest, and she meets a witch who's willing to transform her boots into shiny new shoes... yet apparently this particular witch has trouble with shoe spells, so all they turn out is muddied.

It takes a while before they get to the spell casting too. Red Riding Hood initially just walks right by her, but the dark Witch catches up, and waves her wand... and then Cinderella jumps into the picture.

Cheesy, you think? Nah. Not for but Paul the mouse mayhaps - but he's a fun character too.

And I love how many fairytales they mix in! And how they blend together... it's mainly just the two but... if I dig deeper I think I'd spot some additional inspirations.

What about Sweeney Todd? Ratatouille? What about... well maybe I'm just reaching into my hat at this point, but it feels like a mix. Albeit a simple one. Suddenly it turns into a detective story, and I feel like I should've been clued into that it would be early on. When Red Riding Hood first shows her observational prowess - something that sure came in handy in the original tale - when she met up with that wolf disguising as her grandma.

No wolf here, though.

It's a relatively harmless tale considering it does deal with a murder - as maybe you might say most fairytales are. More brutal than you'd think them to be. Yet practical and charming also. Just like this.

It was a good one. The special effects look good too. I wouldn't mind if they weaved together more than the one story with this bright-eyed Red-haired classic. In a world where everyone just has to be beautiful... she doesn't seem to fit in all too badly herself.

Muddy boots or no.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Inktober #29 - Halloween In Sweden

AKA The Killer Halloween Groove, Halloween, Dynamic Duo SE...

Ey! Cyberdevil! Cyberdevil! Cyberdevil! On that level! Rocking steady! Every day...

Cyberdevil and Epifon! 311!
Droppin' bombs! Both veterans in the wrecking room!
Destined to collab I guess! Since I'm here in Stockholm!
Epifon I don't know but Sweden is small and hella long!

Both repertoire's big and bangin'! Hey NG fam!
Shout out @Kolumbo from the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes!
Back from the FDS days! When NG was on no map!
Now we've got the dopest flows and rappers EVER! Bring it back!

Will it last? The Hallowed Eve's coming up!
Evil demons and feeble legions be seeping up through the rough!
While I'm here emceeing and feeling seemingly stuck in these ruts!
Blood-sucking beasts and cetuses feed on us like fetuses

That's what up! How can I even preach?
While the streets are filling up with these freaks and zombies?
Put a leash on those brain-eating, anti-Eden children
What's the world coming to? I thought we were going vegan!

What will happen to our freedom? What will happen to our RIGHTS?!
Though it's not like we've had a lot of that in our lives
At least these politicians might be ripe for demise
Maybe we'll see a new world after these bleak nights...


It's Halloweeeen! Every day's a dream!
Dry-sucking succubi chilling by the coffee machine!
We got mummies we got knights! We got bloody poltergeists!
We've got pirates in real life! We got Knives! We got Scythes!

We've got demons we've got pumpkins! We've done a whole lot of carving!
We're harming these plump farm things in a way that is alarming!
Pumpkin lobotomies are commonplace in these parts!
And we call this kind of ungodly undulating 'doing art'

We've got ghosts! We got mummies! We've got all kinds of dummies!
We've got folks who dress up like a carrot or an onion!
Like Blue Beetle! Like a needle! Like a cheese! Maybe Brie?
Whatever you can think of - you probably can see

And we got Skype! We got Zoom! We've got all kind of rooms!
Online where you can join in if you live in Sweden too!
And all this Halloween stuff never really ensues!
We're party poopers all of us here! I need to move.

Cyberdevil. Epifon! 311.

At least we got a killer Halloween groove!

Oooohohhoohooho... yo.

Inktober #29 - Halloween In Sweden (2:11)


Deranged (1974)

Deranged (1974)

If they'd made this one today it definitely would've been a lot more violent! Though as it is... I wonder if this really is how it was. They say it's based upon a true story, and that it's depicted in graphic detail no less, so nothing for the squeamish or weak-minded - so the narrator states as the movie begins. But then again maybe the narrator is just a part of the movie...

It's supposedly the filmatization of the real story behind Ezra Cobb - a farmer turned grave robber, after his possessive but much-loved mother dies...

Apparently it's really based upon the story of Ed Gein - who's an inspiration for many another horror movie with radically different premise - like Psycho and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. So is this real or no? Supposedly it was the realest depiction available at the time...

But how would they really know the details.

Exactly how things went down with the victims is something only Ezra/Ed would know. Unless they've interviewed him. I wonder if he'd give up details if they did. If he was as crazy as they say. And I wonder if the conversations really played out the way they did in the movie. If he really saw his mom's face in front of him as he did his deeds. If it was all for her - and he attempted to preserve her as best he could - maybe all those other victims were just that for the sake of new flesh?

What do I know though. I'm not sure I want to know, either way.

The initial narration - in practice breaking the fourth wall - is not something a movie of this sort would've had today either. And the blood's clearly paint. But the dead... clearly ain't? I wonder if they actually used some live bodies with the initial brain scene. That was very realistic...

It's a good movie, but not as disturbing as it could've been. Ezra comes across psychotic as they'd portray a psychotic cray back in the day... and it's a little crazy how much that practice has changed in the fifty years since they made it.

It's another world now.

Hopefully guys like this existed more so in the old one too. Isolated, fanatically religious, with a mom complex... I might have one too but not like this! Mind you.

Good movie. Though it's all the more intriguing most of all because it actually was (supposedly, all) true...

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

Inktober #28 - Pool Party

AKA The Cool One, The Pool One, Pool All, At The Pool, Pool Jam...

Yeaah... a cool one after yesterday!
Cooling off. After the wrecking rage.
Cyberdevil. Jabun with a ready-made.
EM-1... b36... this is it! This a hit!
That it is! Let us let it play, ey...

(here we go yo)

Smooth and soft. Like a Chevrolet.
Riding around these Grounds. Every day.
Fuming off the top of my head - tonsils popping and red -
But in bed I ain't!

Cold can't keep me from my music!
You speak in tunes! I hear it! I too speak!
Two sounds meet and it's truly congruant.
I view this as fucking cool. And human.

It's a movement... it's a thing that goes round!
Every year when I'm here I keep spinning my sounds!
Not nearly as much as I would like - I huff on the mic,
In a rush for a month and then - scuff to the side!

Time in the spotlight's done, with that plot I run,
Oxygen stops, blood clots and my fun drops off
For the winter as I tend to my indoor living and
Fend off the many women who want manly men with them (in my head!)

Feels like a sin to stay silent. Gotta keep speaking.
Wrecking havoc at peak times - least on the weekend,
Musique is truly a beauty - beautiful to me
Like the lush forests in North Sweden I'm elluding

When I'm here in my little row house, holed down
Notes out, prose drops dramatically when I roll South
But I gotta push that habit, I gotta jam with
My friends and fellow NG fam as often as I eat a sandwich

Is it a sin to stay silent if you're in a crowd?
Don't be violent! Open your mouth and let it out man.
World would be a better place if instead of pepperspray
We step aside and say 'you first' or 'cheers' or 'here's to better days'

Let the rage rain away with this cool...
Let the music be the tool you need to pool all feuds...
And there's no feuding in a pool man, we're truly human
When we pool together and do thangs, yeah!


I don't know if this flow's warm or cold!
Is ambience a wharf or a warmth in your bones?
It's unknown! It's a mystery like what Napoleon
Had in his pocket. Chapstick? Lockpick? Poems?

Maybe a locket. A memory of better days.
We all want rockets. To send us to a better place.
Like there's in outer space a mountain to raze.
Full of minerals and gold that can buy us a vase.

Our priorities are skewed like we're playing with Ames Room
It's strange how we race through life
Like our strife's just spacial, surfacial
Superficial like Pilates compared to say Plato, yeah....

And do we join Nato? What's an artist for?
If not to paint a little nuance on the art of war?
I'd rather chill and level up my Gardevoir
In my bedroom while the Martians storm, and start reforms

Maybe if we know we're comparatively dumb
And aliens can flatten our planet with just a thumb
We'll be just a little humbled, and sit around as one
Pool party y'all. Pool all of our glum and just...

Be happy we're alive huh! Jabba the Hut survivors! Fake idols to bridals!
Beanies and waterbottles. Stop relying on the lotto! If you are. Work hard. That's my motto!
And Jabun killing it with the groovebox! KORG EM-1, live jam! My man! Hella fun!
Feel like I'm sitting on an elaphant. What a ride - what I relish - what a vibe!

Smooth still, let it sliiide...

Yeaaah! Cyberdevil. Jabun.


Inktober #28 - Pool Party (3:22)


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