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Inktober #26 - We Were Crazy Once (1:01)


Inktober #25 - The Jungle Drum

AKA Jungle Run, Jungle Drums...

On the run from my demons today!
Took a run this evening today!
I didn't run far! Stoop at the knee and I say:
Why don't I try to emcee now today?

Can't a cold take me to my grave!
And can't old age tame me!
Can I slow down though? Be brave!
Maybe I'll go mainstream!

Nah! On a run through the jungle!
Jungle drums rumble! Steps like a thunder!
Tropic like a sauna - I'm used to that shizzle
The views sure are beautiful but ooh all these critters

All these venomous snakes in the grass and the marshes
Arachnids - lining the arches like carpets
The trees with the mango and the beasts who farm it
Hope I don't... seem too alarmist!

The jungle's a place for the strongest and only
Those who survive carry on in the dawn
King Kong in the mangrove with a big John
Sing songs when the night falls if you waaant...

To succumb to a savage death!
Laid down in the lush green mesh - a lavish rest!
Lavender leaf on a lamented lap
Where you lie for a nap for the rest of all...

The last of rest! The lasting rest! What's after/next! That tragic death! The afterlife! The ladder, the nexus aaaaa...

Gotta catch my breath!
Gotta slow down for this run
Or I might succumb to the hungerous one
With the jungle drums

I just want to chill in a hammock
Get a PBJ sandwich - sit in my pajamas
Learn Spanish like como te llamas
And snap me some pics - new camera angles!

But these animals have no manners!
They're easy to anger! Their teeth like are daggers!
Like Dracula they have a practicular vernacular
They just want to maul and mangle!

Strangle their foes! Or straddle their foes!
Go mad! Is that what too many bananas will do to you?
Don't screw with the jungle loonies or you will soon
Find these ruthless brutes are unusual

They'll take your teeth and turn 'em into cereal!
They'll play games at your wake and you're burial!
An enamored panda may make you stand up and say
You're marital vows in clicks like mandibles

What is UP with these jungle critters?
This ain't a jungle on Earth, is it?
I say Aye if we journey to the stars...
Maybe we'll get this kind of jungle, on Mars!

But my thoughts are a jungle! My thoughts too are vicious!
And feed on my hope and my dreams! They're nutritious!
The darkness inside! The greed and ambitions!
I'll disarm 'em like the lethalest lizards!

Or like fire ants, beetles, botfly's and hornets.
Infestations? My mind is your nest.
Papa Roach proclaimed back in the day:
The government the media or your family!

It's all the same, it's all and one
It's the sane, the wise, the jungle drum!
The jungle drum! The jungle drum! The jungle drum! The jungle drum!

It's all the same, it's all and one
It's the sane, the wise, the jungle drum!
The jungle drum! The jungle drum! The jungle drum! The jungle drum!

The jungle drum... the jungle drum...

Fast & Furious - The Fast And The Furious (2001)

Fast & Furious - The Fast And The Furious (2001)

I can't remember the last time I truly felt WITH the characters in one of these movies. Their pain. Their thrill. Their embarrassment. But here you do. It's a roller coaster of emotions just as much as it is one of racing and action, fast and furious for real, and you don't just see the cars but you get a glimpse under the hood of them too. The engines. The parts. The tech.

You rarely do now do you? It feels like they've simplified one of the essential elements a bit too much since...

I love the new movies too - don't get me wrong, but the first ones... this felt real. This felt different. You had room to breath occasionally too, and to bond with the characters, and truly feel the turmoil when it's over. It's so gritty. The moments are merciless. When it matters it matters, but between those ten seconds - as they say, there's a whole lot of life going on too.

And before Luda there was Ja Rule! I didn't remember him.

I don't really feel the soundtrack's the best match at all times here - sometimes it's a bit much, sometimes it's a bit too techno - they could've amped up some scenes even more, but everything else about is this... it really made way for a legacy.

The name's true. It's exactly what it's supposed to be. And they had an after-credit sequence right from the beginning... I'm not sure I saw that bit before. Was hoping to see more but: it's a nice outro.

What a great start to a franchise the first one really was.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

Inktober #25 - The Jungle Drum (2:44)


Inktober #24 - Hours

Today is...

A short one! Cause I gotta run, I'll get more done -
Tomorrow. Just got off work with a sore bum.
Been sitting all day on a chair like I can't afford one that's
Comfortable! What ELSE in my life devours funds?

Fun times up in Ă–stersund - save for the cold!
Bummed a ride now I'm ready to roll!
I'm going all month like an overly aggressive Poker player! ARR!
Won't ever fold!

Know I'll be old WAY before I'm ready.
The way the years are flying I feel I'm there already.
I bear the resignation like my boss SUCKS
And every day I'm ready for a confrontation

I'm not willing to conform! I'll get jiggy with a norm!
But my boss is COOL like McDonald, Norm.
I'm slightly out of form and tired I haven't slept,
But I got the job DONE - ain't fired yet!

FIRE breath! Dragon in the place! Revolutionary!
Luffy's dad! Face tattoos! Very scary!
The System IS Of A Down! Taxicity! Aries!
Hairy times! Haircut's mandatary!

Planetary destruction coming out of this bitch!
Mother Nature don't give a fuck what freedom is!
The freedom to exploit's for spoiled rich kids!
Who weren't raised right! What a waste of great life!

Waste of green Earth! Waste of great Skies!
Waste of clean Water! WASTE those a-craters?
I gotta go I'll see you later - change the world!
Don't wait! The sooner maybe the safer.

And don't be foiled. It's about so much beyond just...
Co(2) and oil.


The Last Heist (2022)

The Last Heist (2022)

London Gang movies... somehow they turn out so gritty. So dark. Must be all the rainy weather they have over there...

Initially I thought this one would consist just of a whole lot of talking - didn't seem like it'd lead to any worthwhile action scenes at least - even if the Trump masks during the robbery were an unexpectedly (and refreshing) provocative touch, but then it all takes a twist! And what a twist.

It's like that one horror movie with the car crash when everybody still thinks they're alive, and they relive their final moments in a nearby motel. What was that one called... really good movie.

This is not really like that though. Not like that that all - but there are parallels. I'm trying to recall the name of that other film.

This one progresses like fine wine. Starts off a bit basic - a bit unnecessarily brutal too - I'm not a huge fan of either interrogation scenes or British slang (there's a lot of cunts thrown about for one) but when it does hit that turning point it suddenly feels worth the while. When you realize WHY they've just been talking for all that time. What it was all leading to. And are they truly confronting their friends and family in those final moments, or is it just their subconscious mind...

Karma's a bitch huh?

I do prefer the modern Hollywood ending where the bad guys win, but this really wasn't bad. Wasn't what I expected, neither initially nor when it's over. I thought it'd be an action movie about old dudes pupping one last job. Thought that was all. Boy was a I Wrong Turn.

Wrong Turn is not that other film title I was actually looking for by the way. I just can't remember the right one...

Good watch anyway. Just like that one.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all

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