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Inktober #24 - Hours (1:17)


Take Out Girl (2020)

Take Out Girl (2020)

Adeline Montes. OG.

Wasn't expecting huge things from this, but as it turns out it just might be the most gangster gangster movie I've seen in a while now. About a daughter who wants to get out of a bad neighborhood; who wants to help her mom; who gets involved with a bad person, starts stacking, and then somehow everything falls to pieces.

The acting's not perfect, but when it's awkward it's awkward in a natural way. Like she's just a regular girl trying to act a gangster. Like someone scared. Like someone brave. Like someone struggling. Like someone putting on a tough fa├žade to make it in a tough life, and so when you get a peek past the poker face it still just feels REAL.

Can't give this a full five stars all the way, but it kept me rooting; kept me engaged all the way. Best budget movie I've seen in a while now.

And I like the style! Good visuals and atmosphere too.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Inktober #23 - A Rental Transition (1:12)


Inktober #23 - A Rental Transition

AKA Monumental Monday...

I'm taking a rental now!
Down to Stockholm bound!
Rolling up to the dealer with
New wheels backpack and a trench-coat now!

Got two bananas with me!
Gotta get lunch somewhere South!
Fridge is empty but I've plenty
Of ideas along this route!

It's gonna be cool,
Riding along on the highway smooth,
I'll get a Volvo XC40
Which for transport I will use

And double socks, long underpants
And two holes in my shoes!
In addition to the two holes
You traditionally use

It's friggin' cold outdoors
It dropped to minus ten
But I'm rolling to the warmth now
I'm going home again

And the car I got is free -
I follow this old philosophy
That you shouldn't pay for more than
You really really need

So I'll be in a rental now!
I'll be driving all day
At least six seven hours -
Will I be early or more late?

I figured I'll do this quick,
And then I'll hit the road!
No beat today NG folks!
I'm out! Bags and a coat.

This freedom is what I chose!
Instead. Gotta leave rental,
Then get home, get better,
Go to bed. I bet I'll be spent.

See you in the...
Final week of emceeing strictly speaking
This streak is going to peak in -
I reckon - if this cold lets up -

Any second.

Ca$h (2008)

Ca$h (2008)

It's a French Oceans 11! Starring Jean Reno. And as the 'French' bit of it may imply it's needless to say also all the more complex, and all the more romantic, though it never gets as intimate at you might expect it to for a French movie. I guess they decided to keep it mainstream as well?

The intrigue's great, the cast is charming, and Jean Reno is really just a small part of it. The most notable three are maybe the confident CASH (played by Jean Dujardin), along with the girls Valeria Golino and Alice Taglioni.

You won't have any idea what's going on until it's over. Or maybe you will, but I didn't. Not until very very close to the end at least. And I won't spoil it here. It's what makes the movie, too. The intrigue. The twists - sometimes comical and sometimes dramatic. Never all too aggressive though.

It's a charming, captivating and clever run through the streets of Paris, cops and robbers style, in chase for a staggering twelve million (EUROS, was it...?) worth of diamonds - which was of course all the more staggering back in 2008, when this came out.

The English title of this btw gives a very different first impression than the Swedish translation. In Swedish it's Svindlarna. Or 'The Scammers'. And that may or may not give a bit more of it away... but not so much you won't be surprised regardless.

It's about more than just Ca$h, after all. Both in name and motive.

Good movie. If you liked the Ocean's trilogy, I think you'd like this too. It's not all as flashy but maybe all the more real.

Or at least all the more unpredictable.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Inktober #22 - This Is Stupid

AKA Stupid, The Stupid, Idiot Beat, Final Sunday...

This is stupid...

Cool. Let's groove...

Back in not lacking webbings
On the net 'for I took my first steps
First vet first as a newbie, coolness
Oozing, out of my pores like noodles

Going wise or going stupid?
I wouldn't know I'm always fusing
Wisom wit and whisks of losing it
That's what I call refueling

Need a mix that's potent high-end!
Macking tracks on that mad science!
Take it back to the time 'for time!
When our neighbors could devour our minds!

When green men stole our pine and lions!
And the mean Tyranosaurus
Came through tooting teeth of giants
Till he got killed off like a virus!

Mammoth tracks, back to back,
Back on Black was iconic that was!
I don't act boss level actor
Matter of fact I'd rather spaz and

( Act a loon! Keep at that till June!
Keep the act until the pact resumes!
I'm not a Crip and I'm not a Blood but we're all of blood
At this crib of love

Let us just live off the land and act
Like we rise above...)

Wheeling through these evil legions
Of corporate dorks stealing freedoms
I don't do that though! You don't either.
Make tunes shoot doot doot out the ether

Fueled on doubt and grooves and eagerness
That's why I'm called Repeater
Tracks start and stop? Neither!
Not when the Bob is on this microphone

Bobbing in an icy home
They say it's October but I might've known we ought turn the light back on
We ought turn our life to poems - that's what I'm doing!
I'll keep writing till my typos gon. I'll keep fuming.

Fix this mix! Better and better!
Want to live good but also forever!
Picnic dips! Sit with umbrellas!
No bad clothes! Only the weather!

Get mistook for a crook at the airport!
Have long boots! Knives and airsoft!
Sometimes wish I'd live more reckless!
Go like fuck it what the heck it's LIFE!

And you only live it twice.

This is stupid...

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