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Rudrangi (2023)

Rudrangi (2023)

The post-colonial powers in India decided to take advantage of the situation and continue to oppress the downtrodden.

The visuals in this one! The sensuality. The bad-assary. The slow-mo and battles... it goes beyond what I was expecting. And the story's an epic one - of lordship and defiance - of slavery and love - of sacrifice and power. Though Mallesh sometimes seems so strong, and sometimes... not so much.

There are cultural elements here that feel a bit too foreign for me. Like there's a whole lot of talk on the topic of drinking someone else's pee - as if the ultimate form of submission and shame. But the fights are still magnificent, and the romances maybe even more so, and in the end it really makes well do with the saying that 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'. From one tyrant to another...

Wonder if it's a pike at the social hierarchies of India too. They still have 'em, after all.

Great watch anyway. Visually amazing. Script-wise? A little messy. A little all over the place. A little baffling - though I don't know if that's a fault of the story or of the subtitles, or my outsider reference frame.

It might be both.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

Insidious Inferno (2023)

Insidious Inferno (2023)

Amateur horror movie for real, but they do do some things right! The effects are good. The props are good. The characters are readable and real. It's... not great though. It keeps you watching but doesn't amaze.

Gotta say though they managed a lot with little... solid all.

It is atmospheric.

 rated 3/5: not bad

Rockstar Trailer 1


Got this vague preview in the mail today...

Potential GTA sequel in the works? Potentially a GTA SA remake one?! I can hope - favorite GTA game so far that one was...

Maybe news of this is out already elsewhere. I'm not up-to-date at all. But hyped.

Good promo Rockstar.

Ocean's Eleven (2001)

Ocean's Eleven (2001)

Here's the perfect heist movie if there ever was one, it still is. with the gadgetry, with the cast, with the settings and transitions and jives and jitteriness and everything in between.

The timing's a bit too impeccable sometimes - like how were they so sure Tess would turn on the TV quickly enough to see the right footage. Or not notice the phone when she sat down first, and discard it then. Or something such but... that wouldn't make for as good a movie if she did huh?

These are details I definitely didn't consider the first two or three times I saw this now. Least I don't think so. IF I did maybe I did't mind then - just like now. I don't now either.

What a grand, gallant and charismatic criminal movie this is! Criminally overrated too? No way. The score's deserved. It's just right. The sequels may not be all that but this is definitely one I'll keep coming back to.

Soderbergh you genius you.

Friggin' great.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome

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