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Post The Second Friday...

It's been two Fridays already huh? Time passeth all too quickly...

I've been pondering:

1. Posting a lot more code-related tidbits on the blog, that amounted during recent code-related endevours.
2. Reviewing the cars I've been driving the past few months, in relation to work/these code-related endeavors (so far a Volvo X40, X60, Polestar 2, the newest Ford Focus, Toyota RAV 4...)
3. Starting up a dev blog of sorts, and going through code I'm currently working on in detail, as to also better commit it to memory.
4. Start blogging more about travel, and post some pics from these trips and journeys. Like a Motala recap, cause that was pretty cool.
5. Blog more about food, and review some of the restaurants I've been to during the past few months due to all these recent work and code-related endevours...
6. Polish up a few hundred regular movie reviews and get those posted too, but that currently seems somewhat unrealistic.
7. Just stop blogging. Focus on other things.

I don't really want to stop though, I want more time, I want to be more productive, I want to live free and spontaneous again and feel like days are long and never end, and that I can do what I want with them, and manage more with them than I ever thought was possible, yet instead I keep currently coming back to the common and recently developed 'no time' catchphrase when someone calls for collaboration or other conversational effort...

I have jumped on a couple of concurrent collabs, though.

I'm working on a game for the Flash Jam on NG currently - with a mystery coder - and learning a bit more about ActionScript while I'm at it. Though my focus be graphics/verse.

I'll be throwing together something for Pico Day with another mystery musician, though that's currently far into the future. Like next month. Gah.

I want to jump on more! I want to do more! I want to go so hard I have to crawl through these doors on all fours when I go out on my walks, and live life like a (productivity) monster till they line me down in chalk! Not just sit here rhyme and gawk! Go haywire! Say fire! Fire up those thoughts! Lightning-type these fingers! Don't linger here distraught! Be bringer of the rain when they singeth of the drought!

So yeah, I wanna get more done. I'm working on it. Bout to take a brisk walk in a minute so that I may then make the most of this current day, and here's a pretty cool picture of a mountain and a moon in Turin, Italy, last year. Props Valerio Minato.

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