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Most Popular Song Each Month Since January 1980

Was about to say something about the inevitable gradual degradation of both music and culture overtime, but I don't know y'all... maybe it goes in waves. All the way. Some of these are real gems, from the eighties to present day. And some really are catchy. GAYLE! Hey~

Flash Forward To Boden!

I'm sitting on the train. Listening to Jocko Podcast #249. About Face. Eight hours to Stockholm from Åre. Five to go. Sipping my second cup of coffee currently. Had sandwiches and fruit for lunch, and some somewhat sweet but also notably nutritious no-bake RAW food Raspberry crumble.

Figured I'd blog a bit in transit, cause as soon as I'm back home it's game time again.

The Flash Forward Jam's in eight days. I have a flight to Boden in four. I'll be working at least two of the four remaining days before then, and before I leave I'd best be done with my part of that game!

I'll be back the afternoon of deadline day, if there's anything that still needs adjusting then, but I'm hopeful - hopefully after I've done some of these animation dues tomorrow I'll also be confident - that I'll be done with my part before the next trip awaits.

I managed almost everything I wanted to manage before I was off on this current one, hopefully the code's all done by now, and what remains for me now is simply to animate in walk and jump animations, tweak the interface a little more, and if time allows maybe redo a kick.

Maybe no kick. I'm not confident there'll be time over for that bit - but for essential MCs and other final interface edits and adjustments...

Needless to say I won't be doing a lot of blogging next week, the week after I should be back to the usual grind, and the next project, a little something for Pico Day! Calmer days, no gauze or haze... for a while. Before summer come and I up and run!!! This season really does get kinda stressful...

Åre was great y'all. I'll post pictures sometime. Maybe right below this text right here when I'm back and at it again, and there's time to spare...


RIP Akira Toriyama (1955 - 2024)

Just requires a post of it's own is all, the unfortunate demise of this artist and icon most of us have probably somehow been influenced by, even if you don't recognize the name...

If you don't know he's the guy behind Dragon Ball. And more.

A real trailblazer OG both in manga and anime he was.

I am saddened by the news, but his work will definitely live on, and there's still plenty I've personally yet to discover.

Rest well AT. You had quite the impact on the world we all reside in, a God in the world of manga, like ocean-wise Poseidon.


Don't Åre, Be Happy!

I'm heading off to Åre y'all. Tomorrow morning. Way too early.

Is it even possible for me to get comfortable with morning times, I wonder... I find peace when the light dims; when everything is tranquil and cozy, when the blisters of life wane away, bliss comes to play, your mind lights up, a vortex of thoughts whirl through it, floodgates to another world seem to open and give you far-off whiffs of epiphanies yet to come, you feel a sense of focus and accomplishment and enlightenment and also calm... if everything went well that particular day.

But yeah I'm heading off to Åre! Early morn'. It may rain a bit; it may freeze over just as I head to the commuter train. Best be careful with the sprain. I'm wondering if I should take an earlier commuter train too, cause rain and snow's usually a bad combo...

I've packed a couple cases and a bag with big winter boots, and if I take the one I've planned to take I have 25 minutes till the long-distance train when I reach the station... if nothing's delayed that's perfect. If there are delays there will be problems. Maybe if I can get to bed even earlier than I'm expecting I'll take an earlier train after all...

As for Åre: It seems the winter weather's waning, but there's still plenty of snow! I've been stressing with that game design but now I've got to go. Hopefully I'll rest up there and return full steam or smoke. And finish things up finally - grow and go for the choke. Don't worry just keep going, as an un-assuming bloke 'bout to be the blunt of a joke. Or maybe resort to blunts, cause where there be fire there be...

Woke culture. Totes vultures. Don't Åre if you can't cope! Go Åre if in
good hope.

See y'all in a week or: whenever I'm back and broke.


Fool Round

A Green Circle

Happy April y'all! Green.

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