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It's Summer So...

...I'll be away a while!

Up at the family farm where it's fun and/or calm! And at night we live it up, lest I've inflammation in my gut, and wake up like 6:14, the pain killing my dream... but I'll get right through this ya'll and get in killer shape with gall + a kidney/liver/spleen that can filter anything.

Be that sugary cocoa chips and dips or lesser stress or battle-testing accidentally ingested diamond wedding rings.


Lose Yourself

Just leaving over summer this thing I recently discovered as I try to keep it together: Best Cover Ever.


Best comeback of the summer hands down. :) MGK's got something going too! And Yela. And Babymetal. And Strange. And Falling in Reverse.

Finna be a good one. I'll catch up on the musics.


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