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22 Jump Street (2014)

22 Jump Street (2014)

22 jump street was shit... compared to the previous ones. I loved 21 Jump Street. I loved everything about it! From the character introductions, to the parties, to the crazy drugfests, to the shootouts and chases and Johnny Depp appearing as an undercover cop, the friendship and clashing relations and tales of different people all involved in this crazily humorous drama the movie was. But this? It's just the same thing, with a whole lot more of everything, and though I enjoyed most of it, sometimes it's just too much. Sometimes it's just unnecessary. Somehow it doesn't fully live up to the grandeur of the former. And whatever happened to Molly?

The potential sequels rolling past during the credits were just as entertaining as the last artfully flickering photo shoots though! :) And the introductory stunts. The stunts at the end too, for that matter. And the captains daughter! That part was great! It had it's moments, but overall: it wasn't the streamlined blend of comedy and perfectly coordinated craze that the last one was. If there is a third, I hope they'll take their time with it and make it good.

 rated 3/5: not bad

April, 2021

22 Jump Street (2014)

So I did give this one a second chance after all, and guess what?

Ice Cube's daughter scene was a highlight, but the drug scene this time: letdown.

It was the highlight of the show last time. Didn't fully capture what it seems the initial description of the drug seemed to promise here though. Like wasn't the focus a good thing? And were they really in the trunk a full four hours? Since they weren't tripping after?

The whole relationship thing comes across a bit repetitive now too. Same thing all over with switched roles. Some parts just seem out of place, like their introducing the various dorm items, and I'm a little disappointed Schmidt didn't actually stick with the girl from the last one. Why not? What happened? Weren't they equally madly in love and all...? Feels like the switch here is just a premise for a new movie.

I also don't really like the villain. Peter Stormare ain't the best. Jillian Bell though? She got it. Their fight was good. The best part of this really is the after-credit thing though, and the way they made that it feels like maybe there won't be any more of these anytime soon...

The Spring Break element was a little disappointing as well. Such a small part of the movie even though it's all over both poster and cover, and the end's inconclusive with the girl, the bro stuff tedious - I thought they figured all of that out in the last one, and the loose ends are all over, but overall? It's alright.

Wish they'd either tried a new route entirely with this one or kept it consistent though. And they promised too much with the cover.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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