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28 Days Later (2002)

28 Days Later (2002)

28 Days Later might've been the first zombie apocalypse movie to take place in England. No actually, forget that, I just remembered Brain Dead. Maybe the first zombie movie was actually made in England?

This one is a bit different from other movies within the genre in that the zombies don't necessarily need to bite you to infect you, you just need to swallow some of their blood. And they're spewing blood all over the place so that's not very difficult to do, so of course a few people get infected and things quickly get a bit complicated.

The movie, true to tradition, starts out in an empty hospital ward. The main character wakes up from a long and deep sleep and ventures out into a barren world infested by these critters we now often call the Walking Dead. He makes it to a sort of safe haven, but no haven is truly safe in such times. It's a world where people exploit other people, where anarchy rules and people chose to live for different reasons, a world where some do anything to stay alive. Truly a word that showcases the darker side of humanity.

It's a gritty movie, fast-paced and realistic, violent, and strangely down-to-Earth compared to many other zombie movies. You always get the sense that the world is way too open, it's never really safe even when zombies aren't lurking around every corner. Probably because they run really really fast.

This is not one of my favorite movies particularly because of the grittiness and realism, even though that's one of the aspects that bodes for some refreshing variation. I usually like the movies with at least imaginary safety, where people hole up in a large concrete cage, stack up resourcing, fight it out and then somebody screws it all up for everyone. Here, it's more about escaping; staying alive. But all the same, a very good movie!

 rated 3/5: not bad

June, 2022

28 Days Later (2002)

Heavy zombie movie this one. Lovely too. Artistic. Low-budget and gritty. With a memorable intro scene that just builds and builds and unexpectedly begins with a totally nude male. Who saw that coming?

The cast is small but amazing, and I love the homage to zombie movies of old with the hellos in the beginning too.

If you like zombie movies you'd best not miss this, and they manage the maybe most essential element of post-apocalyptic films so well as well. The relations. It's not just the dystopian milieu (which is cool in itself - and of all the more relatable UK for a change) but about finding that spark of love when all seems lost.

Harder times and stronger bonds.

Deep within I think that's what we all really wish to forge, though it may not be so fun in the real world as it is to see on screen. To live through a long time of hardship in a mere moment of movie magic.

Did I mention the action's just straight-up fantastic too? And Danny Boyle. And Naomi Harris! And the atmosphere is just something else.

The second was GOOD, but this one's just plain perfect. The full circle of human nature, and emotion, and a very British take on the whole zombie realm and rampage. Such a great movie.

Apparently it may be an acquired taste though! I didn't like the style as much last time around, but now...

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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